The Flow Diagram Of The Production Processes Marketing Essay

The company that we choose for our operation direction assignment is Shoon Fatt Biscuit Confectionery Factory Sdn. Bhd. Shoon Fatt mill was established in the twelvemonth of 1967 and started as an enterpriser by Mr. Loo Yen Chan with merely 5 workers in a size of house at Teluk Intan, Perak, Malaysia. With merely one manual production machine, biscuits were distributed locally utilizing a bike. During this debut phase, they utilized a batch of manual labours in order to bring forth the goods and packing procedure.

In the twelvemonth 1976, the company had been moved to 3 estates land and started invested a little machine to bring forth biscuits. Due to the Shoon Fatt Company ‘ concern has become bigger, they are able to spread out the concern with a 2.5 million to a semi car machine to bring forth the biscuit in twelvemonth 2006. Based on the history, since 1982, the Shoon Fatt Company were able to spread out their scope of merchandises therefore warranting their demands to to the full automatize their production lines with the latest in engineering to farther enhance efficiency and productiveness. With the lone 30 employees, Shoon Fatt had expanded the concern throughout the Malaysia. Slowly, the name of Shoon Fatt start becomes popular and their concern continues to spread out internationally. So, Shoon Fatt Company started export their merchandises to major parts of the universe since 1992 and is providing for client in Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Maldives, Myanmar, Qatar, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

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Now, Shoon Fatt Company operation has divided into 2 displacements which are forenoon displacement and dark displacement. It has about 200 employees to pull off the procedure in one displacement. Their merchandise besides has obtained HALAL and estimated to obtain HACCP in the twelvemonth of 2009. The mission of Shoon Fatt Company is continues meet and transcend in the quality of biscuit due to their merchandises is now expand internationally. Where the vision of the company is become one of the top trade name in the industry, locally and internationally. In order to increase the Shoon Fatt ‘s repute, every place must with at least one type of SF biscuit. It besides can assist to go the pick of employee. However, Shoon Fatt Company besides would non bury the credence of their merchandise in the society. For illustration, the storage and distribution duties include working with single-footing system burden and unload pallets, keeping stock lists. The delivers supplies and equipment to section by having and reassigning points. Shoon Fatt continues to turn with more investing being invested into the concern. With the difficult work of direction in Shoon Fatt mill physiques over the old ages ; Now, Shoon Fatt has becomes one of the well-established mills with gained a solid of client base.

2a ( I ) ) Production/Operation Procedures

2.1.0 Flow Diagram of the Production Procedures:

Fixing & A ; Burdening

Mixing & A ; Dough Making





Dispersed Oil




2.1.1Description of the Production Process

Fixing and Burdening

The Shoon Fatt Company places the natural stuffs such as sugar, wheat flour, cornflour, milk pulverization, cocoa pulverization, butter, baking pulverization and baking sodium carbonate on the land floor. The workers will raise up the natural stuffs to 2nd floor when there is an order. The country which is near to the entryway of 2nd floor is called natural stuff burdening country and this is the country where the workers prepare and weight the ingredient harmonizing to demands. In this country, the ingredient to be prepared is merely little sum. After the ingredients are weighted, the workers put them in the plastic bags and set up them harmonizing to batch.

Blending and Dough Making

After the natural stuff burdening country, there is a broad country called mixing country and there is six immense machine located at at that place. Among the six immense machines, four are horizontal dough sociable and two are perpendicular dough sociable. The sociables are connected with the silo. The perpendicular dough sociable can blend really big sum of dough compared to horizontal dough sociable. These machines can be operated by either manually or automatically. If operated manually, the sum of ingredients are set by the workers and put the commixture procedure by adult male and so the ingredient will flux down from the silo and started to blend. While by automatically, the ingredients are flow down from the silo automatic and the scene are besides automatic set by machine. The supervisor or director will make random look intoing to guarantee the quality of dough.


After the dough is assorted, workers will prove the temperature of the dough and so it will direct to dough feeding country. In this country, the dough will be seting at here for few hours to let proper agitation. Some dough does non necessitate to ferment, and will straight travel for pressure after assorted.


Beside dough feeding country, there are few containers which are linked to land floor. After the agitation of dough, the dough will pour into these containers for pressing. The dough will be laminated into sheet signifier by lamination machine and go through down the gage rollers to accomplish the standard sheet thickness required.


The sheet signifier of dough will go through through the defining machine after lamination procedure. After base on balls through the defining machine, the form of biscuits is formed harmonizing to types of biscuits to be produce. In the defining procedure, there will hold balance of dough, and the dough will go through back to lamination machine for recycle to avoid waste.


After the biscuits had form the form, they will direct to baking country. The workers will command the oven temperature and conveyer ‘s velocity depends on the biscuits type to be produce. During the baking procedure, the workers will supervise the temperature of the oven and taken out the unsated adust biscuits and throw them into ashcan.

Dispersed Oil

The adust biscuits will go through by a machine which will distribute oil on them. The oil spread procedure will greatly better the visual aspect, olfactory property and besides the gustatory sensation of biscuits.


Before the adust biscuits proceed to creaming or packaging phase, the biscuits will go through through sensors which are installed on the conveyer to look into if the biscuit contain any unknown substance and forestall them continue to following phase. If unknown substances are detected, the sensor will barricade the biscuits.


Some biscuits required creaming, they will go through through the creaming machine and the biscuits will be creamed harmonizing to the types of biscuits to be produced. For those biscuits which do non necessitate creaming, they will direct base on balls to packaging phase.

10. Packaging

When the biscuits are done, they will direct to boxing procedure. The biscuits are packaged with the AIDSs of car feeders. It means the workers will continuously pick up the biscuits and set them in a drain and the biscuits are so wrapped and sealed by machine. On the other manus, the biscuits are packaged by manually besides. The workers will pick the biscuits and set them into biscuit Sn or container. After packaging, the workers will group the biscuits in classs and now the biscuits are ready for sale.

2.1.2 Strengths & A ; Failings of Production Procedures


Capital Intensive

Shoon Fatt ‘s production procedure is capital intensive due to high proportion of machinery in relation to workers. This can let the company cut down the cost of production and derive the advantage of economic systems of graduated table. Following, the company can besides cut down the figure of skilled workers by replacing them by machinery. So the company can salvage the cost of paying high wage to skilled workers.

Higher and Standard Quality

Shoon Fatt can guarantee the high quality of their merchandise because they use machines to replace human workers, so the mistake can be minimize. The high quality of merchandise can take to constructing in good trade name name of company.

Time salvaging

The automatic production line allows the production procedure to be operated continuously. The merchandise will continue phase by phase without any slack clip and these critical activities can assist the company salvage clip and besides save cost indirectly.


Inflexible of Production Line

The production line is standardized, it is really hard to orient the merchandises harmonizing to the penchants of little group of clients. Besides, one time the production line is started, the merchandises produced are in big sum in order to minimise the production cost. So, it is really inflexible to change the production line.

Production procedure may disrupt due to individual machine dislocation

The mechanisation of production line has increase the ability and besides productiveness of the company. However, if one of the machines is broken down, it will impact the whole production line, the whole production procedure can non be completed with the absent of any individual machines. The care period will impact the operations of company and company may incur large losingss if the care period is long.

Staffs low inducement

The workers are making insistent and everyday occupations every twenty-four hours. The everyday plant will do them experience bored and demotivate them. The less motor workers will impact the company productiveness. Thus, motive of workers is an of import issue for the company and company has to pay attending to it.

2 ( B ) ( I ) Facility Layout C: Documents and SettingsAdministratorDesktopuntitled.bmp

Diagram: Facility Layout of the Shoon Fatt ‘s Plant in Teluk Intan, Perak

2.2.0 Diagram of installation layout and its descriptions

The Facility layout above is the full position of the Shoon Fatt ‘s Biscuit & A ; Confectionery Sdn.Bhd in Teluk Intan, Perak.The Company is biscuit company. They had been produced many types of biscuit such as popcorn cracker biscuit, sugar cracker biscuit, particular butter and cracker, chocolate Marie biscuit and so on.The mill is a two-storey edifice consists first floor and 2nd floor.

Outside the mill, there are office, canteen, surau and lavatory which near the entrance and outgoing country. After come ining the mill, there is a changing room at the chief entryway. It is allow the company ‘s workers and the visitants to alter the appropriate signifier of vesture prepared by the company. There besides provided the washbowls to enable the workers and visitants to rinse their manus before enter into the production country. First, we start from the company ‘s natural stuff storage country and sugar & A ; biscuit crumb crunching room. From at that place, we can utilize the stairway in the natural stuff storage to come in to the first floor. In the first floor, we can see that there is a natural stuff deliberation room. The workers will raise up the require natural stuff of production from shop room 3 which locate in land floor since there is no wall between land floor and first floor so it let the flow of motion of natural stuff. When they get the natural stuff they can get down to weigh the ingredient after that send to the blending country. In the mixing country, the company has 6 immense machines to blend the natural stuff, the 6 immense machines consists of 4 types of horizontal dough sociable, and 2 types of perpendicular dough sociable which connect with two pipes. The H2O and oils flow from the pipes into the sociables. The agitation room is located near the blending country and lavation room is provided in the mixing country.

After the commixture procedure, it will be send to the dough feeding country to shops the finished dough to wait for farther procedure. Some will be directing to the agitation room while other which does non necessitate agitation will straight switch to the dough organizing country in the land floor. In this dough organizing country, it is to implement the procedure for pressing and determining intent. Next the finished defining moisture dough pieces will reassign sequence to the oven country. The oven country is the baking biscuit country with a hot status. The care workshop and lavatory are located near the oven country to convenient the employee during the production procedure.

Beside the oven country, there is wafer production country which carries out the procedures like spraying oil and chilling procedure. Then, the coating biscuit will be transfer by machine to two different topographic points. The two topographic points are the packing country production line 1 on the land floor which is for packaging of field biscuits and packing country production line 2 in the first floor for sandwich biscuits which require excess creaming procedure before the packaging takes topographic point at the miscellaneous biscuit packing country. Both of the biscuit packing country has have their ain shop room.

Last, outside the mill there is a packaging stuff storage country and finished goods storage country located. The finished biscuit which finish wadding from the first floor will be lifted down to hive away in that country. The retail merchant and purchasers can obtain the merchandises that they want in the bringing country. The company wills straightforward utilizing the forklift to switch the merchandise to the purchaser ‘s transit vehicle in the bringing country.

2.2.1 Analyze and turn to the strengths and the failings.

Strengths of the installation:

Fully utilized the topographic point to run the operation

Shoon Fatt company has designed their layout expeditiously by arrange harmonizing to the direct flow of production. By utilizing the L-shaped biscuit works layout, they can to the full use the available breadth and cut down on the length which lead to less infinite required between machine and the work in process stock list. It provide a good and safety working environment status to the employees.

Flexibility of warehouse

Shoon Fatt Company shops their finished goods in the warehouse. In order to convenient the entrance and surpassing transit to pick the finished goods easy they decide to put the merchandise which is high ordered near to the entryway of the installation. In this manner, order picking is made more efficient. The lorry and new wave can straight frontward acquire the merchandise from the bringing country.

Efficent planning to the topographic point of the shop room

They rely that their production is required the support of natural stuff. So that, they have build the shop room at the convenient topographic point. It is non far from the topographic point of operations and it allow employees the easy to pick natural stuff within short period. Besides that, the shop room besides near natural stuff deliberation room and the packing country to ease the occupation of workers while salvaging motions clip and costs.


Poor safety of the mill

The company has hired 400 employees. Our group noticed that there is no any firefighting equipment and first-aid equipment provided at any corner of the company.This may do the employees work under a high hazard status. If there is an exigency instance occurs in the mill the whole company employees may be holding troubles to get away themselves from danger. Furthermore the, the finished goods are stored in the warehouse. It will be a catastrophe if an accident such as a fire is occurs. They should incorporate first-aid necessities and should be in the charge of qualified individual. Apart from first-aid boxes, it is besides desirable to hold a stretcher to transport injured individuals to a Centre where medical attention can be provided.

Unsuitability of the edifice design

Two storey edifice is non a suited for a biscuit company. It may ensue in high production costs which have to bear by the company. As comparison to the other rival who is holding single-storey, they are less efficaciously and expeditiously as they required using more employees to back up the operation activities. Another ground is the complex and hard to maintain raising up and down of the merchandises. It is a waste of the energy. Materials managing becomes really complicated. A batch of clip is wasted in traveling them between floors.

3.0 Literature Review & A ; Contributions

3.1 Literature Review

Quality Management is indispensable for a company in their industries. It may act upon a company net income, repute and competitory place in the industries. Many company use quality direction as a strategic arm for bettering their competitory progress. Harmonizing to Anh, Abdallah, and Yoshiki ( 2011 ) , quality direction has positive relationship with an organisation ‘s competitory public presentation. Furthermore, research worker besides indicate quality direction system which characterized by top direction leading for quality, near client relationship ; crisp focal point on procedure direction, employees ‘ preparation and engagement, and Information feedback have contribute to Nipponese fabrication in deriving competitory progress at planetary markets. However, organisations that are uneffective at making organisational cognition through quality direction patterns will bring forth less betterment, which leads to lower degrees of improved public presentation ( Kevin, Roger, Srilata, & A ; Charles, 2004 ) In overall, it is critical for fabricating industries, particularly nutrient and drinks industries to concentrate on quality direction as many research workers have proved the part of it for a company.

Besides that, the quality direction effectivity is different between the East Asian and the western civilizations ( Thomas, 2010 ) . There are 2 GLOBE civilization values which is the assertiveness and the uncertainness turning away will impact the quality direction effectivity. The 2 factor are different between all states in the universe. Furthermore, Hale ( 2005 ) suggests that the high public presentation and high engineering company do non merchandise off their quality direction for invention. This is because the foundation for high response of the high engineering house is provided by their quality.

It is of import for every concern to hold some loyal clients. In order to make loyal clients, organisations normally use choice direction tools such as entire quality direction ( TQM ) to plan and make a merchandise which the client really wants and desires. Implement TQM plans in an organisation can straight and positively impacts client satisfaction, and most significantly, this relationship is invariant across types of industries and civilizations ( Mehra, & A ; Ranganathan, 2008 ) . Harmonizing to Terziovski ( 2006 ) , fabricating houses should put more accent on “ soft ” quality direction patterns for illustration integrity of intent and take barrier between employees and section can hold a important in productiveness betterment every bit good as client satisfaction. On the other manus, nutrient and drinks fabricating industries production is mostly depend on clients demand. In other word, quality direction which generates client satisfaction will be the chief factors to find company survivability in different industries.

Harmonizing to Rui Sousa ( 2001 ) , choice direction can be influence by fabricating scheme context on client focal point. Customer focal point is like the get downing point of any quality enterprise. Customer demands and satisfaction and internal procedures are context of quality direction. The fabrication scheme context are cost leading, wide discriminator and niche discriminator. Different scheme will impact the client ‘s focal point and it will straight act upon the quality direction. Customer focus such like client relationship, client engagement in new merchandise design/ debut, aggregation of information on client demands are all linked with fabrication scheme. Critical context features, which appear to strongly impact client, focal point patterns.

Harmonizing to Dong-Young Kim, Vinod Kumar, Uma Kumar ( 2010 ) . Researchs are figure out the relationship between the quality direction patterns and invention. The researches like to look into the relationsihip among choice direction ( QM ) patterns and to research which QM patterns are straight or indirectly associated with five types of invention. It was extremist merchandise, extremist procedure, incremental merchandise, incremental procedure and administrative. Therefore, the survey of analysis consequence indicates that 17 out of 19 hypotheses are supported. It ‘s clearly show that QM patterns through procedure direction are straight or indirectly associated with invention. The inventions such like addition direction leading, supply preparation, quality informations and coverage, procedure direction.

Harmonizing to M. Van Der Spiegel, P.A. Luning, W.J.De Boer, G.W.Ziggers and W.M.F.Jongen ( 2004 ) . Food quality direction has more of import in the agri nutrient sector due to assorted nutrient incidents. The food-borne diseases and an increased quality consciousness of consumer are acquiring more and more concern about the nutrient quality direction. Inappropriate direction of nutrient production operation can do job with the facets such like nutrient safety, client satisfaction and merchandise handiness. Therefore, during produce the nutrient, the maker should hold good program for choice direction such like the nutrient quality, nutrient shop continuance, nutrient nutrition and packaging of the nutrient. All of the actions are related to choice direction.

3.2 Literature Review – Advantages

Harmonizing to the literature reappraisal, there are some advantages we can acquire when we implement the quality direction. Firstly is the director can larn more and understand more about the quality direction pattern. If the director understands about the quality direction pattern, they may function the company to measure the company quality criterion and will better the countries that are necessary to improved. Besides, the reappraisal besides let the company cognize how and when they should implement their quality direction scheme in different part.

The advantage of the quality direction for house in the long tally is show that, when the house are good understand about their client and cognize which scheme to utilize to bring forth the good will frequently hold the ability to finish with others competitor. This is due to the house know what they should make and how to make to bring forth good that will satisfaction the client. Besides that, invention is the tendency in presents. Every house are utilizing invention to make concern to acquire the chances to finish with their rival. If the house foremost to establish the invention, he will ever be the leader and others house will merely be the followings. Invention should be adapt by each house and each house should seek and come out with more advanced thought in order to benefic themselves besides consumers. Furthermore, nutrient quality direction is most of import for nutrient fabrication. Because consumer evaluates your trade name image, merely continue with the gustatory sensation of the merchandise. If the house nutrient quality is non good, the trade name image will be negative. If the house trade name image is negative, consumer will be given to take other trade name.

3.3 Literature Review – Disadvantages

Harmonizing to the reappraisal, the quality direction besides has their disadvantages of restriction. The disadvantages is the steadfast quality public presentation are based on the perceptual experience merely and non on the existent consequence and the figure of house in our survey is somewhat lower than in some plants cited ( Francisco, 2004 ) . This means that a batch of companies use the perceptual experience merely and they do non cognize their existent consequence of the effectivity of the quality direction.

The disadvantage of the client focal point, determination of fabricating scheme determination and invention are the plan with passing a large cost. The consequence will be unknown after the house made the alterations. After the alterations possibly the gross revenues or house trade name image will increase but its have the possibilities that the house make the alterations in the terminal the consequence will be no alterations. Besides that, doing alterations in the house, the worker or the client will accommodate about it or non is still an unknown. Therefore, the direction should do the determination carefully and believe of all the possibilities that will happen.

3.4 Shoon Fatt Biscuit & A ; Confectionery Factor Sdn Bhd

Shoon Fatt Biscuit & A ; Confectionery Factor Sdn Bhd has focus on quality direction since they shifted their mill to the current location and implemented assorted quality control departments to the full equipped with instruments to mensurate quality at every phases of production until the merchandises are reach clients manus. They realized the of import of satisfy clients with their precise demand and believed that clients first purchasing experience may impact their hereafter repetition purchasing behavior. Besides that, they ever meet the demands of ISO 9001 ( quality direction system ) to guarantee their company is managed to the highest quality criterions which recognized globally. In fact, by concentrating in quality direction, Shoon Fatt Biscuit & A ; Confectionery Factory Sdn Bhd has expanded their market to planetary since twelvemonth 1992.

In add-on, Shoon Fatt Biscuit is supplying 10 step of the entire quality direction to allow their director learn and understand about the quality direction. This is really of import for a company because when their directors have the cognition about the quality direction, the director can assist the company to better wherever countries are necessary to better. Shoon Fatt Biscuit ever want to run into the demand of the ISO 9000 demand so they must guarantee that the execution of the 10 factors of the entire quality direction.

Besides, based on the reappraisal, Shoon Fatt Biscuit can cognize about their quality direction whether is effectual or non in our state, Malaysia. This is because there are different effectivity of quality direction based on the assertiveness and the uncertainness turning away. If the assertiveness is low, than the quality direction effectivity will besides be low. Furthermore, the high degree of the uncertainness turning away will besides take to high quality direction effectivity. So Shoon Fatt Biscuit has a high degree of quality direction because our state has high uncertainness turning away and low assertiveness.

As the fabrication scheme will impact the client focal point, Shoon Fatt should carry on different study in order to make up one’s mind which fabricating scheme they should use in order to derive the client focal point. For illustration, Shoon Fatt may take niche discriminator fabricating scheme to derive the client focal point and have more compatibility to win the rival. Besides that, inventions have to been adapted by Shoon Fatt in order to hold better quality direction. Shoon Fatt should better the direction leading in order to take the worker in the mill to accomplish the end. With all the invention adapt by Shoon Fatt, the quality direction will be addition, the gross revenues will be addition, the net income will be addition every bit good. Furthermore, nutrient quality direction must be good concern by Shoon Fatt, because the nutrient quality will straight impact the whole maker. If the nutrient quality have any negative remark or complain, it will impact the maker trade name image and trade name equity. Therefore, quality direction is really of import for a house or corporation.

4.0 Discussion and decision

It is of import for every procedure of the company production to be held as each procedure plays an of import function to the concluding production of the merchandise. There is 10 procedure of the company ‘s production which is fixing & A ; weighting, blending & A ; dough devising, agitation, pressing, determining, baking, dispersed oil, sensing, creaming and packaging. Preparing & A ; weighting is of import as right sum of ingredient and the right ingredient in order to bring forth the biscuits. Mixing & A ; dough devising is where the procedure of commixture of the selected ingredients to bring forth a dough for farther procedure. This procedure is of import as in order to do a biscuit, the signifier or dough form is indispensable before farther procedure.

Following will be agitation where the dough is left in the dough feeding country to allow it be fermented which is of import in order the dough to be hardened and travel to the following procedure to bring forth a tasty and crispy biscuit. Pressing procedure is where the dough is laminated and rolled in order to guarantee the standard sheet thickness of each biscuit. Shaping is where the biscuits will be shaped harmonizing to its type as it is importance to keep a standardised quality biscuit.

Following it will travel to the baking where the shaped dough will be baked in the oven in a high temperature which is control by the workers to avoid any over burnt or uncooked biscuits. Spreading oil is where the adust biscuit will be spread by oils for the biscuit to increase its visual aspect and the gustatory sensation of the biscuit itself. Detection is where it detects any unknown stuff that might hold been inside the biscuit to avoid any wellness job issues over their biscuit by their clients. Later will be the creaming procedure where certain biscuit that needed to be creamed is so layered with a pick at each biscuit to maximise the gustatory sensation of the biscuit.Lastly will be the packaging where the finished biscuits will be packaged harmonizing to its type of biscuit. This procedure is of import as the workers need to guarantee that every of the biscuit is placed to its right packaging.

Facility layout is of import as it enable the production procedure to be smooth if the installation layout is placed in a strategic topographic point. Shoon fatt has 2 floor edifice where office, canteen, lavatory, surau and mill are situated. Their installation layout is efficient because before come ining the mill, workers or visitants demands to travel thru the changing room where their outfit is changed to a proper one and have on excess accoutrements like baseball mitts for hygiene intent. From the preparing and burdening phase to packaging phase has a really proper installation layout where efficient layout is made so that motion to each phase is short and efficient. They are stairs to enable easy motion to any of the phase and machines that can transport the dough or merchandise to the following peculiar phase. As for Shoon fatt quality direction, it has implement quality control section where it is to mensurate the quality of every phases from the ingredient to the concluding merchandise because it is of import to keep a quality where client will comprehend it as a good merchandise and will increase the opportunities of holding trade name trueness for shoon fatt ‘s merchandises.

As to keep or beef up the current strengths of the company production processes like capital intensive, Shoon Fatt might necessitate to hold a regular cheque up or maintenance so that the machine tally in a perfect and healthy status. They can besides maintain up to day of the month and purchase the current or latest engineering to increase their production line and cut down the clip of production. As for higher and standard quality, machines replace workers which the mistake can be minimise ensuing a higher and standard quality of their merchandise. So, regular care of the machine is of import to guarantee a higher and standard quality merchandise being produced. Time Saving is one of the strength of this company as the machines helps in this uninterrupted production line. Adding machines or regular cheque for the machine is of import as it helps the production line to salvage clip.

As for Shoon fatt quality direction, it has implement quality control section where it is to mensurate the quality of every phases from the ingredient to the concluding merchandise because it is of import to keep a quality where client will comprehend it as a good merchandise and will increase the opportunities of holding trade name trueness for shoon fatt ‘s merchandises.

As for failing like its low inflexible of production line, company can increase the flexibleness of the production line to run into the altering market demand by cut downing the apparatus times, as setup decrease can let the company to bring forth little sum of biscuits based on penchant of little client groups to a more assortment pick. Periodic review is needed to minimise the dislocation of any of the individual machine, if one machine is broken down this will drag the whole production line to a slower rate due to the repair of the machine.As for the staff low inducement, the manner to better it is to heighten worker ‘s accomplishments through occupation rotary motion and cross-functional preparation which can let them to make full different occupation place throughout the production taking them to a assortment experience gained and making and confronting the same occupation range over and over once more day-to-day. In fact, this allows the staff to cognize more about the production line and has the extra cognition to work out the job if there ‘s a default throughout the production line.

To increase or keep the strength of the installation layout, Shoon Fatt needs to to the full use the topographic point to run the operation, by using the L or U shaped biscuit works layout so that they can maximise every square pess of that topographic point and maximise the topographic point by leting easy motion from one topographic point of the procedure to another. Not merely that, to increase the flexibleness of the warehouse, Shoon fatt can increase the infinite of its warehouse so that more merchandises can be stored. Puting the shop room can be expeditiously planned, where the shop room which is stored with the natural stuff should be topographic point every bit near as possible to the production procedure so that less attempt or work is needed to transport the natural stuff to the production procedure.

As for its failing for the installation layout, it has hapless safety in the mill. As there is every bit much as 400 employees in this company so each of the section needs a firefighting equipment or first assistance equipment in instance there ‘s any job arise. In add-on, the edifice design is unsuitable every bit good as its 2 floor edifice is non a suited pick for a biscuit company. Shoon fatt can really change over the 2 floor edifice into a big warehouse or 1 storey constructing to avoid any high cost to bear. To better the heavy cost of being advanced for the quality direction, careful stairss are needed to do certain making a new merchandise or new spirits will non be a loss as the cost of advanced is high and needed every peculiar or strike informations to be exact so that the cost will non be wasted.

As to beef up the quality direction for shoon fatt, they can be more innovate in the sense making more assortment of merchandise or more spirits of the merchandise so that client will comprehend their merchandise as a good trade name equity and being the leader in biscuit industry. To better the heavy cost of being advanced for the quality direction, careful stairss are needed to do certain making a new merchandise or new spirits will non be a loss as the cost of advanced is high and needed every peculiar or strike informations to be exact so that the cost will non be wasted.



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