the great gabsy

December 17, 2016 General Studies

Scott Fitzgerald novel, The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway is portrayed as a confidant to Jay Gatsby. Nick stands out when being compared to the other characters in the story. It is Nick’s honesty with himself and toward others, his morality, his help, and his unbiased, slow to judge qualities that make him one of the confidants of the novel, mainly to Gatsby.

Nick is our guide, pathfinder, in The Great Gatsby as he relates the story as he sees it and from what others have told him. He strives at all times to be objective, his comments are balanced, as he says on the first page of the novel, “I”m inclined to reserve all judgments.”.

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Nick is introduced directly, but Gatsby remains a distant character for a good while. The establishment of Nick’s reflective, tolerant personality is essential, as are his limitations. The fact that Nick disapproves of Gatsby so early on, helps the reader to go along with his judgments when he tells them of Gatsby and unfolds the story.

The first mysterious glimpse of Gatsby prepares the reader for much of what is to come. The imagery of “silhouette”, “moonlight”, and “shadow” in this passage prepare us for Gatsby’s shadowy, dark character. Many more of his actions will appear to us and.

Nick as “curious”, the fact he is “trembling” shows he is intense in his emotions and none of this is for show, Gatsby believes he is alone. His concentration on the “single green.

Light” represents his determination to succeed his constant drive, all to be with Daisy and Nick is the one who is going to help him succeed.

Nick develops a friendship with Gatsby and helps him and Daisy rekindle their love for each other. Being a moralistic person, he is appalled at the immoral wrongs of the wealthy. He listens to Gatsby’s troubling secrets. Nick steadily uncovers both the facts of situations and their significance in the grand scheme of the closed structure Gatsby has created for himself.


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