The Fall of Antigone

January 22, 2017 Law

Power struggles are both history and future for mankind. Whether they be little, over a toy when one is a child, or enormous, running a campaign for presidency, they will happen. Men and Woman also share struggles between each other. There are the women who believe that men are their rulers, and they must obey their laws. There are women who would like to hit these others with bricks, and will go out of their way to prove men who are “against- them wrong. There are men who kneel down to women, and would be horrified to find the female species displeased with them. There are also the men disgusted by these actions and would rather knock the other men into shape, along with the disobedient women.

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Antigone, written by Sophocles as the ending of his Theban plays trilogy, interpolates 3 of these genres into his characters.

Antigone, the main focus of this play, and is displayed as a feminist. Antigone shows that she will do anything that she feels is right, no matter what the punishment is. She makes a few speeches showing her disobedience to men.

“The noble Creon! It is against you and me he has made this order. Yes, against me. And soon he will be here himself to make it plain to those that have not heard it, and to enforce it. This is no idle threat; the punishment for disobedience is death by stoning.””.

Antigone, p. 127.

Creon, the king of Athens, declares that Antigone’s brother, Polynices, is to be left un-buried after a fight to the death with his other brother, Eteocles, and whoever disobeys will be stoned to death. Eteocles is buried with a soldier’s honors. He is said to have been protecting the city of Athens, where as Polynices was attacking it. Creon reeks of sexism during his first speeches. Right away a reader can for tell what will happen, from the opposite personalities of Antigone and Creon. .

“Therefore, I have to hold law, and will never betray it-least of all for a woman. Better be beaten, if need be, by a man, than let a woman get the better of us.


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