The Future of English as the Global Language Is Assured

December 31, 2017 English Language

The Future of English as the Global Language Is Assured English is the first language for the people in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. Also, English is the second language for many countries over the world. The English now is the first global language. The question is will English be the first language in future or not. Some people say no, but I think the English will be the first language for long time. The people, who said the English will not be the first language, have some reasons. They think the English is not easy to learn because the English words frequently change.

Second, they think about Japanese should be the first language. The last reason is some people don’t like to study in the United States. Some people feel English is difficult to learn because the English words sometime have change. However the change in English language is good because it makes English so easy. The change in English is in the words not in the grammar. The changes help us to learn fast and easily. Many people think that the Japanese language will be the global language because the technology in Japan is advanced. Industry in Japan has become excellent.

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The United States is the stronger technology country and the best country in the industry. Some people like to study in Japan because they think the education there is good. They should learn the Japanese language and that will make the Japanese language the global language. However, education in United States is the best one and all the good universities use the English language. The English language is the first language for first world nation and the second language for the most countries. Some countries teach English in the school as the second language.

If the students learn English in the schools now that will make them know English in future and that will make the English the global language. Many countries use English in science, business, aviation, entertainment, and radio. That make more people learn English and will make English the global language. People will learn more English to help them in their life. In conclusion, people have a different opinion about global language. My opinion is English is the global language and it will be the global language in future. People learn English now because they believe English will be the global language.


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