The Harry Potter Phenomenon

Chapter II The Harry Potter Phenomenon

2.1 How did it get down?

The Harry Potter phenomenon started easy, as we have seen Rowling had a batch of problem seeking to print the book and 12 publication houses turned her down but she had doggedness and she truly believed in the books, in the narrative and maintain on seeking. The content of the books was so alone, so antic from anything else that it triggered a mass phenomenon.

We can inquire our egos: what becomes a phenomenon? First of all we need to understand the term ‘cultural phenomenon ‘ or ‘media phenomenon ‘ . A phenomenon is non an innovation of the present, of the times we live in, but it has existed of all time since a human corporate scruples has existed. Person found something utile and it was so good and necessary that everybody started utilizing it. For illustration the innovation of the telephone, or the computing machine, we may non believe it this manner but the innovation of those things brought with them a whole phenomenon. I mean even if Alexander Graham Bell would n’t hold invented the telephone it would still be invented by person else as it is a really utile and radical device. Peoples need this device and have needed it of all time since the beginning of the universe. The innovation of Television or exposure camera are things that the worlds needed of all time since they know it but could n’t happen their desire. Peoples would paint in caves things they liked, things they did, things they believed in, they had this desire to capture their mundane life and commemorate it someway. As clip passed people got more and more skilled in the art of picture and could reproduce the world better and better ; engineering advanced as good and continued to prosecute this antediluvian desire and now thank God we truly managed to contrive a device that can capture the world precisely as it is. The camera is something so utile and needed by the worlds that about every human being posses at least one camera. Telephones are equipped with cameras, with voice entering characteristics, with internet etc. Why is that? Because we want to commemorate our experiences, we want to enter particular events and ordinary every bit good, we want to take images with the people that we love so we can maintain them with us everlastingly, we particularly like to look back at our yesteryear and by holding exposures taken in the past we can truly transport ourselves better. By taking images we can go forth behind to our posterities cogent evidence of our being, of how we were, how we looked, what we liked etc.

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This was merely one illustration of how a phenomenon takes topographic point, how it starts. A phenomenon exists merely when it is recognized by the multitudes. If merely a few people, or some groups adhere to it so it is non truly a phenomenon. A phenomenon is something that it is so utile, necessary and was needed by the worlds for a long clip but could n’t truly accomplish it and so when person eventually gets to invent/create it, it is quickly assimilated by everyone. What Graham Bell did was merely to go on the corporate dream of being able to talk with another individual even when that individual is non nigh. The 1s that invented the camera followed on a corporate, pre-historical dream – that of reproducing the world, the 1s that invented the Television and the computing machine – same thing.

Now what J.K. Rowling did was to work our antediluvian desires to manage thaumaturgy, to possess thaumaturgy, to utilize charming, among many other characteristics in her books but the thaumaturgy is the 1 that triggered the phenomenon. When we look at the influences that her books have we find texts such as: British Folklore and mythology, The Bible, The Iliad, Mac Beth, Emma, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Sword in The Stone, A narrative of two metropoliss, etc. many of which have to cover with thaumaturgy. Magic has ever been present in the human consciousness, in the human imaginativeness, what Rowling did is merely to work these mythologies, these dreams, these manifestations of our imaginativeness. What makes them still so capturing is that we can non cognize for certain, even with all engineering and cognition of the physical universe, that they do n’t be. Magic will vanish from our heads merely when we will possess the ultimate cognition of this universe, of how it works, of how it came to existence until so our heads will ever visualize around these facets ofA an ‘alternate world ‘ .

The ‘alternate world ‘ is the 2nd chief ground why The Harry Potter Phenomenon exists. The universe that Rowling has created is so huge, so deep, so intense that it can be called an ‘alternate world ‘ . I ‘m non stating that one should truly believe that charming exists and take a broom and leap of the roof with it trusting it will get down winging, this is non what I mean when I say ‘alternate world ‘ , it is an ‘alternate world ‘ that is to be found when immersing into that universe by reading. It is so huge and it has everything in it that you can easy bury about this universe and be captivated by that universe. Now why do we need to bury about this universe and dip into another, fanciful one? The reply is simple: this universe is excessively ugly and deadening, at least the society we live in. We are forced to travel to school against our will, we are forced to obey orders by our parents, by our instructors, by the society. We are obliged to work if we want to last, we have to do a batch of grants and all our dreams and aspirations are restrained by other people who laugh at as, by parents, by instructors – and all these things truly make us ill, we need to get away, we need to getaway from everything in order to non fall into a deep depression. What is the best and safest manner to make so? It is to read a book. But non all the books have this characteristic or capableness to assist you make so, non all the books depict such fantastic things in such a fantastic manner as to do you immerse into them. And here comes the true virtue of J.K. Rowling because she truly managed to make this. And it is non me that is stating it, really I do n’t even hold to state it – I ‘m non J.K. Rowling ‘s attorney ; but the fact that her books have become a planetary phenomenon says it all.

A phenomenon is something that comes at the right clip and it is something that the worlds ever needed. From here comes the decision that we truly need thaumaturgies in our lives, that this society in which we live in is non so perfect and that we need to acquire off from it at least in our heads. Children come place from school wholly exhausted from the many categories they had – drilling long categories, they come place besides with a batch of prep to make as if the hours spent in school were non plenty and what is at that place to make, to truly acquire off from it all? To read a book, a good book, another universe to get away to. The same thing with grownups: they have lived all their lives constrained and restrained by the society now they continue to work for the society, each with his occupation and sometime it is merely excessively much there must be something to assist them acquire off from it all.

Harry Potter is a Phenomenon because it has the power to carry through this more or less witting desire in our heads that of flight. Music has the same power, the same characteristic and possibly the same intent. Peoples usually sing about love, about what they do n’t hold and wish to hold, about other topographic points etc. When we listen to a vocal we get transported to the universe the vocalist is singing approximately or we resonate by holding the same feelings, agonies etc. That is what makes up a phenomenon the mass resonation of something that has ever intrigued, haunted and followed us but we did n’t cognize or hold the power to show it.

In J.K. Rowling ‘s instance, nevertheless, the success was non so instant and we could non speak about a phenomenon before the twelvemonth 2000 when the Forth book was released. She had local success with the release of the first book and 2nd but the discovery did non come until U.S. discovered the books ; so it started to go a cultural phenomenon. I said non before twelvemonth 2000 and by that I mean that with the release of the Forth book Harry Potter became a planetary phenomenon, the premieres of it were truly immense all around the universe and had widespread media coverage.

I think one thing that helped a batch the Harry Potter books to go a phenomenon was the cyberspace. The cyberspace pages that were created by fans had enormous consequence in distributing the promotion. Of class the first and chief manner of promotion was viva-voce, literally people would speak to one another and urge this antic book but the phenomenon would n’t hold started so fast if it was n’t for the cyberspace. Televisions can air some events sing the books, or wireless Stationss speaking about them but what is more true than existent reappraisals made by fans who have read the books and were so stunned by them that they felt the demand to do web sites dedicated to them? If the telecastings and wireless Stationss were merely making their occupations these people were making it because they loved the books. So the 1s that have the chief recognition for triping the phenomenon are non by any means the media or paid promotion. That ‘s what a true phenomenon is, it does n’t necessitate excessively much promotion, everything happens self-generated and it will automatically hold the support of everyone that came in contact with it.

2.2 The impact on the society

The impact on society is immense and in about every field: music, films, amusement park, vesture etc. hence in this subchapter I will depict every facet in which Harry Potter has left its hints in society.

The Fan Sites: The oldest Harry Potter fan sites day of the month around 1997-98. The sites are so sincere and clean that even J.K. Rowling look up to them and on occasion present the 1s that are the best. The first site awarded by J.K. Rowling was ‘Immeritus ‘ – a website devoted particularly to Sirius Black. Then Rowling awarded ‘Godric ‘s Hollow ‘ so ‘Mugglenet ‘ – a really good fan site containing: intelligence, images, interviews, extracts from books, citations, has a really good design and contains all in all everything you need to cognize about Harry Potter. Another fan site awarded by Rowling is ‘ ‘ an utile site incorporating facts about each one of the books, it contains answered inquiries about assorted things sing the HP universe and as the name says it, it is like a vocabulary with a batch of utile information. ‘The Leaky Cauldron ‘ – the web site awarded by Rowling in 2005 has a really good design, works really good and is chiefly focused on the HP intelligence – Rowling likes it really much and says it is her favourite.

Rowling attempts each twelvemonth to present a site that does a good occupation in advancing and giving utile information about Harry Potter. At one clip Warner Bros. , the company that holds the rights of the Harry Potter hallmark, tried to close down all fan sites. This effort was unsuccessful and the company subsequently agreed that it is of import that these web sites continue to be in order to maintain the fans interested. Probably the company was experiencing threatened by the popularity of those sites and wanted to hold alternatively full popularity with their ain dedicated site. Of class it ‘s all about money, they wanted to hold all the grosss they could from every facet affecting HP and could non bear that others were doing net income over their trade name. The fan sites have so ads on their sites from which they get gross but the money made is likely merely plenty to cover the disbursals of keeping the site online and it ‘s non about doing a populating out of it.

Fan Fiction: refers to plants made by fans affecting characters, topographic points, narrative of the original work. These fan plants are usually non accepted by the writers and they are tolerated merely every bit long as they are non published because that would be wholly illegal as it would intend plagiarism.

The Harry Potter books have a whole universe of fan fiction works from the most guiltless 1s to existent monstrous 1s. There is a immense figure of fan fiction works on the cyberspace more than a half a million and J.K. Rowling is non against these plants but supports them. As we know Rowling is a immense protagonist of imaginativeness and believes it to be really of import for mental wellness. There are many sites dedicated particularly to HP fan fiction where users can read these plants or upload their ain creative activities. There is a fan fiction work called ‘The Shoebox Project ‘ to which many fans write and contribute to. It has over 20 ‘chapters ‘ and continues or tells ‘untold ‘ narratives of the HP universe.

The fan fiction has besides a more negative facet which J.K. Rowling does non hold with. There are a batch of narratives of the ‘slash fiction ‘ genre which are picturing sexual relationships between characters, dealingss that usually do non look in the books and are non even suggested. Cipher can halt others from composing and uploading such narratives and hence there are a batch of web sites dedicated to this ‘bad fiction ‘ .

A Role Playing: is a chief constituent in any fan community and it could n’t be absent here. There is existent life unrecorded action function drama and cyberspace based playing. Fans have come up with a so called ‘muggle quidditch ‘ which is similar to the quidditch game in the books but of class it is on the land. The fans hold tourneies and give off awards to the victors. There are besides card games, mystifiers and games of that sort invented for the fans. There is a huge cyberspace based function playing community which puts up games related to the books, to Hogwarts, to the characters etc.

Wizard stone: is a specific genre of music which emerged in 2000 with the music set ‘Harry and the Potters ‘ and has since gained a widespread involvement so much that today there are over 700 sets belonging to this genre. The hearers are largely HP fans and the wordss are largely based on the books.

Harry Potter subject park: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is the name of the HP subject park that had its opening 18 June 2010 in Orlando, Florida. It is a park holding existent life proportions where people can travel and hold merriment eating the ‘Hogwarts ‘ fortes ‘ , sing Diagon Alley, sing Hogwarts, the different stores etc. It has roller coasters, Tourss in the palace and visitants encounter the ‘whomping willow ‘ , ‘ dementors ‘ , and witness a quidditch lucifer. The investement costed 200 million dollars and the park was built on a immense space.A The park has received really good reappraisals both from the fans and nonfans and good reappraisals from newspapers and specialised referees. They reviewed it as a alone experience which is really near to the experience of the books and the movies.

2.3 The contentions

Legal differences:

-The foremost jobs J.K. Rowling had environing and affecting her books is copyright infringement accusals. The American writer Nancy Kathleen Stouffer had written two books in 1984 which ( at least the rubric ) resemble to some worlds in the Harry Potter books: “The fable of Rah and the muggles” and “Larry Potter and his best friend Lily” . The word muggle is a word frequently used in the HP books and the names Potter ( “ … and his best friend Lily” ) and Lily have besides a sounding importance in the books, Potter being Harry ‘s last name and Lily the name of his female parent. The resemblances travel much further than being merely some similarities between names as the word Muggle was used by N.K. Stouffer to mention to a humanoid species and Larry Potter is a dark haired boy have oning spectacless – really similar to Harry Potter. Other similarity found in N.K. Stouffer ‘s book is a palace by a lake – resembling Rowling ‘s Hogwarts. The interesting fact is that Stouffer ne’er got to truly print the books, merely parts of “The fable of Rah… ” in a brochure to a company which shortly went bankruptcy forestalling her to acquire her books published in or outside U.S. Rowling foremost went to U.S. in 1998, 1 twelvemonth after her book was already published and 8 old ages after she got the inspiration to compose these books.

-A test was started during which it was proven that Stouffer had manipulated her original work infixing the word muggle and other alterations in her manuscript as to resemble the Harry Potter books. She was besides found with false and untruthful testimony and was fined $ 50.000. She subsequently tried to recourse but was refused by the tribunal.

-Other jobs environing these books rose when Warner Bros. demanded all the fan sites to be closed because their respective proprietors ( which were kids, adolescents ) had no right to utilize the hallmark. Somehow this thing was settled after some dirts in the media and Warner Bros. started to do a difference between a commercial usage of their hallmark and the non-commercial usage as it is in the instance of the fan sites.

-Unauthorized and bogus transcripts of the books have been go arounding in China. Apparently where it is success everyone tries to steal a small and be ‘part of the success’.A “Harry Potter and Bao Zoulong” is the name of a Chinese bogus subsequence of Harry Potter which came out in 2002 and was published and sold publically. This book had in fact no connexion with the HP books it was a interlingual rendition of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien but with all the characters ‘ names changed to the 1s from HP. The sham was quickly denounced and Warner Bros. sued that printing company which was fined to the highly little amount of $ 3.400.

-In India besides one writer tried to print a book called: Harry Potter in Calcutta where Harry gets to run into assorted figures from the Indian civilization. Warner Bros. ‘ reaction was prompt and made the writer halt printing the novel.

-The effort to halt right of first publication violation was non so successful in the instance of the Russian author Dmitri Yemets who published a book called “Tanya Trotter and the Magical Double Bass” which deliberately resembles Harry Potter and the Philosopher ‘s Stone. Warner Bros. tried to acquire the book out of publication and succeeded in non holding it published in English but the book was still sold in Netherlands, Belgium and Russia. This ‘copy ‘ of Harry Potter has sold over 3 million transcripts and has a comparative success in Russia where the author has written 12 more subsequences.

-A successful fan site which began its activity as a vocabulary for the Harry Potter universe wanted to acquire all the facts at that place published in book signifier which would hence be illegal so Warner Bros. once more had to support the copyright violation of their hallmark. The instance was much debated and judged and in the terminal it got a semi-positive consequence: they can print the usher but under a name which suggests its nature: “The Lexicon: An Unauthorized Guide to Harry Potter Fiction and Related Materials” . This was possible as the Court and jurisprudence can non curtail others to compose about others ‘ plants and that this should non stand for in anyhow a right of first publication violation.

-Another instance which could hold turned out bad for Warner Bros. was when the estate of Adrian Jacobs sued Bloomsbury for ?500 million saying that Rowling has plagiarized a scene from ”The Adventures of Willy the Wizard: Livid Land NO 1” and used it in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire. However in 6th January 2011 the case was dismissed because there were merely non adequate resemblances between the two books. In fact Rowling has n’t even heard about that book and that writer until 2004 when the charges were made ( 4 old ages after her book was published ) . This was in a manner similar to Stouffer ‘s instance where she accused Rowling for plagiarism. What happens in fact, in my sentiment, is that it is impossible to compose something wholly ‘from another planet ‘ as to non resemble in anyhow other plants or to recite some thoughts, you do that unconsciously and when you write 4000 pages of fiction it is impossible for many thoughts at that place non to resemble others ‘ but that does n’t intend it is a ‘direct plagiarism ‘ it is non even an indirect one it is strictly a happenstance because the universe can non be so infinite so that everyone can contrive something that has ne’er been said.

-Black mailing effort which ended after a gun had been fired ( yes we ‘re still speaking about Harry Potter ) is another issue in this universe of copyright violation concern. A guard from a book distribution Centre managed to steal a figure of pages from the 5th book 6 hebdomads before its release and tried to sell them to a journalist from The Sun and/or attempt to black mail Bloomsbury. The assignment got serious when the guard fired his gun, fortunately the journalist was non wounded but the guard got arrested.

-Other accusals came from Asda – a UK supermarket concatenation kicking that the books are excessively expensive and that they cost at least half more than what normally a best seller for kids would be. I mean how stupid can such an avowal be? First of all J.K. Rowling is non composing for kids, she ne’er intended to compose for kids if the books came out that manner that ‘s a different thing. How can you compare other kids ‘s best seller books to Harry Potter when each of the Harry Potter books broke all the records in affair of selling figure, selling velocity and stayed in newspapers ‘ bestselling lists for old ages? And another thing, how many pages does an HP book have and how many does a usual kids ‘s book hold? What kind of stuff and format has been used for the HP books and what stuff for other usual books? So, in my sentiment, Bloomsbury did a right thing to call off all the orders made by Asda ( about 500.000 books ) if they started to dispute about the monetary value ( $ 30/book ) .

Religious arguments:

Probably the chief accusals brought to J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter books are from spiritual groups ; many different spiritual groups have something to state against the HP books:

Evangelicalism: The Evangelical Christian groups are aiming their accusals chiefly at the subjects of witchery and thaumaturgy that the books are full of or entirely about. They recognize the moral characteristics of the books, the valuable lessons about bravery, love etc. but they do n’t wish the universe in which all these take topographic point. They say that heathen rites and witchery are clearly denounced by the Bible. They say that “ the Potter books open a room access that will set untold 1000000s of childs into snake pit ” or are comparing the Harry Potter books to “ rat toxicant assorted with orange sodium carbonate ” . Other Evangelical Christian newspapers portrayed Rowling as a Diabolist and her narrative inspired by Satan, that she has sold her psyche to the Satan and received much wealth. They made a image of 3 kids sitting in a circle with a Satanist symbol in forepart of them and with Harry Potter books near them ; they made it go around among Christians as a “proof” on their positions.

Proposing that reading Harry Potter makes you a Diabolist: “Mrs. J. K. Satan-said that as she sat in a java store one Grey twenty-four hours, inquiring what to make with her empty, adrift life, it hit her: ‘I ‘ll give myself, organic structure and psyche, to the Dark Master. And in return, he will give me absurd wealth and power over the weak and pitiful of the universe. And he did! ”

Catholicity: Catholic leaders had no official place on Harry Potter in the beginning subsequently nevertheless bad reappraisals started coming: “ It is good that you enlighten people about Harry Potter, because those are elusive seductions, which act unnoticed and by this deeply distort Christianity in the psyche, before it can turn decently ” ; “ Behind Harry Potter hides the signature of the male monarch of the darkness, the Satan ” ; “The books make a false differentiation between black and white thaumaturgies, while, in world, the differentiation does non be, because thaumaturgy is ever a bend to the Satan ” ; “ Despite several positive values that can be found in the narrative, at the foundations of this narrative is the proposal that of witchery as positive, the violent use of things and people thanks to the cognition of the supernatural, an advantage of a choice few: the terminals justify the agencies because the knowing, the chosen 1s, the intellectuals know how to command the dark powers and turn them into good… This is a grave and deep prevarication, because it is the old Gnostic enticement of confounding redemption and truth with a secret cognition. ”

Orthodox: the Grecian Orthodox Church denounced the books as Demonic: these books “ acquaint people with evil, wizardry, the supernatural and demonology ” ; “ It is beyond uncertainty that Harry was made to resemble a immature Jesus. Upon his birth people try to kill him, he is everlastingly subjected to injustice but ever preternaturally manages to predominate and salvage others. Let us reflect, who else… is held to be the unjustly treated God? “ ; Official Holy Eucharists were held to pray in order to mend the immature heads from the attractive force towards these books which dealt with ‘real thaumaturgies ‘ and reading or declaiming the enchantments found in the books was like praying to the Satan and that the hapless, guiltless heads got possessed. A Russian Orthodox author defended the books stating that they contain moral, Christian values and that the books do non promote to any heathen patterns. This place was held by other Orthodox priests every bit good.

Anglicanism: A Representatives of Anglicanism had assorted reactions, from prohibiting the churches to be filmed as to non hold any connexion to Hogwarts and Harry Potter to praising the books and seeing the clear difference between imaginativeness and world: “ These Sessionss draw analogues between events in the universe of Harry and his friends, and the universe in which we are seeking to proclaim the Gospel to immature people [ … ] To state, as some have, that these books draw younger readers towards the supernatural seems to me both to badmouth J. K. Rowling and to immensely undervalue the ability of kids and immature people to divide the existent from the fanciful ”

Muslimism: in 2002 the books were banned in schools in United Arab Emirates being labeled as un-Islamic, incorporating elements of phantasy and thaumaturgy which are against Islamic values. In 2007, hours before the release of the concluding HP book the constabulary force found and defused a bomb located near a shopping Centre in Pakistan. However the constabulary do n’t cognize for certain if the mark was so the HP premiere or not.A 6 yearss after this event a newspaper in Iran criticized the Persian curate of civilization for accepting the HP books in their state claiming that the publishing house of HP is of Zionist beginning. The newspaper farther described the books as a Zionist undertaking on which was exhausted one million millions of dollars. In 2009 a docudrama on Persian telecasting about Harry Potter said: “ The creative activity of new narratives, based on fabulous subjects of witchery and devil worship, has ever been a tool used by modern-day Zionists, and it is one time once more used in recent old ages, now more visibly than of all time, aiming guiltless kids and young person. ”

Hebraism: in the Judaic community Harry Potter has received chiefly favourable reappraisals: in “ a society in which striplings are precociously big, and grownups are for good adolescent ” , Harry Potter has “ reclaimed the land of childhood, turn outing that you do n’t hold to bewray to enrapture ” ; the HP books are “a force for good” ; etc. The lone thing that angered the community was the scene of the premiere of the last book on a Sabbath twenty-four hours.

Rowling ‘s response to all these accusals: “I perfectly did non get down composing these books to promote any kid into witchery. I ‘m express joying somewhat because to me, the thought is absurd. I have met 1000s of kids and non even one clip has a kid come up to me and said, “ Ms Rowling, I ‘m so glad I ‘ve read these books because now I want to be a enchantress. “ ; “ Peoples underestimate kids so enormously, they know it ‘s fiction. When people are reasoning from that sort of point of view, I do n’t believe ground works enormously good. But I would be surprised if some of them had read the books at all. ”

In U.S. many schools banned the reading or possessing of Harry Potter books because of the fright of the occultism the books may incorporate. The HP books are, harmonizing to American Library Association, the most challenged books of the 21th century. A solution for the forbiddance job which has been adopted is to allow the parents of each kid choose what books their kids can read from the school libraries. However parents and paranoid people were still against the books: “ It ‘s against my girl ‘s fundamental law, it ‘s evil, it ‘s witchery… I ‘m non paying revenue enhancements to learn my kid witchery ” .

It is interesting how people can respond like that when there is something which seemingly touches their spiritual beliefs but when it is something like learning 7 graders about sex there is nil incorrect about that or when their kids stay all twenty-four hours in forepart of the computing machine or travel out and ne’er state with whom they hang out. It is far more unsafe to remain indoors and read a fantasy book than to make all those things right? A

Politicss in Harry Potter:

Education versus indoctrination

Some say that after the 9/11 Rowling ‘s books have abounded of thoughts sing freedom of address, the dangers of absolutism, about gallantry and forfeit. One uneven thing so for me excessively is that after the books were released Rowling said in an interview, when asked, that Dumbledore was in fact homosexual and that she ever saw him that way.A The audience applauded and cheered but many bookmans had a different reaction and likely many fans excessively were hurt by this revelation. There was no mark in any book that Dumbledore was cheery and now all of a sudden she ‘reveals ‘ his sexual orientation, she says: “I ever thought of Dumbledore as homosexual. … Dumbledore fell in love with Gellert Grindelwald, and that added to his horror when Grindelwald showed himself to be what he was… falling in love can blind us to an extent… he was really drawn to this superb individual, and dreadfully, awfully allow down by him.” ; “ It is what it is. He is my character and as my character, I have the right to cognize what I know about him and state what I say about him. ” An American pro-activist organisation, among others, said that Rowling is seeking to indoctrinate immature people to digest homosexuals.

Racism, cultural cleaning and Naziism

The books contain so these subjects merely look at the first 1: Racism, is present from the first book when Harry finds out about the ‘muggle bloods ‘ and ‘pure bloods ‘ , the battle at Hogwarts between the two and the overall coverage of these facets till the terminal of the series. Draco Malfoy particularly is a booster of the ‘pure blood ‘ and he does n’t lose a opportunity to remind the ‘muggles ‘ of their ‘filthy ‘ beginnings. Voldermort does merely enroll pure bloods and wants to kill all muggle bloods, the laminitis of Slytherin wanted to cleanse the school of muggles and placed a immense serpent in the cellar used for killing muggles ( in the 2nd book ) .A On the other manus the muggles, as if Rowling tries to support them, are usually more adept in thaumaturgy than the pure blood aces, they have a good sense of what is right and what is incorrect, they are intelligent and moral. Has Rowling made all this on intent, does it hold any mention to the existent racism in the universe? This is what she said in an interview: “ I do non believe I am pessimistic but I think I am realistic about how much you can alter profoundly entrenched bias, so my feeling would be that if person were a committed racialist, perchance Harry Potter is non traveling to hold an consequence. ” And knocking racism she said: “ Peoples like to believe themselves superior and that if they can plume themselves in nil else they can plume themselves on perceived pureness. ”

Sing Nazism she compared Voldermort to Adolf Hitler and said: “ Well, it is a political metaphor. But… I did n’t sit down and believe, ‘I want to animate Nazi Germany ‘ , in the-in the wizarding universe. Because-although there are-quite consciously overtones of Nazi Germany, there are besides associations with other political state of affairss. So I ca n’t truly individual one out. ”

Evils of war

About this Rowling said: “ I really consciously wanted to demo what is one of the great immoralities of war, which is that wholly guiltless people are slaughtered… Another great immorality of war is that kids lose their households. ”

Social activism

Rowling has worked at the non-governmental organisation Amnesty International which is contending against the maltreatments on the human rights and this is someway portrayed in the HP books through Hermione who tries to support the rights of the abused house-elves and protect the charming animals. Hermione is get downing runs, really similar to our universe ‘s runs, in order to liberate the elves.

Rowling said in an interview that Hermione ‘s character was based on her character, she said she was like that when she was immature – a studious, know-it-all miss. Probably Hermione ‘s actions to liberate the house-elves is besides a mirroring of Rowling ‘s ulterior calling at Amnesty International.

Other messages and thoughts have been found in the books such as: Insurgent and anarchistic message ; Conservative expostulations to broad and socialist values ; Conservative and sexist values ; Neoliberal and capitalist values ; Class differentiations ; Anti-government reading ; Fictional characters compared to George Bush, Tony Blair, and Saddam Hussein ; Education reform ; Anti-terrorism ; etc.A



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