The Historic Value Of Khukri History Essay

1. Professor Sir Ralph Turner, MC, who served with the 3rd Queen Alexandra ‘s Own Gurkha Rifles in the First World War, wrote an epitaph for the Gurkhas: “ Bravest of the brave, most generous of the generous, ne’er had state more faithful friends than you. ” The British appreciated the courage of Gurkhas sing the amazing film editing border of the Khukri while battling the Nepal Army in the western Nepal during the Anglo-Nepalese War ( 1814-1816 ) . The fable of the Gorkha soldier was born in this manner. When this little peace of curving steel is in the clasp of a Nepali soldier, it becomes an improbably menacing and marvelous arm with which he has already demonstrated rare efforts of courage while confronting the enemy in many battlegrounds.

2. The Gurkha Soldier and his Khukri are uncomplete without each other. Together they have earned their name and celebrity, which can ne’er be forgotten. As per a fable that was born in a conflict, a Gurkha soldier threw the khukri and when it severed the caput of its enemy, it came back to the proprietor merely like a throwing stick. Uncannily, a khukri is shaped about like a throwing stick. Another fable has it that, one time a khukri was drawn in conflict, it had to savor the blood of an enemy- if non, the proprietor had to cut himself before returning it to its sheath.1

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3. With its beginnings traveling back to antediluvian times, the Khukri is non merely the national knife of Nepal but is besides symbolic of the Nepali Army soldier, a prized ownership with which he has indelibly carved an individuality for himself. Following the glorious tradition and the history of Nepal, Nepal Army has honored the Khukri utilizing it ‘s image in the army criterion, rank insignia, unit colourss, etc. Furthermore, the Nepali Army has emphasized on transporting Khukri as side weaponries. Nepali Army soldiers still carry Khukri with their immortalized words, “ It is better to decease than to populate a coward, ” and their celebrated conflict call, “ Ayo Gorkhali! ” ever strikes panic in the Black Marias of their shaking enemies, and brings fear into the Black Marias of their Alliess.

4. Today, we talk much about unarmed combat and ground forces combative. Of class, Unarmed Combat ( UC ) and Army Combative are the pre-requisites for the success of a close one-fourth conflict ( CQB ) . Whatever is the signifier of war and conflict, it finally terminates with the close one-fourth conflict and ultimate triumph goes to those who use a well rehearsed army contentious. Sing the historic and symbolic value of Khukri, this paper is chiefly focused on foregrounding the importance of Khukri as a side arm and possibilities of using this great arm in Nepal Army combatives.


1. L.B.Tapmaden, The Gurkha odyssey, United Kingdom, Jul 19, 2009 ( Mr.L.B.Tapmaden is an ex-Gurkha who is now populating in the UK and has been composing about Gurkha issues. )

Historical background on beginning and usage of Khukri

5. The beginnings of the Khukuri prevarication shrouded in enigma. However, some basic facts point to it being one of the oldest knives in the universe. The blade form resembles that of the Kopis blade, popular with ancient Greeks some 2500 yars ago. It besides resembles the Machira, a calavry blade of the antediluvian Macedonians which was carried by the military personnels of Alexander the Great when invaded northwest India in the fourth Century BC and was possibly copied by local black Smiths or Kamis. Some knife experts have found similarities in the building of the Khukri to the crafting of old Nipponese blades.

6. Some say it was originated from a signifier of knife foremost used by the Mallas who came to power in Nepal in the thirteenth Century. There are some Khukris displayed on the walls of National Museum at Chhauni in Kathmandu which are 500 old ages old or even more. Amongst them, one belonged to Drabya Shah, the laminitis male monarch of the land of Gorkha, in 1627 AD. Some bookmans suggest that the Khukri was foremost used by Kiratis who came to power in Nepal before Lichchhavi age, approximately seventh Century.

7. The Nepal Army can follow its history to the Gurkha Army, with which the Late King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, conquered the princely states to and finally carve out a united Nepal in 1768 AD. It is besides believed that the so Gurkha Army were the first to utilize khukri. They fought with such frocity that they non merely united Nepal but besides won the Black Marias of British swayers in India who were besides eyeing Nepal. With a cagey caput and a king of beasts bosom, Prithivi Narayan Shah became the first swayer of modern Nepal.

8. The first well-documented ( written ) history of the knife and of the Ghurka tribes come from the British who had taken control of India in the 1800 ‘s. The Gorkha War ( 1814-1816 ) , besides called the Anglo-Nepalese War, was fought between Nepal and the British East India Company as a consequence of boundary line tensenesss and ambitious expansionism. At times the British encountered the Ghurkas in groups.They already had all right rifles and were the celebrated sharpshooters of the twenty-four hours. The Gurkhas were armed merely with Khukris, yet were non cowed. Alternatively they mounted charges, dodging and weaving through the brushs until they were right on top of the British military personnels. The British went to bayonets, but one history describes the Ghurka tactics as follows: A

A A A “ When they come near, they all of a sudden crouch to the land, thrust under the bayonets and strike upward at the work forces with their knives, rending them unfastened in a individual blow. ”

9. Whatever may be the facts of its beginning, the Khukri has become the national knife of Nepal. More than being merely a reverted and effectual arm, nevertheless, the khukri is besides the peaceable all- purpose knife of the hill people of Nepal. It is a various working tool and hence an indispensable ownership of about every family, particularly to those belonging to the Gurungs, Magars, Rai and Limbu cultural groups of cardinal and eastern Nepal. Furthermore, apart from the fact that the khukri symbolizes courage and heroism and is a Nepali cultural icon, it besides represents an keen piece of Nepali workmanship and is so a alone souvenir and keepsake from Nepal.

Khukri as side arm and its suitableness in Nepal Army Combatives

10. Side arm A side arm is a piece, normally a handgun but can be a sticker, as used in the Roman Times, which is worn on the organic structure in a holster to allow immediate entree and usage. 2 A side arm is typically needed equipment for military forces. Apart from transporting their personal arm, Khukri is the best option for NA soldiers to transport as a side arm.

11. Army combatives- Combatives are the techniques and tactics utile to Soldiers involved in Hand-to-hand combat.3 Proficiency in Combatives is one of the cardinal edifice blocks for developing the modern Soldier. Combatives is besides a signifier of assorted intercrossed soldierly humanistic disciplines, which incorporate techniques from several different soldierly humanistic disciplines and combat sports.4

12. Suitability of Khukri in NA Combatives- The chief intent of combatives are to educate soldiers on how to protect themselves against menaces without utilizing their pieces ; to transfuse a ‘warrior inherent aptitude ‘ on soldiers to supply them necessary aggression to run into the enemy unflinchingly and to chop up and wipe up up the liqidating enemy during concluding phase of conflict and of class to support ain place till the last terminal utilizing their well rehearsed combatives even after running out of ammo. In this respect, the proposed Khukuri combatives in this paper can be the most effectual. Here are some of the ego -explanatory points which can warrant why the khukuri is a suited combative for the NA Combatives-

( a ) Best reknown contending arm in the universe

( B ) Handy and scientific design

( degree Celsius ) Never runs out of ammo

( vitamin D ) Khukri- our symbol of courage and individuality

( vitamin E ) Set up Khukri drills which are being used in ceremonials and parades

( degree Fahrenheit ) Legendary arm with psychological value

( vitamin E ) Matching to the size of NA soldiers

( degree Fahrenheit ) Easy to modify with assorted criterions of universe broad prevelent ground forces combatives i.e. Basic, Standard, and Advance.

aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦2. The term may besides mention to blades and other melee arms ( e.g. the tuck, the tantA? and wakizashi, the armament blade and the side-sword are all considered sidearms for their several epochs of usage ) ; the modern usage of it normally pertains to pistols and similar pieces. ( Retrieved from “ hypertext transfer protocol: // ” )

3. U.S. Army FM 3-25.150 Combatives:1-1. Hand-to-hand combat – Hand-to-hand combat is an battle, between two or more individuals, with or without handheld arms, such as knives, sticks, or projectile arms within the scope of physical contact.

4. U.S. Army FM 3-25.150 Combatives 1-2. Combatives – Combatives are the techniques and tactics utile to soldiers involved in hand-to-hand combat.

Recommendation on initiation of Khukri Combatives in Nepal Army

“ The Khukri is the national every bit good as the spiritual arm of the Gurkhas.A It is incumbent on a Gurkha to transport it while awake and to put it under A pillow when retiring. ”

A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A – Maharaja Padma Shamser Jangbahadur Rana

A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A ( The then-Prime Minister and Supreme Commander )

13. From the beginning of its history, NA has been utilizing Khukri as side arm. Respecting the historic remarks/records of Khukri, we have developed a typical type Khukri drill which we have been exposing during our particular parade and twenty-four hours both in national and international field. Apart from its limited usage in Falkland, and recent Iraq and Afghanistan war by Nepali soldiers who joined the British and Indian Army, NA soldiers have seldom utilized this great arm in a professional manner.

14. Since long clip back, NA has been concentrating on the usage of Unarmed Combat ( UC ) to increase the aggressiveness and overall physical criterions of NA soldiers. The developed states ‘ ground forcess have developed a particular Army Combative to beef up their CQB ( Close Quarter Combat ) Capabilities.

15. Bing based on our present Khukri drill and the fast ones and techniques of Unarmed Combats ( Judo, Tae-kwando, Karate etc. ) , it ‘d be better to develop our ain alone manner of “ Khukri Combative ” in a more professional and effectual manner. This construct can be implemented through set uping a particular undertaking force including the experts of unarmed combat and soldierly humanistic disciplines Fieldss. Buying the thought and constructs of Combative of Advanced Armies, the purposed Khukri Combatives can be categorized in the undermentioned three ( Basic, Standard and Advance ) degrees with their certain fortes and demands –

( a ) Basic- A composite bundle blending our normal khukuri drill with the rudimentss of Martial Arts and Unarmed combat ( Taekwondo, Judo, karate and other ralavant soldierly humanistic disciplines techniques ) . Proposed duration-1 month. Applicable to all ranks of Nepal Army including Cadets and recruits. Can be desinged as one of the compulsory preparation for the publicity from Pvt to L/cop and 2 Lt to Lt. ranks. Certificate and standarized belt system can be deveoped.

( B ) Standard- A standarized bundle blending our criterion khukuri drill with the criterion fast ones and techniques of Martial Arts and Unarmed combat ( Taekwondo, Judo, karate and other ralavant soldierly humanistic disciplines techniques ) . Proposed duration-2 months. Applicable to OR/JCO and Young Officers of Nepal Army. Can be desinged as one of the compulsory classs for the publicity from L/Cpl to Cpl and Lt to Capt ranks. Certificate and standarized belt system can be deveoped.

( degree Celsius ) Advanced- A particular bundle of Advanced regulations and fast ones of Mixed Martial Arts including the maestro usage of Khukri, Talbar ( blade ) , Nine sticks and other deadly wepons. Proposed continuance cf course- 6 months. Black belt holders and other adept individuals to be included. A subdivision ( 11 individuals ) in coy, 2 subdivisions in Battalion degree and brigade degree and particular Khukuri Combative coy can be maintained in army degree. In particular acknowledgment of this class, It can be desinged as one of the particular option class for those who dedicates themselves in this field for long clip so that that this class may compenste their mandatary classs which are requiered for their publicity and other intents. Certificate and standarized belt system can be deveoped.

Recommendations on other utilizations of Khukri

16. As the Khukri is our national arm, it has already been proved as a symbol of national individuality universe broad. We have honored this arm by seting its image in Army Flag and officer rank insignia. We ‘ve besides been honouring our best pupils in Military academy and Recruit preparation Centre by offering them the “ Khukri of Honor ” through the main invitee of parade. Apart from its usage as side arm and ground forces combatives, recommendations on the other utilizations of Khukri are as follows:

( a ) Salute with Khukri This proposal ab initio may sound unusual and pathetic. But, the world is that the thing which looks odd in the beginning finally turns into the wont in the long tally and so the same thing starts looking familiar and attractive to us. It may use to our present system of toasting with blades. Our individuality of courage is Khukri non the blade. So, it is recommended to develop our ain alone manner of toasting with Khukri during particular parade and ceremonials.

( B ) Appliance with Khukri cross image NA ‘s unvarying ordinance have been noticably often changed. In respect to this issue particularly on appliance manner, the image of cross khukri in topographic point of present star system may look more attractive and alone Nepalese type. How attractive our generals vehicles are being noticed with the bing khukri cross ID plates.

( degree Celsius ) Khukri as the particular fond regard of the unvarying Commensurating this thought with the purposed system of salutation with Khukri, we can believe over planing assorted form and size of Khukri with sheath of certain fortes, individualities and attractive forces categorising them with junior, senior and top brass officers and that can be carried as the particular fond regard of the uniform in topographic point of blade.


17. The Khukri is likely the best known CQB contending arm in the which has already created a legendary image. The Nepali Army, of all time since its constitution started utilizing Khukri as major contending arm. Sing the historic, symbolic and besides the spiritual value of Khukri, Nepal Army has honored this arm as the symbol of courage. At the same clip, Nepal Army has made irresistible impulse on transporting this arm as side arm both in national and international field of responsibility.

18. Eventhough the Khukri is a proven and conflict tested legendary arm, its public-service corporation during our recent internal struggle must be the topic of treatment. We have both the records of major accompishments and the set dorsums in this decennary long bloody struggle which has non yet reached to its logical decision. Incidents of Solu-Salleri, Ganeshpur, Ratomate and Kapoorkot Repeater station are some of the illustrations of our major achievements and the incidents of Dang Ghorahi, Achham Mangalsen, Rolpa Gam, Sandhikarka are the major set dorsums to our Army. In most of the major incidents where our soldiers loose their measure that was because of running out of ammo. Khukri is such a arm which ne’er runs out of ammo. Among those sad incidents, at least in one incident, had our soldiers displayed their enteric fortitudes, keeping the bare sinning khukri in their custodies and chopped the caputs of infiltrating enemies, the opposition would ne’er hold dared to try another onslaught and the so state of affairs would hold taken the different bend. But, its already a bitter yesteryear which must be utilized as lessons learnt for the improvement of our hereafter classs of actions.

19. In respect of the importance of Khukri as side arm and its usage in Nepal Army Combative, burying the effectivity and the historic value of Khukri, we have limited the importance of Khukri merely in ceremonials like “ Khukri Drill ” . Now, the clip has come to develop our ain autochthonal Khukri Combative blending all the indispensable and relevant facets of the soldierly humanistic disciplines and unarmed combat. Puting a particular undertaking force affecting all veterans/experts of soldierly art and unarmed combat field, if we develop a particular Khukri Combatives with assorted basic and advanced phases, it will add a new dimension in our professionalism and besides produce marvelous consequences in the yearss to come.



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