“The Grapes of Wrath” by John Steinbeck Essay

August 20, 2017 History

Path 66 is the country where diners and gas Stationss are usually located and one of the diners around the country is owned by Mae and Al. A adult male enters the diner and wants to purchase merchandises for inexpensive monetary values and at first they refuse to accept and eventually realized that they will compromise and give him the points for less. This epoch was the Great Depression and everyone was covering with difficult times with poorness and low employment. Families were seeking to do terminals run into and feed their households. The Joad household travels with the Wilson household who have been seeking to acquire to California for the same intents. The household members each have a dream that they want to accomplish when they arrive at California. for illustration Rose of Sharon and Connor thought about traveling into a new place. The household faces the fright of the household interrupting down and they merely want to do it work as a household and they want to stay close together. While on the manner. the auto interruptions down and they try to repair the auto. The auto can typify the family’s current status.

As they get closer. they have a better relationship with the other households that are besides heading to the topographic point that everyone believes will convey prosperity and felicity. They arrive near the desert in Arizona before geting at their finish and they start to woolgather about the life they want in California. They start to believe about the materialized things that they might put their eyes on and the landholders that they might meet with. As they arrive at California. they are struck with the intelligence of Grannam’s decease the dark before and fear that they can non travel on without her. The history of California becomes good known and Tells about how the Americans took away the lnad that one time belonged to the Mexicans that settled at that place. Soon. the people from Oklahoma which they call the “Okies” arrive and the people in California fear them because they think of them as armed and hungry.

The Okies decided to shack in hovels called Hoovervilles which represented the mark of poorness that existed in the Great Depression. People couldn’t afford good quality places. so they had to construct Hoovervilles named after the so President Herbert Hoover. who didn’t accomplish much while in office and the Depression was blamed on him. The Okies begin to get down to fear the Californian landholders. The household get down to set up Granma’s entombment which decreases the money that they brought with them and Tom wants to happen a occupation nevertheless there is barely much to be found.

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The workers receive less wage for long hours from their employers. the land proprietors. The land proprietors show dishonesty towards their workers and barely pay them. Tom starts to run for his life after he tries to assist his friend fight an officer and non put on the line his word. Casy takes the incrimination and gets arrested so Tom wouldn’t be caught. The household face the rough conditions from the constabulary while in the hovels and the household faces more adversity as Connie leaves Rose of Sharon.

The Joads are get downing to diminish more in hope as they face awful events on their manner to California and put on the line the dangers that are on the manner. I believe that if they can keep onto each other that they can accomplish their dreams and acquire closer to it. As hey encounter these events. they start to lose their clasps and experience that they can non travel on.


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