The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Economics Essay

By July 20, 2017 Economics

At 10:00pm on Tuesday dark, April 20, 2010, about 40 stat mis off the seashore of Louisiana, one of the worst environmental calamities in the history broke free when the Deepwater Horizon boring rig exploded. The detonation in Gulf of Mexico caused the decease of 11 workers and serious physical hurts to seventeen others ( Jervis ) . Harmonizing to federal scientists, this environmental catastrophe is said to be the largest offshore oil spill in American Waterss where 4.9 million barrels of rough oil were released into the gulf from the spurting wellspring ( Robertson and Krauss ) . This enormous catastrophe does non merely do widespread effects to the local economic system in the Gulf Coast, but it can besides impact the countrywide economic system.

The attempt to halt the oil spill began about instantly by British Petroleum ( BP ) who is chiefly responsible for all costs and amendss, but the extended impacts to major industries in the Gulf Coast are unpreventable ( Loven ) . The economic system in the Gulf seashore is worth more than $ 230 billion with oil, touristry, fishing, and transportation as the four largest industries in the country ( Hargreaves ) . More than half of the entire sum of money in the Gulf economic system is generated by the oil and gas industry ( Hargreaves ) . In the aftermath of the oil spill, U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar declared a six-month moratorium on all deepwater boring on May 30, 2010 due to safety issues ( Barkoff ) . As all new offshore boring in U.S. Waterss in the Gulf still remained closed, geographic expedition and development of seaward oil undertakings in the Gulf will be slowed down and this could impact the petroleum oil production in a short-run period. In add-on, the moratorium will besides be the Gulf Coast part occupations, money, and economic development. In The Economic of a Moratorium on the Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration to the Gulf Region, Dr. Joseph R. Mason estimates that the effectual six-month moratorium will ensue in the loss of about $ 2.7 billion in oil production, 12,046 occupation loss in the oil industry and related industry, and besides a pay loss of more than $ 706 million countrywide during that clip period. These losingss are dramatic in both the context of local economic systems in which the oil industry operates, and on a national graduated table.

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A few hebdomads after the oil spill, oil companies face an immediate revenue enhancement addition of 1 cent per barrel to assist to pay for the killings in the Gulf of Mexico under a proposed statute law by the White House ( Mattingly ) . Oil companies presently pay an 8-cent-per-barrel revenue enhancement on all oil produced or imported in the United States into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund ( Mattingly ) . On June 8, 2010, a statute law is unveiled that would raise the revenue enhancement on oil produced offshore up to 41 cents per barrel to shore up the fund in the aftermath of the ruinous spill ( Taylor ) . In the long tally, consumers will hold to bear the costs if revenue enhancements are so raised on oil companies. Besides, end product will be lowered in those sectors that use oil and gas energy extensively as an input. Therefore, oil companies may confront greater economic loss as the increasing revenue enhancements on oil can do a lessening in aggregative demand for oil.

Right behind oil and gas industry, touristry industry is ranked as the 2nd largest industry in the Gulf that brings in approximately 46 % gross of the Gulf economic system or more than $ 100 billion per twelvemonth ( Hargreaves ) . Prior to the oil spill, the Gulf part has been a peculiarly pick for tourer finish because of its pristine beauty. As the uncontrolled gusher began spiting monolithic sums of oil from the sea floor, the touristry industry in the five Gulf Coast provinces – Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Texas is devastated by the oil waste that invades and pollutes these countries. Along much of the oil-tainted seashore and fouled beaches, touristry concern went down dramatically and hotels are forced to cut rates and offer trades to lure tourers to come to the Gulf part. Many recreational activities such as snorkel diving, aqualung diving, and swimming are affected due to the oil waste pollution. The negative ecology impact of the oil spill has besides affected the visitant flows in some national Parkss.

Harmonizing to a recent survey released by Oxford Economics for the U.S. Travel Association, the oil spill could be $ 22.7 billion in travel dollars and do the touristry industry suffer up to three old ages in the part that supports over 400,000 touristry industry occupations ( Charles ) . The diminution in the touristry industry translates to less occupations and income chances for locals who rely on tourers for their support. The oil spill has besides hit the extremely seasonal income curve for the locals as most of their annual income was earned within those few months in the summer. Even though President Barack Obama has claimed that most beaches in the Gulf part are non fouled by oil during his visit to Louisiana, tourers are still discouraged to see because of the images on infringing oil and killed animate beings in the gulf seashore that have been shown on the intelligence throughout the universe ( “ Obama: Travel to Gulf Beaches ” ) . The touristry industry continues to confront greater challenge as tourers have the perceptual experiences that the oil is impacting all beaches in the part and it may non be safe for them to go at that place. Consequently, touristry concerns in non-affected, clean beaches are confronting great loss merely like the remainder of the industry.

When the elephantine oil slipperiness lapped at the Gulf of Mexico, fishermen are possibly the most straight impacted by the spill. The spill poses an tremendous menace to the fishing industry and the authorities has declared fishery catastrophe in three major seafood-producing provinces – Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama ( Eckert ) . As the top seafood provider in the U.S. , the $ 2.4 billion seafood industry that creates more than 27,000 occupations for the locals in Louisiana is particularly affected by the oil taint ( Eckert ) . Fishermen face farther adversity when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) shut down more than 84-thousand square stat mis of the federal Waterss in the Gulf of Mexico for commercial and recreational fishing ( NOAA Fisheries Service ) .

As a consequence of the oil taint, many fishermen are forced to be out of work even though the fishing season is around the corner. The fiscal harm will finally do these fishermen far exceeds the sum being compensated as the oil spill imposes a long term consequence on them that can last for old ages merely like the impact of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. Even though it has been 21 old ages after the oil catastrophe, fishermen in Alaska are still enduring economically because it damaged the stocks of herring and salmon in the country ( Simon and Augie ) . Sing the size of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the fishermen in the part are fearful that they may hold to endure for a really long period of clip.

The fishermen are non the lone 1s that suffer from the oil catastrophe, but besides local eating houses, hotels, and markets that rely on gross revenues of seafood in their concerns. With the worsening supply of seafood due to the fishing prohibition, these local concerns suffer from a scarceness of seafood supply and moreover, they have to endure the dramatic monetary value addition. Many providers have raised monetary values for non-Gulf merchandises as good due to the demand displacement ( Zhao ) . Urner Barry, a company that tracks trade good monetary values like seafood claims: “ The mean sweeping monetary value of Gulf brown runt has jumped by more than half since before the spill as fishing limitations have closed down big swaths of the once-prolific piscary. Oyster monetary values are up 33 % over the same period ( Zhao ) . ” In order to countervail the lifting cost, these concerns are forced to raise monetary values on their seafood bill of fare and clients are forced to pay more as they foot their measures.

Another crisis arises for those who rely on the Gulf of Mexico ‘s rich fishing land when disbelieving consumers are non convinced that the seafood is safe for ingestion. Harmonizing to a study conducted by the University of Minnesota and the Louisiana State University, more than half of American consumers claimed that they have reduced their seafood ingestion due to nutrient safety concerns after the oil spill and more than a 3rd of them have done the same thing regardless of the seafood beginning ( Thomas ) . The Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) has late declared that Gulf seafood is safe to eat, but it seems that the seafood suppliers may still hold to endure from the immense perceptual experience job until public fear about nutrient safety is wholly clear ( U.S. Food and Drug Administration ) .

In add-on to the economic effects of the oil spill to major industries, the worsening attraction in the Gulf part could besides drive down belongings values for lodging and future investing. Harmonizing to a study, the oil spill could be the Gulf householders $ 3 billion in belongings values in the coming five old ages ( Hargreaves ) . As oil washed up on beaches and hotel reserves are canceled in major Gulf part, belongings values particularly in the coastal country have fallen because people are non willing to pass every bit much for corrupt beachfront belongings. Buyers who tend to overstate destructive effects and hazards of any major calamity in belongings country can drive monetary values down in a short period as good ( Hargreaves ) .

The monolithic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is one of the most ecologically detrimental semisynthetic catastrophes in recent history. It has likely increased the opportunity of a double-dip recession to the tremendous economic harm to the Gulf States. The local communities will hold to endure calamity to their economic sciences for old ages or even decennaries like the wake of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska that last until now ( Simon and Augie ) . Therefore, it is important that more attending be given to decide oil spill incidents and stairss to forestall future oil spills be taken in order to guarantee that the heavy toll it extracts from the economic system will ne’er go on once more.


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