The Exploitation of Women Essay

By September 15, 2017 Education

The development of adult females in the media has been a immense portion of the advertisement industry since it evolved. But. the degree to which adult females being exploited in advertizements and the media in general has reached a ne’er before seen turning point. drastically portraying adult females as objects. Women’s organic structure images are exposed. exploited and used as trade goods to enrich a society built on advertizements and amusement. Social issues as the abuse of women’s organic structures are delivered to us through media beginnings. The media manipulates the images of adult females ; adult females are portrayed in misdirecting images and as a consequence. take us to do uniformed determinations. Looking through a magazine directed purely towards adult females advertizements crowd the articles. As you turn the pages you can happen a form of concealed influences in those printed advertizements. The distinguishable gender biased advertizements maintain gender functions present in society. I will take three different advertizements that exploit adult females and analyse each person and so come to a decision of what these ads are shouting out to us.

The first advertizement I will analyse is a Dolce & A ; Gabbana ad. This is an illustration of adult females being underrepresented. In the advertizement the ratio of work forces to adult females is four to one that are gazing intensely down at her as if she was a piece of meat. As the adult female is dressed temptingly her pelvic girdle is up in the air looking as though she is likely contending to acquire off the land. A adult male who is muscular is keeping her weaponries and his tegument is oiled up. With the adult male keeping the adult female it shows her in a submissive place as he is ‘dominating’ her. The other three work forces in the advertizement are all displayed to be masculine and their line of vision is straight upon the adult female. Her look is really cumbrous. frozen. and Stoic. as she is looking off to the side seeking to avoid oculus contact with these work forces. There is a sense of finding in the men’s eyes as though they are picturing the adult female as an object instead than a individual. The detecting men’s stance is besides dominant and though the ad is supposed to be selling the trade name. it gives a vibration that the work forces get to hold their manner with her.

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This portraiture of work forces and adult females gives light to basic gender stereotypes. Through the mode in which Dolce and Gabbana advertise their company. to me. hegemony is extremely evident in assorted facets. For case. as a consequence of hegemony and the popular political orientation of work forces being more dominant than adult females. gender prejudices arise. This ad is targeted every bit to work forces as to adult females. but reflects two different messages. Men would be drawn to the thought of holding an attractive physical visual aspect that would involvement the female population. This is supported by the attractive. good bodied. and oily looking male theoretical accounts standing around the adult female lying down. Here the belief arises that through physical attractiveness adult females would be fawn to them and their dominating masculine character. Whereas although adult females are besides drawn to the facet of physical attraction. the thought of being desired by work forces is besides apparent. This ad reinforces the thought of inequality between work forces and adult females due to the distinction between them in the ad.

Furthermore. due to the deficiency of vesture worn. consumers are left to inquire what the company is really selling. The lone clear apprehension that can be attained from the ad is the definition of what a adult male and adult female are supposed to be. The following advertizement I will be analysing is a Calvin Klein Jeans ad having the celebrated Lara Stone. This is yet another illustration of working adult females as objects. This overtly sexual image depicts model Lara Stone as she is gulling about with a group of three half bare cats in what looks like a public hoops tribunal. Curiously. she doesn’t seem to be have oning any denims. or underwear. but besides doesn’t seem to mind so much. It’s probably the aggressive facial look of the ‘look-out-guy. ’ masticating on a matchstick has given rise to feelings that there is an air of bullying about the whole scene.

It seems as though one adult male is the dominant one of the three as the 3rd 1 has a tight clasp of on her hair as if he is keeping her down so that she can non interrupt free of the adult male on top of her. She has a kind of exanimate expression on her face. and as mentioned before in the last ad she has no oculus contact with any of the work forces in the image. She besides has her left fist pressed against the man’s shoulder who is on top of her as if she is get downing to force him off of her. The 3rd advertizement I chose to analyse is another Calvin Klein Collection ad. This 1 is a subtler ad from Calvin Klein. In the image. the adult female seems to be lying down on her back on some kind of tile. Her legs are in the air with her right leg angled over on top of her left but her legs are slightly dispersed unfastened. There appears to be what looks like a man’s shadow looking down at the adult female.

Her custodies are grasped on her sport jacket as if she is traveling to take it off. Her facial look looks unmindful to a adult male standing over her as she has a little smile on her face. We can presume from this image that the adult male looks as though he is traveling to possibly ravish or assail the adult female. In an article written by Julia T. Wood. it is discussed how a major job in the media is how adult females are underrepresented. As adult females are underrepresented it creates premises that work forces are more outstanding than adult females doing work forces the “cultural standard” as Wood put it ( Wood 1994 ) . Male gender stereotypes capable work forces to be the dominant one of the two sexes ( Wood 1994 ) . Wood stated “Men are presented as difficult. tough. independent. sexually aggressive. fearless. violent. wholly in control of all emotions. and-above all-in no manner feminine ( Wood 1994 ) .

Those features are demonstrated through the deficiency of look on the men’s faces and their accent on oiled up musculuss. We can clearly see the facet of control and sexually aggressive through the woman’s arm being pinned down in the first ad. Female gender stereotypes include being thin. obedient and emotional. The adult females in the images are showing the female’s obeisance by following with the work forces keeping them. The women’s garb reveals the deficiency of organic structure fat the females have and shows the feminine curves of their rears in the first two images. The facial looks given off are emotional and what appears to be painful and vulnerable. Both adult females in the first two advertizements want to contend back but can non because she is excessively weak. All physical attributes the theoretical accounts have fall in line with gendered stereotypes.

The deductions of the ads are parallel to the gendered stereotypes that are discussed antecedently. The function of laterality and entry are the evident deductions of how a adult male and adult female should move and transport themselves.For work forces the deduction of being a dominant figure in society is authorising and enables the rift between gender functions. In a survey performed at the University of California participants were tested to see if the media’s coverage would pull strings their determination. The experiment found that anti-feminist frame impacted the participants’ pick negatively towards women’s rights and gender equality ( Schnell 1997 ) . The Implications experienced by the participants created a colored sentimenttowards adult females rights ( Schnell 1997 ) .

Therefore the media has the ability to go on gender favoritism ( Schnell 1997 ) . The editor in head of Advertising Age stated. “Only 8 % of an ad’s message is received by the witting head. The remainder is worked and reworked deep within the deferrals of the encephalon ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) . ” This is an of import point to do if there wants to be a diminution in gender stereotypes. In the movie Killing Us Softly IV. Jean Kilbourne discusses the singular impact advertizements have on each gender ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) .

Throughout the picture she gives ocular illustrations and reads mottos aloud to show the danger to the advertizements that surround us. Kilbourne claims that the manner adult females are portrayed in the media and advertizements have diced adult females in to objects ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) . Bing objectified can be seen in the picture as African American adult females placed in a jungle environment and dressed in garments proposing they are alien animate beings ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) . Objectification desensitizes regard for adult females. as expressed in the ads I have provided. As stated by the editor in head of Advertising Age the message that is taken in subliminally is being manipulated ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) . Therefore the intended message by the makers of the ad most likely will non be retained ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) .

This action of subliminal messages will enable gender stereotypes to predominate and ne’er cease ( Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women 2010 ) . In decision. despite the physical. cognitive. emotional. and religious obstructions in the quest to accomplish idealised beauty. adult females will ever go on to trail it. no affair how degrading and working advertizements make it look. Work forces are shown to be dominant and therefore. really masculine persons ; while adult females are illustrated as objects of sexual desire and I believe that they ever will be. These ads reinforce norms in society with regard to the differences existent between work forces and adult females and hence. exemplify the deficiency of equality between these genders. Through Marxist position it can be determined that because of this sense of inequality. the hegemony of work forces being more sceptered than adult females is clearly illustrated. However. from merely looking at these ads one may non recognize that. The lone manner one can truly understand this political orientation being expressed
is through oppugning the behaviour of the work forces compared to the adult male that could be understood in the ads.


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