The Finish of Patsy Barnes and Tears of Autumn

January 20, 2017 General Studies

“The Finish of Patsy Barnes” and “Tears of Autumn,” tell the story of two characters each striving for their goals. Both stories show the determination of the characters. They travel to a distant land in search of new opportunities and strive to reach a goal in order to save a loved one. The stories are similar and different and reflect similar morals and ideas. Patsy Barnes and his mother are African-Americans who live in a part of Kentucky called “Little Africa.” They are a poor family who live in a segregated town. Patsy’s father died while riding a horse. Hana in “Tears for Autumn” is a Japanese woman who travels to the United States to meet her husband and her future. Patsy Barnes faces the challenge of saving his mother from a severe illness. He has to raise money to call a doctor who may be able to cure her. Since Patsy is of African-American descent, and at this time, Africans were considered inferior to whites, he does not have many options to choose from. Patsy enters a horse race riding the same horse that killed his father. He wins the race and the conflict is resolved.

In “Tears of Autumn,” Hana is a Japanese woman living with her family in rural Japan. She has the notion of leaving her family so she does not have to marry a farmer and work in fields all day. Therefore, when her uncle mentions of a Japanese man in the United States who is lonely and is looking for a wife, she responds. Therefore, after much thought, her family agrees to the marriage and Hana is on her way to the United States. “The Finish of Patsy Barnes” and “Tears of autumn” are similar in many ways. The main characters, Patsy and Hana both face challenges and take risks that help define their character. Both are determined to work to achieve their goals. Both stories show how the main characters both face prejudice: Patsy as being an African-American and Hana at the office of immigrant affairs where immigrants, especially Japanese and Asian immigrants, were not treated well.

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