The French Revolution: From Despots to Dictators Journal Entry

The Gallic Revolution: From Despots to Dictators Journal Entry

Journal Entry 1:

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Today, the male monarch accepted the fundamental law. This fundamental law meant that even though King Louis is kept as male monarch, he now has less power than earlier. However, the male monarch can blackball any Torahs that he doesn’t like. Still, the fundamental law will alter tonss of things and it might stop the revolution! All provincials went brainsick because we were so happy. I went out to the street merely like the other provincials and we screamed, shouted, and drank. I was dancing in the streets when I met one adult female who looked like a alien. She introduced herself as an American and told me her name, Sarah Baker. She asked me why I was so happy. I told her about how the new fundamental law might consequence the provincials in such a good manner.

Because I was so intoxicated, I couldn’t travel back to my house right off. I didn’t cognize what to make. So I tried to travel to the hostel but realized that I had no money and I am a provincial. But, in the entryway of the hostel, I saw the blue blood, person that I met in the Estates-General meeting and promised to assist the Third Estate. I was delighted to see him today because I wanted to portion joy with person and I knew that he would be the perfect individual to hold a conversation with. So, I went indoors and said hullo. He saw me and greeted me besides. We talked about the alterations in France due to the revolution. I told him that I felt relieved now that France has a new fundamental law. However, the blue blood said that he still can non swear the male monarch. I was confused. I thought he would be happy excessively! Oh, well. With a baffled head, I went back to my house.

Journal Entry 2:

Everything is acquiring worse. Today, Lafayette surrendered to Austrian and Prussian forces in order to salvage himself. Lafayette knew that Austrian and Prussian forces are stronger, so he betrayed our state. As a provincial, I am so defeated in him. I thought he would seek his best to salvage his ain country’s people. I knew that we would’ve lost since their ground forcess are so strong. However, they should’ve at least tested to contend! How can a commanding officer betray the ground forces like that? This is pathetic. With choler, after making all my work in the farm, I went to the cardinal garden to see if there was any left over nutrient. No nutrient, but the priest was. I had a long conversation with the priest about what happened today. We greeted each other with regard ( I truly liked him because he treated me with regard even though I was a provincial. ) He reasonably much agreed with me. The priest hated Lafayette for bewraying our state. He started off by stating, “Oh my gosh! I can non believe that he really betrayed us! ” He told me his feelings about how much he hated the weak adult male, and how much he was disappointed in the failures of the war. While the priest and I were showing our choler, a adult female came out of nowhere and said, “What is traveling on? What are you guys speaking about? ” I was surprised and didn’t know why she was inquiring us. The priest told her to acquire off and ne’er to return to him once more. After she left, he told me that she is the upper aristocracy that one time insulted him, so he doesn’t want to see her of all time once more. He besides informed me about the economic position of France, which declined a batch due to the loss of the war. If what he told me and what I heard from other people are right, so this state of affairs is merely good to the other states like Austria and Prussia. Our ground forces will acquire weaker even though we get a new general because first of all, we don’t have a batch of money. Second, all soldiers will be afraid and will non contend good due to the loss of the war and besides the treachery of their leader. Everything is merely acquiring worse and many people are ill of this. France used all of our revenue enhancements to fix for the ground forces, but now that failed besides. What is this state making with our money? If they are traveling to give up, I merely want my money back! Let me purchase some staff of life for my kids. I could non show my choler more. While the priest and I were showing our choler, person bumped out of somewhere and said, “What is traveling on? What are you guys speaking about? ” I was surprised and didn’t know why she was inquiring us. The priest told her to acquire off and ne’er to return to him once more. After she left, he told me that she is the upper aristocracy that one time insulted him, so he doesn’t want to see her of all time once more. Whoa, I ne’er knew that the priest can be so chilling and rough on people. Anyways, today was a really dissatisfactory twenty-four hours overall due to the General Lafayette’s resignation.

Journal Entry 3:

I am non certain if I should be happy or non. Today, likely the most interesting, shocking, and even sort of sad event occurred: the king’s decease! King Louis, or the “citizen Louis Capet, ” eventually got executed. On January 15, there was a ballot among the deputies to see if King Louis was guilty against the state due to what he did during his reign. Everyone at that place voted that King Louis was guilty. On the really following twenty-four hours, the electors one time once more met each other to find the effects for his guiltiness. A small spot less than half people voted for other effects than decease. However, the bulk was in favour of the king’s decease. So, they decided to put to death the male monarch today. Half scared, and half happy, I went to watch the executing after completing my jobs with astonishing velocity. The executing took topographic point in the centre of Paris, besides known as the Place of Harmony. Because I had to complete my work before coming here, ( or my landlord will stalk me down and I would decease before King Louis ) I could non travel to the forepart. There were excessively

many crowds, so I couldn’t see the King at all. All I could hear were the loud membranophone axial rotations. But so, when I turned about, I saw my old friend, Robert Turpin. He was besides here to watch the executing. He told me that he wants to hear the words of Louis Capet, but the loud membranophone axial rotations are barricading him from it. He was rather huffy about that. After speaking with him for a piece about how we are really happy about Capet’s executing, I told him that I’d instead leave and go place than to non being able to watch it since we are at the dorsum. Disappointed by the fact that I could non really watch the executing, I didn’t remain at that place for a long clip. I started walking back place before watching the King’s executing. On my manner back, I saw Jean Joachim Adelaide, the political captive, looking for me. We had been near for a long clip for some ground. I can non retrieve how we became close but I still don’t acquire why he would be near to such a provincial like me. ( Possibly because since he was a captive one time, he doesn’t attention about people’s position? ) He told me that he is worried about people’s inhumaneness that he saw during the past few yearss of the King’s executing programs. I could non understand him. Even though I felt guilty about being happy, I WAS happy and could non understand anyone who were against the revolution. He seemed like he got pissed by reply. He merely left without stating anything. Oh good. I will non allow myself experience glooming because of Jean Adelaide on a happy twenty-four hours like this!



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