The First Stone

April 17, 2017 Business

By: Mohammad A The First Stone “The First Stone” is written by Don Aker and this book is based on two teenagers who have suffered very painful past. They both have lost one of their loved ones in their past. The main character is Reef’s whose parents and grandparents die when he was young. He was left to many foster homes because of his past. He got anger issues since his parents and grandparents died. He made very inappropriate decision that leads him to court and then to North Hills. Now he has to respect other and follows the rules in order to stay away from jail.

I believe Reef could have changed his past. By his action, behavior and language but since he didn’t help himself, he now has to face his punishments but Reef still doesn’t care about what’s happening around him to people. Soon his whole life turns around in seconds just like a U-Turn. First example, Reef could have changed his past by his action because he should have not messed with people when they came to take their pit down. Maybe the pit needed to be a hotel again so people can stay and or they needed to run a business.

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If he and his friends Jink, Bigger have not did anything to the truck they would have their pit still there but just a new one. Since they make stupid mistakes like vandalized their truck the guys got pissed and chased them down while calling the cops. So, in the first place Reef should not mess with the people and get in trouble. Now Reef has changed to be a better person but has to be also in North Hills following Frank Colville’s rule. If I would been if Reefs place I maybe would have done the same thing because when people come to take it down its like people destroying my favourite house to make a new one.

Now he has learned his lesson to not vandalize other properties and stuff by going to North Hills and helping out people, showing students what not to do and volunteering at hospitals. Secondly, Reef could have changed his past by his behavior because when he was young he would yell at him grandparents and then they would yell back. Reef could have been nicer to this grandparents to they can treat the way he wants to be treated. If he had been nicer to them maybe they would have changed their mood, action, or maybe even character. Since Reef never did anything to help himself in the future, he now has to face difficulties n his life. But he also deserves to live with his new foster parents and every moments he wishes that his grandparents were there for him in every situation and problem. Now he starts to regret yelling and being a horrible grandson to them when they were there with him in the past. If Reef had changed before maybe his grandparents would had been there for him now. Now he has anger issues sometimes and usually remembers his grandparents in his head that they were here with him. Reef now has changed his behavior because he knows how it feels to be treated by yelling and being horrible person by people around him.

Lastly, he could have changed by his language because he never cares about other people but himself. I think that he was very selfish about caring for himself and not other. In the beginning of this book he usually never watches his language he always swears like “FUCK OFF”, and “SCREW U ALL BITCHES”. He never had any manners to anyone including his own friends sometimes to Jink and Bigger. I believe that this is all Reefs fault because when he was young he should have taken care of his grandparents so they could have taught him some manner but he never cared about his grandparents beside her grandmother who also passed away.

Now Reef has completely changed because he was sent to North Hills to become a better person and deserve to be a good resident. He now has manner listening to people and talking to people nicely, and he also helps out people at the rehab and hospital for his punishments. In conclusion, Reef had many decisions to make his future a better life but he definitely didn’t choose the right choices which lead him to many difficulties like going to court for his horrible mistakes. He could have been a better person if he taken the right choice but I think he deserves to live the way everyone lives.

He should have not mess with people when they came to take their pit down. Also by not yelling t his grandparents and being a horrible kid to them. Last thing is that he should have manner but its his fault to what happened to him in the past. Therefore, these things he could have done to change the past. From my view the author maybe could have changed the ending because I thought the ending would have ended differently. From reading my essay, do you think the author could have changed the ending to make it more interesting? Do you think that Reef could change himself in the future?


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