The Help vs. Tkam Essay Sample

August 3, 2017 General Studies

The stating “never justice a book by its cover” is really true. In world books can hold wholly different rubrics. yet they can both portion the same subject. or even multiple subjects. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help are two books which demonstrate this thought that books which may sound or look wholly different. may really portion the same subject. These two novels have many similarities. in non merely the subjects they discuss. but besides the messages they send out to the reader. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help both take topographic point during the 19 100s when segregation played a immense function in society. Although there are a overplus of subjects discussed in both books. racism. position. and lifestyle are the most outstanding subjects which are expressed. because these three subjects influence all the characters in both books and moreover travel on to impact about every determination made by the people in these books.

Racism on its ain affects the characters in the book more than anything else. In To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help. racism is evidently a major subject. In both of these novels. colored people hold a subservient function in society. The ways in which racism is expressed in To Kill a Mockingbird are comparably harsher than in The Help. In To Kill a Mockingbird. the coloured people are treated as if they are deserving nil and have no intent of life. because the whole town of Maycomb is so colored toward the white people. For illustration even when Tom Robinson is in tribunal. due to accusal made by Mayella Ewell. the jury is composed of all white people. Furthermore. the jury goes on to vote against him and give him the decease punishment. even after Atticus has proven to them that it was impossible for Tom to hold been the 1 who beat Mayella. Atticus specifically proves that it could non hold been Tom because the hurts show that person must hold used two custodies. but Tom says “I can’t usage my left manus at all.

I got it caught in a cotton gin when I was 12 old ages old. All my musculuss were tore loose” ( Lee Chapter 19 ) which merely proves it could non hold been him at all. This state of affairs proves that no 1 would even listen to a colored individual when they were stating the truth. While racism is expressed in a noxious mode in To Kill a Mockingbird it is portrayed in an innocuous mode The Help. In this novel. about all of the coloured people are female amahs working for white households. They are treated about as normal people but they are still inferior to white people. The chief difference between these books is that in The Help. the town is non about every bit biased as in To Kill a Mockingbird. and the white households care much more about their amahs. instead than go forthing them on their ain to populate. Since The Help takes topographic point in the nineteen-sixties. some white people are really going more in support of African American rights. for illustration. Skeeter is seeking to assist them out. Alternatively of holding no hope at all. like Tom Robinson. the coloured people in The Help hold a batch of hope since Skeeter is seeking to assist them acquire more freedom in Jackson. Mississippi.

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In add-on to racism and favoritism. position besides plays an of import portion in these novels. The manner every single character sees things. influences them to respond in a different manner than person else. For illustration in To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout. a immature inexperienced person 8 twelvemonth old. sees things in a much different manner than Atticus. her male parent and a attorney. On one manus. she does non wholly understand the construct of favoritism. while Atticus does. So when she hears that the concluding finding of fact is that Tom is guilty. she is a small aghast. because in her head she sees this as unfairness. However. Atticus is non really surprised or aghast like her at all. because he knew this would go on the whole clip. In The Help. position affects the picks made by all the characters. Hilly and Skeeter saw about everything from two wholly different points of position. particularly their positions on the amahs.

Hilly kept seeking to mistreat and penalize them. but in return. the amahs ended up acquiring retaliation on her through the pie that she ( fortuitously ) Ate. On the other manus. Skeeter tried to assist out the amahs by printing their narratives on her book so that their voices could be heard across the state. and in return they ended up assisting her get a occupation in New York. Geting the amahs to Skeeter their personal narratives was frequently times hard. so Aibileen tried to lenify them when they got angry over how they had been treated. this made much easier for Skeeter to acquire their narratives. However. Skeeter besides has impersonal positions towards colored people. for illustration when she says. “I am neither thrilled nor defeated by the intelligence that they might allow a coloured adult male into Ole Miss. merely surprised” ( Stockett 83 ) she does non truly care excessively much about them. This clearly shows how everyone’s manner of seeing things is different. and that their reactions to state of affairss can be different excessively.

Last but non least. life style had a great consequence on both novels. Lifestyle during this clip period played a cardinal function in the manner people were judged in public. This influenced people to hold certain ideas about them. Lifestyle fundamentally split the societies in both novels into two. In To Kill a Mockingbird. everyone by and large has an low life style. since it takes topographic point during the great depression. yet the white households are still better off than the coloured 1s. On the other manus. in The Help. the white households are all affluent and rich. whereas the coloured people are really destitute in comparing to them. At times it even seemed as if Skeeter had a volatile life style since she spent so much clip with coloured people in their houses instead than her ain. However. being inferior in The Help gives the coloured people a ground to stand up and battle for their freedom. and besides watching Martin Luther King Jr. ’s peaceable protests on telecasting. gives them hope. Unfortunately there isn’t much hope for the coloured people in To Kill a Mockingbird.

All in all. these are the three subjects which have the greatest impact on these novels. Although both novels are conspicuously based on racism. position. and lifestyle. there are still enough of other subjects that the novels portion. Even though these novels were written about 50 old ages apart. the separation of clip of these two books has led to a different set of beliefs for each community. though they both still hold same cardinal values. Both novels have captivated 1000000s of reader across the state and universe due to the similar cardinal values. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help hold both shown everyone that our societies today portion many of the same values as they did fifty old ages ago. Although the universe will travel on to alter in many ways. the basic cardinal values held by people will ever stay the same.


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