The Fossil Fuels Essay

September 22, 2017 General Studies

Fossil Fuels are a non-renewable energy beginning. They are found in Earth’s depositions made over 1000000s and 1000000s old ages ago and are called non-renewable because they can’t be used once more once they are spent.

There are three major signifiers of fossil fuels: coal. oil and natural gas.


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Coal is made up of C. O. H. N and some sums of sulfur

-Three chief types of coal:

•Anthracite: the hardest and has the most C in it. intending higher energy content

•Lignite: softest. low in C. but high in O & A ; H

•Bituminous: All of the above found in similar sums

Coal is mined out of the land utilizing assorted methods. Some coal mines are dug by droping perpendicular or horizontal shafts deep resistance. and coal mineworkers travel by lifts or trains deep resistance to delve the coal.

Other coal is mined in strip mines where immense steam shovels strip off the top beds above the coal. The beds are so restored after the coal is taken off.

The coal is so shipped by train and boats and even in grapevines. In grapevines. the coal is ground up and assorted with H2O to do what’s called slurry. This is so pumped many stat mis through grapevines.

At the other terminal. the coal is used to fuel power workss and other mills.


Oil is the 2nd chief type of Fossil Fuels. and is formed 300 million old ages ago. same as coal did. It has been used for more than 5. 000-6. 000 old ages.

Oil contains C. same as all Fossil Fuels and is found on the underside of the sea. How?

Well. the C found on the sea underside. finally turned into oil under great force per unit area and heat. As the Earth changed and moved and folded pockets where oil and natural gas can be found were formed.

To happen oil and natural gas. companies drill through the Earth to the sedimentations deep below the surface. The oil and natural gas are so pumped from below the land by oil rigs ( like in the image ) . They so normally travel through grapevines or by ship.


Natural gas is lighter than air. It is largely made up of methane.

Methane is a simple chemical compound that is made up of C and H atoms. Its chemical expression is CH4 – one atom of C along with four atoms H. This gas is extremely flammable.

Natural gas is normally found near crude oil resistance. It is pumped from below land and travels in grapevines to storage countries.

Benefits of Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels bring a batch to the universe. Presently they are the most used beginning of energy.

There are grounds for that. To get down with. they produce big sums of energy from a small sum of fuel. That is extremely economically good. Besides. merely the fact that Fossil Fuels are the most common used means a batch Industrial revolution has popularized the use of fossil fuel in the full planet. That resulted in most of machines. devices. vehicles depend on the fossil fuels. may it be coal. crude oil or natural gas.

Besides. it is much simpler to utilize and pull out energy when most of the machinery is set for Fossil Fuels what makes them easy available excessively when you think about it. Sustainable fuel beginnings like solar. air current or geothermic have complex procedure to tackle energy from them.

Restrictions of Fossil Fuels

Unfortunately. Fossil Fuels carry more restrictions than benefits. It is up to each individual to make up one’s mind if the benefits are truly dominant over restrictions.

They are non-renewable which their chief restriction is because as they are extracted to an limitless degree it is for certain that they will consume some twenty-four hours or the other. Since they are non-renewable it is likely that fuels disbursals will confront a hiking in close hereafter. It would take 1000000s of old ages to replace coal. and oil. and we are utilizing them rapidly.

Fossil fuels are the major energy beginning. as antecedently mentioned. but still when over ingestion takes topographic point lead to black effects such as air pollution. Besides. combustion of fossil fuels releases: C dioxide. nitrogen monoxide. N dioxide. sulfur dioxide. C monoxide etc. Those have terrible effects on the home grounds.

Then they besides affect human wellness. because of all the substances are released that we breathe in. Besides. the ozone bed is being raddled due to the release of nursery gases from the fuels. Hence. ozone holes are being created from which harmful UV rays enter the Earth surface that affect human life doing diseases like malignant neoplastic disease.

Environmental Hazards

As it is possible to state from all the restrictions mentioned. the Fossil Fuels truly do set the Earth in a great environmental hazard every twenty-four hours.

Other than antecedently mentioned. there are besides a few illustrations of Fossil Fuels holding an impact on the environment.

For illustration: acid rain. When burnt. sulfur dioxide gas is besides produced which is the factor for acerb rain. Acid rain leads to devastation of memorials made up of brickwork or marbles. even harvests are affected due to acidification of loams.

Then the coal excavation consequences in devastation of abundant lands and besides endangers the lives of miners. The natural gas causes awful odors and besides a batch of jobs with transit.

Besides. there is a great impact on the aquatic life. Transportation system of petroleum oil causes oil spills over seas concluding to jeopardies to the aquatic life by decreasing the O content of H2O.

Renewable types of fuels are much better than Fossil Fuels. Yes/No?

As the old ages go on. and the sums of Fossil Fuels are diminishing. a new. non-renewable energy has been introduced. It is a great inquiry whether it is better and even accomplishable to exchange wholly to the renewable energy.

Renewable energy is the energy which is generated from natural beginnings i. e. Sun. air current. rain. tides and can be generated once more and once more as and when required. They are available in plentifulness and by far most the cleanest beginnings of energy available on this planet. For eg: energy that we receive from the Sun can be used to bring forth electricity. Similarly. energy from air current. geothermic. biomass from workss. tides can be used to carry through our day-to-day energy demands. [ 4 ]

There are pros and cons to this new. renewable energy. To get down with the pros. foremost and most significantly. all the beginnings for this type of energy are in an abundant measure and free to utilize. Then they are much more environmentally friendly. intending much lower pollutants emanation.

Besides. renewable energy helps in exciting the economic system and making occupation chances. The money that is used to construct these workss can supply occupations to 1000s to lakhs of people.

The cons of this renewable energy are that it is non easy to put up a works for the extraction of energy and that it would be a batch more because we will hold to accommodate everything we have to something new. more complicated.

Then. about every type of renewable energy is dependent on the conditions conditions. parts of the twenty-four hours. hebdomad. and months. It is non dependable all the clip.

With all of this stated and the pros and cons of the non-renewable energy I must reason that renewable types of fuels are better. Yes. there are restrictions to both but the important thing with the renewable energy is that it saves the environment in a much greater step and that is what matters the most. The cost for the switch to renewable energy will be a batch but it pays of much more because if we don’t nurture the topographic point we live in it will no longer be a nice topographic point to remain in.

Governmental actions

There are stairss being taken because people & A ; states worldwide are going more cognizant of the environmental hazards for which the Earth is being exposed to with the non-renewable energy ingestion.

Besides the new motions. actions and propaganda for take downing the Fossil Fuels use. there have been Torahs brought by many states together to salvage the environment. such as the Clean Air Act. This act focused on the decrease of S. N oxides and particulate emanations.

An illustration of newer actions is Denmark whose end is to wholly acquire rid of the use of Fossil Fuels by 2050.

From 1980 boulder clay 2010 the portion of renewable energy in Denmark rose from 3 % to 19 % . With this scheme the rise will go on to 33 % by 2020. intending a full tierce of our energy will be produced by green energy chiefly air current and biomass. And eventually. up until 2050 the dodo fuels energy will be about non-existent.


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