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February 28, 2019 Psychology

The article “The Cosmic Perspective” by Neil DeGrasse Tyson argues that humans aren’t the biggest part of the universe. There were many parts of this article that I found to be written differently but that made it interesting. I also found multiple pieces to be relatable in many ways. Some from a personal stand point and others from an educational stand point. The article was also very educational by using points from sociology professors to support different pieces of his work. He did a nice job of supporting his work without boring the reader. He also kept you hooked by jumping around a bit.
One reason I find this essay to be very interesting is it is very well written. The author used a very different way of writing then most people do when writing an essay. He used shorter paragraphs and the essay wasn’t really long. He also got right to the point he didn’t jump around the topic before stating what he was writing about. Another way the author made sure it was well written was by making sure you stayed interested in the article the entire time. To keep us interested he didn’t stay talking about one thing for a long time he made sure he said what was important and not too much extra.
Another reason I found this essay to be interesting is it was very relatable. I was able to pick certain pieces out of this article and relate them to either my own life or my other classes. For example, in the essay he talks about “an Ivy League professor of psychology whose expertise was things that make people feel insignificant” (Tyson) which we discussed multiple psychologist and sociologist who study this very topic in sociology. I could also relate this article to my personal life. When he was talking about the star show and how he thought one way of it, yet others thought another (Tyson). I could relate that feeling to my personal life through me thinking of certain topics in one way and my friends or colleagues view the same topic in a totally different way.
The final reason I found this essay to be interesting is it was very educational. The author made sure to use information from multiple sources and was able to support them with his own knowledge. For example, he talked about what the psychologist and his study then supported what his belief was with what he saw (Tyson). Also, he used quotes from other people to make it more educational. He also went on and discussed more in depth about the quotes he used. I can also tell it is educational because of the type of writing it is and where the writing is published.
This article was interesting due to how it was written, how relatable it was and how educational it turned out to be. The author of the article did a very nice job of making his points clear. Also making the article relatable to his audience. The whole article was written in a way that you stayed connected to the article. Mr. Tyson did a great job at getting straight to the point without adding in too much extra. He did a good job at keeping your attention on the important pieces and less on the extras. These are a few of the many reasons I found this article to be interesting.


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