The Girl Who Ran Away Essay

September 3, 2017 General Studies

Children were running about. The resort area was filled with laughter. Everyone was happy. except a small miss. She was sitting on the bench. gazing at the exposure she was keeping. That exposure was taken three old ages ago. Three old ages ago. her parents still love each other. Three old ages ago. her parents would non contend or even reason. Thingss changed. since her male parent was transferred to Singapore because of his occupation.

Since so. she and her female parent can merely run into her male parent on weekends. At first. things were traveling on reasonably good. Until one twenty-four hours. she heard her parents reasoning in their room. She tried to open the door but the door was locked. She was really funny so she peeped from a window to see what was go oning. She was shocked when she found cryings streaming down her mother’s face. The small miss had ne’er seen her female parent call before. Her male parent said something to her female parent and so left the house with his baggage. He was traveling back to Singapore as he had to work the following twenty-four hours.

Slowly. she walked into her mother’s room. She stared at her female parent and did non cognize what to state. Her female parent hugged her. but did non explicate what happened. And that. was the first clip she saw her parents battle. After the battle. her male parent does non come back one time a hebdomad. Alternatively. he merely comes back one time a month. Almost every clip he comes back. he argues with her female parent. Amy shortly realized that her male parent had an matter. She was so angry with her male parent that she refused to speak to him any longer.

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Today. her parents fought once more. Amy could non stand it any longer. She shouted at her male parent to go forth instantly. Her male parent did non go forth but slapped her and told her to close up. Amy was so aghast. She ran out of the house weeping. She kept running. She did non cognize where to travel. Finally. she stopped and sat on a bench in a resort area. How she wished that everything will travel back to normal where the three of them can populate merrily together. She took out a exposure from her pocket ; it was a household exposure. She stared at it.

Suddenly. person tapped her shoulder. She turned about and found her female parent standing at that place. Her female parent had followed her all this clip. She hugged her female parent and her female parent told her that she will disassociate her male parent. Amy and her female parent will get down a new life together. merely the both of them.


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