The February Revolution In 1917 History Essay

The two revolutions of 1905 and 1917 were both different in their ain ways. The 1905 revolution was finally crushed but it was important and necessary in wining to subvert the Tsar in the February revolution of 1917. Cardinal factors that played a portion in the 1905 revolution were exploited by Bolshevik leaders such as Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin in the 1917 revolution. These Bolshevik ‘s who were exiled learned from the 1905 revolution and capitalized on this in the 1917 revolution.

The 1905 revolution was caused by a legion sum of grounds. Discontentment with life conditions in Russia amongst the people was the chief provoker of the revolution. While Russia ‘s labour force grew, the life conditions of the workers diminished. This saw a demand for a better manner of life for the workers. The Russo – Nipponese War between 1904 – 1905 caused even more discontent between the workers and provincials because of the rising prices the war had caused. The workers who merely had adequate to eat before the war now starved.

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On January 9 1905, Priest Father Gabon led a unarmed and peaceable March to the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg to show a request to the Tsar demanding the terminal of the war, industrial reform, a component assembly and more civil autonomies for the Russian multitudes. The request does non fault the Tsar for all the jobs that have been caused instead than faulting those who come between the Tsar and his people. Harmonizing to Nelson this “ request reflects go oning assurance in the Tsar as the beginning of inaugural and alteration in the system ” .[ 1 ]However, the Russian guard unprovoked opened fire on the people killing and wounding many of them. This dramatic event finally lead to the “ eroding of the popular image of the Tsar and the major prolonging myth of the Tsarist construction. ”[ 2 ]

These two events were the ultimate grounds for revolution in 1905. However, we must analyze as to why the 1905 revolution failed to subvert Tsar. The political parties that were involved in the 1905 revolution shared the same end of subverting the Tsar but they were divided instead than united. Each of the political parties had their ain manner of undertaking Tsardom. Because of this it allowed the monarchy to oppress any signifier of opposition against Tsardom. The political parties besides had discontent amongst themselves: the Mensheviks disagreed with the Bolsheviks and besides the moderate Socialist Revolutionaries disagreed with the extremist Socialist revolutionists. This besides lead to the internal construction of the parties being weak and fighting to subvert the monarchy.

The propaganda plans led by the political parties failed to procure the support from the multitudes. Their thoughts did non stand for the wants of the multitudes for societal and economic reforms. The societal Democrats promoted the creative activity of a Socialistic State through a category battle. However, many of the workers failed to understand the revolutionists thoughts and merely wanted an improved economic support. The Socialistic revolutionists campaigned for the authorities coup d’etat of land, even though the provincials wanted merely the land to be divided amongst themselves.

The 1905 revolution was momentous as it was the first clip in Russia 1000000s of people took portion in a radical motion. In and around Russia, Soviets were formed and acted as a somewhat authorities and ordered the workers non to pay revenue enhancements and to travel on work stoppages. The provincials besides formed a provincial brotherhood which was replicated along with the Soviets in the 1917 revolution. Harmonizing to Lenin, the 1905 revolution was the “ Great frock dry run ” for the February revolution of 1917.[ 3 ]These new signifiers of worker organisations would subsequently be the centrepiece of the successful revolution of 1917.

After Tsar Nicholas II signed the October Manifesto in 1905, it seemed as though the demands of the workers and provincials were met. This pronunciamento gave the people certain civil rights, introduced the Duma and turned Russia into a constitutional monarchy. Even though Tsar Nicholas II promised certain civil rights and the Duma in the October Manifesto, he abused it shortly after the 1905 revolution. This violation of the October Manifesto besides led to the beginning of the February revolution.

World War I impacted the February revolution the same manner the Russo – Nipponese War had impacted in 1905. Defeat and causalities in the war disheartened the Russian population and wanted the Tsar to retreat from the war. Following on in March 1917, workers in Petrograd went on work stoppage demanding nutrient: whereas in 1905 the workers were striking for civil rights. The war had inflated the monetary value of staff of life and the Russians were unable to afford it. In malice of the work stoppages, Tsar Nicholas II ordered the ground forces to take attention of the strikers but unlike in 1905 on Bloody Sunday were the military personnels opened fire, this clip they teamed up with the people. Unlike what happened in the 1905 revolution, this saw the Duma set up a probationary authorities to govern the state and accordingly the workers and military personnels followed puting up their ain subdivisions of Soviets. The probationary authoritiess ruled every bit long as it obeyed by the wants of the Soviets.

At this phase in Russia, it created the chance for a political party to organize and take control of Russia. Lenin who had been in expatriate, along with Trotsky comprised the Bolshevik party and began to win the support of the multitudes. Their chief mottos were “ Peace, Land and staff of life ” and “ All power to the Soviets ” . This attracted the multitudes which promised them a sustainable manner of life: unlike in 1905 were this was non seen. The Mensheviks and the Socialist Revolutionary party lost the support of the people as distinct to go on contending in World War I. Lenin, backed by the Red Guard shortly took control over Petrograd and by October the Bolsheviks had complete control of Russia.

The revolutions of 1905 and 1917 differed in their ain single manner. In 1905, the workers and provincials revolted on their ain and even though political parties had tried to prehend control of Russia, they failed in each regard to hold the organisation and support to make so. However, as we see in 1917, the Bolshevik party was far more organized and structured which lead to them taking complete control. While Lenin and other leaders were in expatriate, they had learned from the 1905 revolution and this cognition proved priceless in how to derive support of the multitudes and the importance of propaganda. Propaganda had made a important difference from both revolutions. In 1905, the political parties did non assure anything to the people. However, as we see in the 1917 revolution, mottos such as “ Peace, Land and staff of life ” proved polar and unimpeachably made the revolution successful.



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