The Grand Opening Ceremony and commendation conference

December 16, 2017 Teaching

Loads of people participated in this ceremony—secretary of the party committee f law school professor Q.v. Ammonia, contemporary laws masters professor Wang Oxeye and Ghana Chichi, vice president professor Lieu Luau, deputy secretary of party committee If Roentgen, sub decaled adjunct professor Lei Hugging, head of politics department professor Lieu Joshua, head of public management department professor Guy Jangling and professors from laws department professor IL Gaming, professor ABA Began, adjunct professor Ghana Queuing, Tang Change and adjunct professor Yang Ego from the administrative management department and adjunct professor Lieu Honoring from politics department as well as teachers from the teaching administration working at college level and the Student Affair Office. The instructor of the 20th freshmen Yang Kaki took the role of the host. The solemn sound of the Nation Song witnessed the formal beginning of the ceremony. In an effort to help freshmen to have an acquaintance with professors and teachers, Yang introduced basic information to the students in terms of majors. Later, professors Wang Oxeye and Ghana Chichi delivered a speech separately.

Stick to your mission, take on your responsibility, be brave for the tackles, regard this ceremony as the horn sound of the new trip, read books and study hard and then a foundation for tomorrow and a confident attitude for future will be established. Professor Wang expressed his sincere wishes to the freshmen. In Gangs speech, he delivered congratulations to the students for being admitted to Human University and wishes that students could have a good command of professional knowledge meanwhile dedicate themselves to the society and our nation. Professor announced the list of head teachers on behalf of school in accordance with the requirements that “primary grades match with head teachers while the senior grades with the tutors”.

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On the basis of the mode in 2013, those people will hold the post of the head teachers for the freshmen—-ad]uncut professor Ghana Queuing, adjunct professor Tang Change, doctor Wang Yang, doctor Ding Ways and superb master degree candidate Mi Inning, Lieu Shabby and Ghana Beirut. The ceremony for giving commendation to the advanced individuals and groups in the military training follows the peeing ceremony. Deputy secretary of party committee of law school and vice president If Roentgen read the decision, rewarding the 20th class one, administrative management class two “Superior Military Training Queue Class” award, giving the award “Superior disciplined class” to laws class two and “Superior Dormitory’ award goes to 121 room in Titian first neighborhood first building and so on.

Wang Ho, Lieu Yang and other students won the title of “Superior Individuals in the military training”. Leaders of college and drillmasters sued honor certificates to the advanced groups and individuals as well as the members of the orientation group. The sound of school song went hand in hand with the opening ceremony for the 20th freshmen, which is also the ceremony for giving commendation to the advanced individuals and groups in the military training. Laws department, administrative department and politics department had major introduction meeting in different rooms according to school’s arrangements. Military training lasting for two weeks had a marvelous ending.


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