July 29, 2018 Management

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In this project , I will be preparing the documents used in selection and recruitment activities in order to construct a job description ,person specification and job advertisement for a graduate trainee manager , a letter inviting the candidate to interview and my CV Job Description

Trainee managers have to be a young member of staff who of trained thoroughly to take responsibility of a management position . Most of the businesses want to recruit potential trainee managers who are responsible for the day to day running of stores or departments . Trainee managers ensure the maximize profit while minimum . Trainee manager ensure promotion are accurate and merchandised to the business’s standard , staff are fully versed on the target for the day and the excellent customer care standard are met Therefore , We would like a hotel management trainee to work in close association with different department in a hotel and assist them in their daily routine operations . A trainee is required to understand the overall operations of the hotel while specializing in one or two areas . Hotel management trainees may have to work closely with front desk manager , general managers , convention , housekeeping departments and learns from them . Besides that, In our standard hotel , trainee managers can accumulate many practical experiences when per annual , we have welcomed a wide number of tourists around the world come to our hotel and you can enjoy excellent working condition in our hotel 1 . Responsibilities

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A hotel management trainee is supposed to acquire a good working knowledge of the hospitability sector with special attention to dealing with customers Front office.
Answers enquiries regarding hotel services , provide assistance and respond to customer’s complaints Food and Beverage
Greeting customers , escorting them to seats , taking food and drink orders , and serving food and beverage Answer questions regarding the hotel services , explaining menu items and specials Coordinating with team workers to plan events and parties


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