The goals of treatment for breast engorgement

A Newborn babe has merely three demands they are warmth in the custodies of its female parent, nutrient from her chests, and security in the cognition of her presence. Breast feeding satisfies all three ( Irena Chalmers, 2003 ) .

The Best gift that a female parent can give to her newborn kid is breast milk. Absolutely formulated for the babe and full of fantastic antibodies, it is far superior to any other expression feeding. This has great benefits for the babe non merely it is healthier but the action of feeding the kid is a minute of love in which the babe learns to bond, odor, and attentions with female parent as she gives nourishment and fondness ( Vincent Ianelli, 2008 ) .A

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Immediately after birth, the female parent produces foremilk, a yellow, gluey fluid frequently referred to as “ liquid gold, ” that provides nutrition and protection against infections. Engorgement normally happens when the chests switch from foremilk to maturate milk ( frequently referred to as when the milk “ comes in ” ) . However, it can besides go on subsequently if wet adult females does non nurse decently ( Becky Flora, 2005 ) .

Breast Engorgement is swelling of the chests caused by spread outing venas and the force per unit area of new milk. It is normally caused by an instability between milk supply and infant demand and can easy go conceited, painful, difficult, glistening, warm, and somewhat chunky to touch. This can take to the flattening of the mammillas or, inverted mammillas which make it impossible for the babe to suck out all the milk and causes stagnancy of milk in the chest ( Kathy kunn,2005 ) .

Breastfeeding female parents have several options for alleviating postpartum chest engorgement including frequent nursing, chest massage, hot compress, hot showers, soaking the chest in a bowl of hot H2O, cold compress after eatings, cold battalions before eatings, frozen bag of veggies, manual look, mechanical look, chilled chou leaves, room temperature chou leaves, chou foliage infusion, neem foliages, jasmine flower application, and use of oxytocin nasal sprays ( Schoenstadt. M.D, 2009 ) .

The green chou foliages ( Brassica capitata ) is used for chest engorgement therapy. Research surveies have been able to medically turn out if chou leaves really alleviate chest engorgement. Cabbage has both antibiotic and anti-irritant belongingss it contains sinigrin ( allylisothiocyanate ) rape, mustard oil, Mg, oxylate and sulfur heterosides. It is theorized that this natural mixture of ingredients helps to diminish tissue congestion by distending ( opening ) local capillaries ( little blood vass ) and bettering the blood flow in the country ( Lawrence and Lawrence, 2005 ) .

Many adult females agree that their chests start dripping milk when they stand under a warm shower. This observation has led to the widespread recommendation to use damp heat to ingurgitate chests, peculiarly before eatings to increase circulation to the chest and convey the endocrine Pitocin to assist trigger milk let-down. Wraping the chests in warm, wet washrags or towels for 10 to twenty proceedingss non merely experience good but besides can get down milk dripping and lessenings breast congestion ( Sara Mc Garth, 2008 ) .


A study from developing states showed that, the incidence of chest engorgement varies from a few to 33 % of breastfeeding adult females and from developed states the incidence varies between 0.04 % and 8.9 % . Breast jobs include engorgement, sore or chapped mammillas, mastitis and chest abscess. In India, 33 % of adult females experiences breast jobs in first 2 hebdomads postpartum, and 28 % in the hebdomads thenceforth. These jobs have been cited as grounds for failure of lactation and halting breastfeeding ( Somdatta Patra, A et al.,2009 ) .A A A A

Breast engorgement, the frequently -called “ milk febrility ” , characterized by distended chests and a high febrility which occurs on about the 3rd twenty-four hours after bringing. The primary importance of prompt remotion of milk in the early phases of chest engorgement or congestion, is to forestall patterned advance of the disease and abscess formation, and sucking by the babe is regarded as the most effectual agencies of milk remotion ( Gunther,2007 ) .

A descriptive survey was conducted to measure the chest engorgement during 1 to 14 yearss postpartum among 114 chest eating female parents, who had both first and 2nd clip vaginal and ceasarean bringing. Previous suckling experience of the female parent is a more critical variable in foretelling engorgement. First clip suckling female parents experienced engorgement Oklahoman and more badly than did Second clip suckling female parents, irrespective of bringing method. ( HillHYPERLINK “ hypertext transfer protocol: // term= ” Hill PD ” [ Author ] ” , P.D,2001 ) .

Breastfeeding is more hard after a caesarean delivery for many reasons.A These include maternal hurting, weariness, delayed entree to pamper, increased auxiliary eatings, separation of female parent and babe, blood loss doing anaemia and intervention from medications.A A Maternal emphasis interferes with the release of Pitocin, the endocrine responsible for milk expulsion physiological reaction and stressed neonates are weak to suckle and latch ( Dewey, 2001 ) .A

The ends of intervention for chest engorgement are to cut down vascular and lymphatic congestion and take milk from the chests. The usage of natural green chou leaves has been anecdotally reported to cut down engorgement. Mothers who have used this intervention study that the chilled or room temperature chou leaves to be comforting. The advantages of this intervention are its low cost and convenience ( Cheryl Nikodem, 2002 ) .

The usage of heat instantly before nursing can assist the milk let down.A They can be in the signifier of a hot H2O bottle or an electric warming tablet. If there is no installation for any of these, a towel soaked in warm/hot H2O, can be used. The heat will do the milk to flux and will ease the tenseness and stringency in the chest ( Dr. Shelton Pearis, 2006 ) .

From the above mentions and sing advantages, its simpleness and easy handiness, convenient to use without hurting and side effects, free from infection, place redress, promotes the well being of female parent and babe in the station partum yearss, research worker has found that chou foliages and hot compaction are more effectual in cut downing engorgement without side effects and additions breast feeding continuance significantly. Hence the research worker developed involvement to see the effectivity of chou foliages and hot compaction on chest engorgement.


A Study To Measure The Effectiveness Of Cabbage Leaves Vs Hot Compression On Breast Engorgement Among Post Natal Mothers Admitted In K.G. Hospital, Coimbatore.


To measure the degree of breast engorgement among post natal female parents in experimental group – I and experimental group – II.

To use chou foliages for postpartum female parents in experimental group-I and hot compaction in experimental group- II.

To reevaluate the degree of breast engorgement among the postpartum female parents in experimental group-I and experimental group-II.

To compare the efficaciousness of chou foliages and hot compaction in cut downing breast engorgement among postpartum female parents in experimental group-I and experimental group-II.

To tie in the findings with selected demographic and obstetrical variables.



Effectiveness refers to decrease of chest engorgement experienced by the female parent after the application of chou foliages for experimental group-I and hot compaction for experimental group-II during station natal period.

Application of chou foliages

The venas of chou foliages superficially cut down and applied on the chest for 20 proceedingss for two times within 4 hours continuance.

Hot compaction

A het tablet of moistness, thickly folded fabrics applied on the chests for 20 proceedingss, with temperature of 40-43 grade Celsius for two times within 4 hours continuance.

Post natal female parent

Mothers holding chest engorgement within first hebdomad of bringing admitted in the K.G. infirmary.


1. Mothers experience hurting and trouble in chest eating when breasts become engorged.

2. Application of chou foliages and hot compaction reduces breast engorgement for station natal female parents.

3. Mothers are incognizant of effectivity of chou foliages and hot compaction in cut downing chest engorgement.


H1: There is a important difference in the degree of chest engorgement before and after using chou foliages in experimental group- I.

H2: There is a important difference in the degree of chest engorgement before and after using hot compaction in experimental group- II.

H3: There is a important difference between application of chou foliages in experimental group-I and application of hot compaction in experimental group-II in cut downing chest engorgement.


The survey is limited to

Post natal female parents during puerperal period up to first hebdomad of bringing.

Postnatal female parents who are holding breast engorgement.

Post natal female parents who are willing to take part in the survey.

Post natal female parents who are admitted in K.G. Hospital, Coimbatore.


The findings of the survey will place the demand and effectivity of simple non pharmacological steps in cut downing breast engorgement such as application of chou foliages and hot compaction.

The findings of the survey will assist post natal female parents in supplying comfort without any complication.

The findings of the survey will assist for farther research ( in using chou foliages and hot compaction for chest engorgement ) .


Conceptual model is “ A group of mental images or constructs that are related but the relationship is non expressed ” ( Polit and Beck,2008 ) .

One of the of import intents of conceptual model is to pass on clearly the relationship of assorted constructs. It guides an research worker to cognize what data demands to be collected and gives way to full research procedure ( Kertinger, 1996 ) .

The present survey is aimed at assisting the station natal female parents who have breast engorgement during their puerperal period, therefore the survey is based on Ernestine Wiedenbach’s- The Helping Art of Clinical Nursing Theory. Harmonizing to Wiedenbach, the pattern of nursing comprises a broad assortment of services each directed towards the attainment of one of its five constituents. Worlds refer to the physical, physiologic, emotional and religious factors that come into drama in a state of affairs affecting nursing actions. The five worlds identified by Wiedenbach are,






Agent: The agent is the practising nurse or a interior decorator who has the personal properties, capacities and competency to supply nursing attention. Here the agent is the nurse research worker.

Recipient: Recipient is the patient who has the personal properties, jobs, capablenesss to get by. Here the receiver are the station natal female parents who have breast engorgement within the puerperal period.

Goal: Goal is the nurse ‘s coveted result. Here the end is to cut down the chest engorgement for station natal female parents.

Meanss: Meanss are the activities used by the nurse to accomplish the end. Here the nurse research worker used chou leaves for one group and hot compaction for the other group.

Model: Refers to the installations in which nursing is practiced. Here the model is K.G. Hospital.

Measure 1: Identifying the demand for aid

Identification involves individualisation of the patient, his experiences and acknowledgment of the patient ‘s perceptual experience of his status. Here identified the demographic variables, obstetrical variables and inside informations of chest engorgement.

Measure 2: Ministering needed aid

Relief is supplying the needed aid. It requires the designation of the demand for aid, the choice of a assisting step appropriate to that demand and acceptableness by the patient.Here chou foliages was applied on the chests for one group of station natal female parents and hot compaction was applied for the other group of station natal female parents who had breast engorgement.

Measure 3: validating that the demand for aid was met

Validation is the grounds that the patient ‘s functional ability was restored as a consequence of aid given. It is validated that the needed aid was delivered in accomplishing the cardinal intent. This measure involves the station trial done after ministering the aid and analysis was done to do suited determination and recommended action and statistically proved that chou foliages was effectual in cut downing chest engorgement.



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