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The Benefits of Shakespeare
Learning things that are hard to understand but have so much meaning are very discouraging to read. To this day Shakespeare is taught in schools as part of the curriculum. Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet should be taught as part of the ninth grade curriculum because it inspires people, teaches them important life lessons, and shows how important communication is. Some people would say that Shakespeare should not be taught, due to the challenging style of words. But, if students would take the time to read it a little slower, and dig deep in each story, then they would get so much meaning out of them.
Inspirations can have a variety of meanings. It can very from people, literature and even objects. Shakespeare and his writing inspired and left an impact on so many people. He was so inspiring that his work is still taught today, even though he died in 1616. For example, he inspired people who were in jail. Sonny Venkatrathnam was in jail and he secretly kept a book of plays from Shakespeare. The text states ” ‘They would come and say, ‘What’s that’ I’d say, ‘It’s my bible,’ said Venkatrathnam” (Lawless 421). It’s so interesting that he would call it his bible, and that it has that much meaning to him. Shakespeare’s writing also made its way into another jail in Kentucky. In this jail the inmates performed a play called The Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare. This affected them so much. It even made one of the inmates want to stay longer past the time he could be released because he wanted to perform in the play. The text states, “… decided to write a letter asking Security of Justice and Public Safety J. Michael Brown to defer his release for 60 days so he could stay till the end of the show” (Rose 435).That’s saying a lot for changing someone’s mindset to want to stay in jail for another two months. An inmate Kevin Hesson was impacted by Shakespeare’s literature to the point where it transported him to another place. The text reads, “You feel like you’re in a theater outside of here. You don’t feel the razor wire” (Rose 437). It would be so magical to have a jail transform into a theater.
Shakespeare teaches people extremely important life lessons. His writing teaches people of all ages how one decision can lead you to the next. If you make a few bad decisions it can lead you down into a spiraling path that is hard to get out of. For example, Romeo and Juliet fall in love. Even though it is forbidden, because their two families are rivals. They had several occasions that they could have come clean to their parents about their love, but didn’t. Because they knew that they would disapprove. But, if they had taken that chance they would have possibly lived for longer. Romeo and Juliet’s parents could have seen how much they truly loved each other. Then, decided to unite the two families. Also there would be so much less fighting. But, they didn’t, then the story ended with both of them dead. And the families ended up uniting anyway form their children’s deaths. The saying “Slow and steady wins the race” also comes into play here. Maybe if Romeo and Juliet had taken things a little slower, things may have worked out. LIke when Romeo goes to see Juliet at the tomb. If he had waited a few more minutes before killing himself, he would see Juliet wake up. Then they would have both been alive for longer.
Communication is key. Weather its texting a parent or letting a teacher know why that student did not turn in a specific assignment. If the situation is big or small, it doesn’t matter. A lot would have gone differently in Romeo and Juliet if there was communication.


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