The Four Elements Of The Marketing Mix Marketing Essay

Marketing mix is one of the most indispensable elements in an organisation, merely as the formula is to a chef. It is similar in the cooking field, that if merely one component is used, the concluding forte would non savor as good. Similarly, all elements in the selling mix should besides be utilised decently for it to be effectual. With that, this paper will discourse the different selling mix of an organisation including their merchandises, pricing, promotional attempts, and location. To clearly set up the ‘mix ‘ , the paper will besides province assorted instances of the organisation, in order to set up how each component is used. Furthermore, the paper will besides set up how the four elements affect the full selling scheme of the organisation, and how an organisation implements their several selling mix.

The Four Elementss of the Marketing Mix

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The first thing that an organisation needs to cognize before coming up with their merchandise distribution is to cognize the mark audience of their merchandises or services. This manner, they will be able to measure whether the merchandise genuinely suits the penchants of their mark audience. Aside from that, the merchandise packaging, size, and natural stuffs used are besides important considerations. By carry oning a thorough market research, a company will be able to proactively change their merchandises in a manner that will accommodate the merchandise penchants of their possible consumers. This will besides function as a usher in their efforts of coming up with new merchandises. This is extremely relevant in the instance of Motorola because their merchandise, cellular phone besides requires a batch of upgrading and invention.

Cellular phones have grown to be more than merely a luxury for people. It is already one of the basic demands that are fundamentally used for communicating, and extra characteristics would besides supply the users with amusement and precautional tools. Motorola specifically produces cellular phones that stand out when it comes to aesthetic design and call quality. Some other praised characteristics of Motorola cellular phones are its user-friendly characteristics, picture quality, call quality, and other amusement tools. Since exposure capturing is besides turning popular in most cellular phones, Motorola has besides adapted good to this tendency, leting their users to capture minutes through their phones by their exposure and picture gaining control characteristics. One of their ways of remaining on the competition is concentrating on their phones ‘ unique characteristics, which is being slender and sleek. The organisation should besides be cognizant that consumer penchants and demands change from clip to clip, and their phones should be able to provide to these demands all the clip. Because of these inevitable alterations, any merchandise would ever hold its merchandise life rhythm.

New merchandises normally go through an introductory stage. At this phase, the company is still proving the Waterss, on coming up with the right monetary value for the merchandise, the best promotional scheme, and how it would be distributed. During the introductory stage, a merchandise would normally be attractive because it is one of a sort. But non long plenty, similar merchandises will come out and will be introduced to the market every bit good. This phase is called the growing stage. Finally, the merchandise would make its adulthood phase once it has lost its intrinsic singularity and would be merely one of the many merchandises in the market. Maturity stage of a merchandise is considered to be the most important phase because there is a great opportunity for it to be overshadowed by its competing merchandises. Once the company records diminishing net incomes, despite their selling schemes and other promotional attempts, so the merchandise has reached its diminution stage, already ( NetMBA, 2002-2010 ) .

Monetary value

Monetary value is the lone component in the selling mix that is capable of supplying the company with net incomes. Apparently, the remainder of the selling mix elements would necessitate nil but costs. Part of the consumers ‘ nature is to be attracted to merchandises with significantly low monetary value ; they may even see purchasing it even if they have non tested the monetary value foremost. Knowing about this consumer nature, most companies opt to make an semblance of decreased monetary value on their merchandises in order to promote purchasers. This is besides a good manner of jostling rivals from fiting the merchandise. However, when there are lesser rivals for a certain merchandise, plus a high demand for it, so the manufacturer may take advantage of the state of affairs by increasing the monetary value in order to derive net incomes faster. The disadvantage with this is that rivals may take advantage of the high monetary value and would choose to offer similar merchandise at a lower monetary value, therefore the market could be stolen. Given this information, it can be said that monetary value as extremely flexible can be lowered or increased depending on the market state of affairs where the merchandise is to be sold. For a nomadic phone company like Motorola, pricing is besides one indispensable component in their selling mix.

Monetary value can be one of the best ways of set uping relationships with the consumers. In fact this is besides one of the purposes of Motorola as a company. In most companies, they monetary value their merchandises harmonizing to the rhythm where it belongs. For case, for freshly introduced merchandises, the monetary values are normally high. This is fundamentally what happens after a thorough merchandise and consumer research. Once the merchandise derive some viing merchandises, and more consumers start purchasing more of that certain merchandise, so the monetary value would bit by bit diminish. High quality merchandises are typically sold at a higher monetary value, which is seemingly acceptable. However, the monetary values of Motorola phone are comparatively low because of the subsidy that the Verizon Wireless web supplier gives them ( Johnsson, 2003 ) . This is one of the ways of Verizon Wireless to derive more endorsers. They trust Motorola for pulling a batch of interested purchasers through their advanced designs and characteristics.

Topographic point

Topographic point, as an component of the selling topographic point is defined as the location or channels chosen in order to ease the distribution of the merchandises to its possible clients (, 2010 ) . Unlike the usual impression, topographic point is more than merely a fixed location of the merchandises or the concern. It fundamentally deals with more things such as the storage, transit, and distribution of goods, and all the other methods that can convey the merchandises closer to its mark consumers. The right topographic point besides requires the right clip to hive away the goods, and another good clip for distribution. Basically, the topographic point as an element trades with the strategic bringing of goods, at the right clip, to the right people. The methods are besides dependent on the location of the clients that need the merchandise. Of class, the easiest and most cost-effective should be utilized along the procedure. In the instance of Motorola, it gives inducements to their independent retail merchants, because they recognize the significance of these retail merchants in their merchandise ingestion. Consumers are more inclined to purchasing their phones in these independent retail mercantile establishments like Best Buy and Radio Shack. Furthermore, consumers are besides known to purchase their phones from their preferred phone web suppliers like Verizon Wireless, or through the supplier or Motorola ‘s web site, itself. It has and end-to-end set of features where we are presenting substructure devices, package and vertically specific applications. Just to reenforce and give you a speedy complex of other illustrations both on the Government side and the Enterprise side, we ‘re building these communications for internal ingestion to beat up associates around the universe, but evidently they besides sell the external existent universe narrative for what we did for clients.


Finally, the 4th component in the selling mix is the publicity, or the company ‘s scheme of allowing the populace, specifically their mark consumers. The publicity component would necessitate a company assorted schemes merely to make out to the different persons and other related companies ( NetMBA, 2010 ) . Some of the many methods that a company can take from are using media runs, direct merchandising, and even indirect communicating. It is through extended market research still that a company can place the most appropriate promotional methods to utilize to make out to their mark market. Ad is still the major tool for publicity.

Some of the media tools that can be used for advertisement are print media tools such as newspapers, magazines, booklets, and mass media such as telecasting and wireless. A combination of the many tools can be used at the same time, like utilizing Television, wireless, print ad, events forming, and on-line selling in order for the seller to make as many audiences as possible. For Motorola, their major publicity methods are through their web site, the web supplier spouse, and through the telecasting. Aside from this, Motorola besides maintains tight relationship with their retail merchants and supply them with wagess for every bit long as they keep selling Motorola merchandises (, 2010 ) .


The secret of the most successful companies is their strategic agencies of utilizing the undermentioned elements of marketing mix: merchandise, monetary value, topographic point, and publicity. It was emphasized that a merchandise goes through a certain life rhythm. New merchandise fundamentally starts with its introductory stage, and at this point the pricing, topographic point, and publicity are extremely important. On the other manus, the monetary value of the merchandise is the lone component that can supply the company net income, which makes it extremely indispensable in their merchandising procedure. For Motorola with the chief merchandise of cellular phones, they need to monetary value their theoretical accounts right in order to remain in the competition. A typical consumer would ever travel for high quality merchandises that are sold at a sensible monetary value. Topographic point refers to the different ways of administering the merchandise to its consumers. Since consumers were seen to buy more cellular phones from the external retail merchants, Motorola encourages more retail merchants to sell their merchandises by supplying them with inducements. Customers would besides purchase from the web supplier ‘s mercantile establishments, or their web site. Last, publicity is the component of the selling mix, which is indispensable in pass oning the merchandise to the populace. To accomplish this, some media tools are used like telecastings, print ads, web supplier partnerships, and website development. A proper mix of these elements would decidedly supply the company the success it desires.

What you can anticipate is more than merely a $ 8 billion company because we are besides one of the universe ‘s prima company when it comes to automatize informations gaining control, public safety, saloon cryptography, RFID, endeavor Mobile computer science, and scanning. Our concern is proud to hold a solutions orientation in its operation. We operate on an end-to-end pattern that ensures our clients swift bringing of package, vertically specific application, and substructure devices.

You see, this concern is more than merely about point minutess. It has earned an industrial class liability in footings of concern critical and mission critical, which fundamentally puts us above the other rivals. This singularity is one of your competitory borders.

Given the current studies on the concern ‘ gross, both in the sections of authorities and endeavor, it can be seen that the authorities histories for 65 % of the gross, while the staying 35 % is from the endeavor. One thing that this information is demoing is that, the concern is decidedly turning in both sections. While there is growing in the authorities sector, the same growing can be expected from the endeavor sector, every bit good.

Motorola can maintain acquiring better as it keeps acquiring bigger, can avoid falling victim to the satisfaction and hubris that have distressed other many big American concerns.



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