The Great Blue Yonder

April 30, 2018 General Studies

Arthur: boy, 12 years old, shy and a bit modest B. Information about the author Shearer was recon sized as a television scenario writer at age 29 after having produced over 30 works. He was active as a writer for television, movies, theatre, and radio. Alex Shearer started his writing career as a scriptwriter and has had great success in that field. His credits include The Two of Us, the sass sitcom starring Nicholas Lindquist. More recently he has started writing for children.

His Willow stories have been adapted for TV’ by Yorkshire elevation, and his children’s novel, The Greatest Store in the World, was screened as a feature length film on Christmas Eve 1 999 by the BBC. Ale’s recent novel ‘The Speed of the Dark was shortlist for the 2002 Guardian Fiction Prize. C. Summary: Harry is a boy who had a quarrel with his sister. He was so mad, that he stood in front off truck and was killed. When Harry gets hit by a truck and dies, he entered in “The Other Side”. You have to register with the check-in-desk. Harry was walking to the desk when a man came to him.

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He said that Harry as not dead. He said to him that he simply could solve the quarrel with his sister. Harry said: “send me back! “. But, it does not work that way explains the man. Once it happens, you can’t go back. Harry was very frustrated about it. The man said one thing more: “Only friendship can save you”. Harry didn’t know what he had to do. When Harry was walking around, he met Arthur. He is a boy who died a few weeks earlier and he was looking for his mother. He was crying. Harry comforted him. Suddenly, they felt down. They went to the earth.

If they are on the earth, Harry goes to his home, family, friends and school to say goodbye and make amends with his sister. Then he can go back. When they arrive back at The Other Side, Arthur found his mother. With Harry they go to The Blue Yonder (heaven). D. Approximation The story was very emotional and I cried sometimes. The events were very surprising. The book has made me thinking about emotional feelings and how you have to solve problems. I could sympathize well with the people.


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