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March 17, 2019 Health

The promotion of health is the strategy of social orders and allowing people to improve more control on their well-being, as indicated by the Ottawa Charter, in this way, showing signs of improvement in their general well-being (World Health Organization, WHO, 1986). In addition, the promotion of health is often used as an expression for all activities wanting to stay away from the disease, create and improve the well-being of the Prosperity (Naidoo and Wills, 2004). It is extremely critical in this way, create in the learning of socio-economic factors as a promoter of health which have repercussions on the well-being in the advanced society of more calculates that the national well-being and provincial impact of battles and promotion of means to cope with the advance of well-being. In this sense, , I will discuss models and well-being of the variables in this Article which have an impact on the promotion of health and the organization of a campaign for the promotion of the well-being with a publication and posters for the promotion of health in question of the cigarette.


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