The God Stealer

August 16, 2017 Religion

I. Summary The story began with two best friends Philip Latak, an Ifugao from the Mountain Province and Sam Christie, an American, on the bus to Baguio. They were on their way to Baguio for one purpose. Sam wanted to buy a genuine Ifugao god. She wouldn’t leave Ifugao without a god because it’s more than a souvenir and it would remind her of Philip. He was a Christian who no longer had any respect or affection for the Ifugao customs and religion.

Also, Philip considered himself a city boy and had no inclination to return to mountain life. Despite this attitude, his grandfather was pleased to see him and decided to throw a big party in his honor. On the day of the party, Sam and Philip discovered that no Ifugao was willing to sell his god. And as a last resort, he stole the god of his grandfather because he felt it would be his way of showing his gratitude to Sam since she made the vacation and the raise possible.

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Then, they argued if it was better that Philip returned the god back to his grandfather. The consequences of this act were severe. After finding out that his god was missing, Philip’s grandfather died. Because of his grandfather’s passing, he decided not to return to Manila with Sam as a form of repentance. Philip explained his reasons for choosing to stay in the mountains. He could forgive himself for stealing the god but the old man had been wise.

He knew that it was Philip who did it from the very start. He wanted to believe that it wasn’t Philip but he can’t pretend. Philip felt he killed his grandfather because he wanted to be free from the cursed terraces. From that moment, their friendship was broken. Philip did not, even once, face Sam. In the dark hut, Sam noticed that Philip was now attired in G-string, the traditional costume of the Ifugao and he was in the process of replacing the old Ifugao idol by chiseling a new one.


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