The Feminist Standpoint Theory Sociology Essay

October 11, 2017 Sociology

Harmonizing to Marxist theory, a point of view can non be achieved by mere imputing to a fact like a position is, it is an achieved common individuality, and it is “ arrived at through the experience of shared political battle ( Ruxton, 2004 ) . Feminist point of view theory began with Hegel ‘s history of dialectic relationship between a slave and a maestro, and so it was strengthened by Marx and more specifically Lukacs ‘ preparation of the construct of the base point. They argue that a suppressed slave will finally originate and make consciousness freedom as an terminal merchandise of their battles against the maestro. Hegel ‘s theory gave insight to the fact that subjugation and unfairnesss can be best analyzed, and a clear apprehension made if it is viewed from the laden position point ( Hardings, 1991 ) .

In a similar position as that of Hegel ‘s position of the relationship between a maestro and his slave, it can be deduced, the subjects of the feminist base point theory. Harmonizing to feminist point of view theoreticians Dorothy Smith and Patricia Hill Collins, the socio-political places that adult females have been socialized to busy can go of import countries for information about those who are in many facets of their societal lives disadvantaged every bit good as those who are privileged to busy the places of oppressors ( Smith, 2012 ) . Therefore, Hardings ( 1991 ) concludes that, get downing a research on adult females ‘s life will ensue in less colored and indistinct histories for both the work forces and adult females the whole societal order.

It is for this ground that feminist standpoint theoretician Dorothy Smith tries to account for the mistake line of gender, in that the male opposite numbers are privileged socially and politically unlike their female counter parts. She farther goes on to impute the failure of work forces to feel the disjunction between day-to-day life and what they know of the universe to this societal location of the two genders. She defends that adult females by the thought of being disadvantaged in the gender power relation can associate their day-to-day life to what they know of the universe.

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The rational by Dorothy Smith and the other feminist point of view theoretician to their averment of this point of view include three chief rules. First, is the averment that cognition is socially situated, secondly, is the premise that less privileged groups both socially and politically, are socially predisposed in a mode that make it possible for them to inquire inquiries and be cognizant of things that the socially and politically privileged can non. Finally, for an enlightening research, particularly that which focuses on power relation, it should be carried out get downing with the lives of those marginalized.

It is this three rule premises about feminist theories that Smith employs to analyse the ground behind the different point of views that work forces and adult females have on societal and political issues. She puts it that roll uping adult females ‘s experiences, which in most scenarios is cleaning up, after work forces ‘s muss signifiers rich site for research, for policy reform and most significantly for societal alteration ( Smith, 2005 ) . An illustration is the house holds jobs that adult females do that no 1 pays for or offers womb-to-tomb pension strategy. The society positions such inclinations as normal while most adult females remain laden as homemakers.

While feminist point of view theories claim that this position can non be acquired by mere point of fact, or believing in the battle, but through being portion of the experiences and sharing in the battle. On the other manus, maleness is a performed gender individuality non a sexual orientation. This is implies that it can be performed by either a male or a female. Hegemonic maleness could be analogously referred to as an absolute signifier of maleness which is virtually unachievable. It is really the antonym of muliebrity ( Kimmel, 2005 ) . While adult females find themselves locked in the corners of feminist point of views and are merely relived from this societal orders by first achieving a mentally free scruples, maleness on the other manus, work forces are socialized to execute it right off from birth.

Harmonizing to a maleness sociologist Michael Kimmel, maleness in work forces is because of certain civilizations, one is that work forces grow with a outlook that they deserve something, and this civilization is usually referred to as the civilization of entitlement, where they look frontward to holding kids, a coevals, power, and/or adult females. Second, is the civilization of silence among work forces, this comes out in civilizations where work forces are non allowed to make certain things such as call, or admit emotional hurting particularly to people considered foreigners to the civilization of maleness. Last is the civilization of work forces protection, which can either be portrayed by presuming that the work forces would non make such an action particularly that which is considered illegal, or they brush it aside as being in work forces ‘s nature to make that, for case in some civilizations particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. In their civilization, work forces rip offing on their married womans may every bit good be given a unsighted oculus as it is in the work forces ‘s nature or it is the adult females ‘s mistake that such happened ( Ruxton, 2004 ) .

Now from these two positions that is ; feminist point of view and masculine sociology, Dorothy Smith ‘s position on textually mediated opinion dealingss brings out clearly the difference. While from a masculine point of position, there is a fixed set of outlook that any of the two genders seeking to show it are expected to suit into. This includes how the society perceives them or is expected to comprehend them even before their reaching ( Rubin and Rubin, 2005 ) . For case, work forces are expected to rule over adult females in some civilizations and to protect their married womans plus to supply for them. Therefore when a male child is born he lives seeking to make this outlooks that are set out for him. This is contradictory to the women’s rightist point of view that works to agitate off the preexistent societal order. Feminist point of view theory, which borrows a batch from Hegel ‘s theories, posits that those in marginalized in societal or political power dealingss, will lift to dispute the societal order within which they find themselves.

The theory bases itself on the thought that adult females are absolutely oppressed. While the state of affairs may be existent in some societies some adult females besides have their privileges. Why work forces have to work all twenty-four hours to feed adult females who believe it should be so while they still fight for equality is still non clear in the theory. It is for this privilege that most adult females are ne’er willing to face the subjugation. The 1s that do are joined by the oppressed while the remainder sit and ticker.

Conclusively, it suffices to reason that the construct of maleness sociology struggles ideologically with the feminist point of view theory. Smith efforts to research the disjunction between work forces and adult females in society by utilizing the point of view theory. Her history farther efforts to explicate the inevitable mistake line between the two genders, which she does absolutely. However, she fails to clearly capture why precisely adult females have to fight to be at par with their male opposite numbers.

She fails to reply the laden male societies who go through battle to be named by adult females equal with their other male strong characters. While work forces are frowned upon when they portray female features holding a list of eternal maltreatments to such work forces, adult females who behave like work forces are adored. Indicating to the job is non plenty, the spread between male and female gender is much perpetuated by perceptual experiences which each of us have to come against.


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