The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams English Literature Essay

August 20, 2017 English Literature

Based on the drama Laura has a aggregation of glass, which her ma calls them, a menagerie. The aggregation is really delicate and breakable. Laura is somewhat handicapped so the slightest things said could ache her feelings or interrupt her down. Merely like the menagerie you could easy interrupt them ; the slightest bump of the tabular array could do one interruption. Tom threw his jacket and by chance hit one and it broke ( 292 ) . The aggregation to Laura is really valuable, because she does non make anything or have any friends the aggregation is all she has. Laura spends the bulk of the twenty-four hours cleaning them and seting them in different topographic points.

During school Laura had gotten a moniker from a cat named Jim after her eruption of pleurosis. When she returned to school Jim had called her “ bluish roses ” ( 289 ) . Blue roses symbolizes Laura because they are different it resembles her because she is non similar every other miss. Blue roses are non flowers that you could merely pick anyplace they are specially made. Jim gave her the moniker because he could non retrieve what was incorrect with her. So, the first thing that came to mind was bluish roses. But, bluish roses tantrums perfect with Laura because she is perfectly different from everyone else. Laura has the disablement that one of her legs are shorter than the other. So, because of that she feels like an castaway with everyone. She merely does non recognize that her differences make her beautiful. And Jim is one individual who looks beyond her disablements and see the beauty that she holds that no 1 else can see. Blue roses technically stands for “ love ” so for Jim to name her blue roses it shows that he can see the true individual that she is. And he may non see what everyone else does.

Towards the terminal of the drama Laura ‘s brother Tom ends up puting her up with a gentlemen company merely so happens it is the same cat Jim that she liked in high school. Just so happens after Laura has the clip of her life she ends up happening out that Jim is engaged to be married which crushes her. The dark that Jim had come over he noticed that Laura had a unicorn in the aggregation. The unicorn represents Laura because a unicorn is different than all the other Equus caballuss. Just like Laura a unicorn is alone and beautiful in its ain manner. Because Laura is somewhat handicap it sets her off from everyone else. Well, a unicorn has a horn in the forepart of its caput so it looks different from the remainder of the Equus caballuss. In order for you to see the beauty in the unicorn and Laura you have to look beyond the differences. And accept that non everything is beautiful on the exterior. Jim teaches Laura that even though you may be different than everyone you have to open up and allow people see the existent you and your personality. Jim gets Laura to dance with him, as they are dancing he accidently knocks over the unicorn ; the horn gets broken off ( 324 ) . Although Jim feels highly bad for interrupting it because, he knows how of import the aggregation is to her. Laura merely tells Jim that it is all right because now the unicorn is merely like the remainder of the Equus caballuss ( 324 ) . But, the Equus caballus fits her because she is nil like the other people.

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Some might believe that none of these points represent Laura in any manner and some may be right. Some might look at the menagerie as merely a glass aggregation and think that it has no resemblance on Laura at all. Maybe bluish roses and the unicorn have nil to make with Laura either that possibly it is merely a flower that does non technically exist through nature and they have to be human made. Or, think that unicorns are ugly and there is no beauty in them at all. Although everyone has their ain point of position on what may or may non resemble Laura the three points are really near to how she is. Everyone can hold their ain judgement and may be able to pick out different symbols that could break fit Laura, but in the overall drama there was no other symbol that clearly represented her in a manner that those three objects did.

Over all, the drama is good written and for being a memory drama it is good told. There were many things that could hold represented Laura but the glass menagerie, bluish roses, and the glass unicorn merely stood out the most. Those symbols were easy to demo how Laura was in the drama. And, for anyone who did non read the drama they excessively could hold understood what type of individual Laura was. Because of Jim demoing Laura the attending that he did the dark that he went to her house it opened her up a small. Jim made Laura see that non everyone will look at her disablements and justice her merely on that. But, in order for person to acquire to cognize her and see the type of individual she truly is she has to interrupt out of her shell that is protecting her.

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