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Harmonizing to, historical attack in research refers to the procedure of larning and understanding the background and growing of a chosen field of survey or profession can offer insight into organisational civilization, current tendencies, and future possibilities. In other words, historical attack efforts to understand how the gold trading in Malaysia can be used as medium to cut down investing hazards in trade.

The first process is the reappraisal of literature. The beginnings of the literature were non from books, diary articles and magazines, in facts, the beginnings were from the web and electronic bulletin books of statistics. In this literature reappraisal, we did non curtail to the Malayan context or environment but the universe as a whole. We were paying attending on the determiners of the gilded monetary value and such related subjects.

After finalising the thesis attack, statistic informations sing of rising prices rate, exchange rate, demand & A ; supply of the gold, and the monetary value of gold were collected through Bank Negara Malaysia, BNM. To guarantee our survey goes good, we have chosen monthly informations from twelvemonth 2001 to 2010.

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Following, we were collected the information from BNM through electronic mail. The research findings were presented in a well construction certification which was covering the full procedure and methodological analysis. Last but non least, as concluding measure, we present the findings in an appropriate and right mode.


Quantitative methods are used in analysing the survey because it is more appropriate for the given aims of the survey. Harmonizing to, quantitative methods are normally conceived from experimental and statistical methods in natural scientific discipline, in other words, in chief concern is to find the truth or falsity of peculiar pre-determined hypotheses. It may include the probe of any possible relationship between two or more variables or objects and anticipation of future events. Furthermore, this subdivision describes the item of informations aggregation techniques. The methodological analysis requires a research design for turn outing a model in transporting out the probe on the topic affairs.


Theoretical model will be formed by utilizing combination of three findings done by the past research worker. First and first, we were following Dipak et Al. ( 2002 ) findings. Harmonizing to the theoretical theoretical account developed by Dipak et Al. ( 2002 ) , ample short-term motions in the monetary value of gold are consistent with the gilded monetary value lifting over the clip with general rate of rising prices. Besides, they were confirmed that gold can be regarded as long-term rising prices hedge and the motions in the nominal monetary value of gold are dominated by short-term influences.

Following, we were following Kuan-Min & A ; Yuan-Min ( 2010 ) findings. Harmonizing to their research, aa‚¬A“Could Gold Server as an Exchange Rate Hedge in Japan? aa‚¬A? , they were attempted to analyze whether gold could be an exchange rate hedge in Japan utilizing informations from 1986 to 2007. During the determination, they were found that when yen depreciation rate is greater than 2.6 % , puting in gold could avoid the depreciation loss.

Last, we were following Dipak et Al ( 2002 ) happening in footings of demand & A ; supply factors. One of the theoretical theoretical accounts developed by them was focused in finding the effects of demand & A ; supply of gold in short-term, while another theoretical account was concentrating in finding the effects of demand & A ; supply of gold in long-term. Although the findings had shown that demand & A ; supply of the gold did non hold important relationship to the monetary value of gold, the demand & A ; supply of the gold did hold statistically important relationship to the monetary value of gold.

Figure 3.0 Proposed Research Framework


Based on the proposed research model shown in old page and the aims of this survey, the undermentioned hypothesis have been developed

3.5.1 INFLATION Rate

Harmonizing to Dorel Bercanu and Anca Bandoi ( 2009 ) , rising prices represents the accelerated growing and the general degree of monetary values, matched by increased money, low buying power of money and depreciation under the influence of economic, pecuniary, societal, domestic and foreign policy. In other words, rising prices rate or rate of rising prices determinates the acceleration of the economic growing and the general degree of monetary values. Furthermore, harmonizing to Websteraa‚¬a„?s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary ( 1983 ) , first definition of rising prices is the act of blow uping or the status of being inflated and 2nd definition of rising prices is an addition in the sum of currency in circulation, ensuing in a comparatively crisp and sudden autumn in its value and rise in monetary values. Based on Dipak et Al ( 2002 ) , one hypothesis had been formed in turn toing to the aim of the research.

H1: Inflation rate is positively significantly related to the monetary value of gold.

3.5.2 Exchange Rate

Harmonizing to, exchange rate is defined as the rate at which one currency may be converted into another. Exchange rate is used when there is an engagement of change overing currency from one to another or battle in guess or trading in the foreign exchange market. Furthermore, exchange rate is every bit known as rate of exchange, foreign exchange rate, or currency exchange rate. One hypothesis had been formed based on Kuan-Min & A ; Yuan-Min ( 2010 ) model.

H2: Exchange rate is positively significantly related to the monetary value of gold.


Harmonizing to, demand and supply is one of the most cardinal constructs of economic sciences and it is the anchor of a market economic system. Demand has been referred to how much ( measure ) of a merchandise or service is desired by others while supply has been referred to how much the market can offer. In other words, the sum of a merchandise that people are willing to purchase at a certain monetary value is defined as measure demanded and the sum of a certain good that manufacturers are willing to provide when having a certain monetary value is defined as measure supplied. Based on Dipak et Al ( 2002 ) theoretical theoretical accounts, one hypothesis has been formed

H3: Demand and supply of gold is positively significantly related to the monetary value of gold.

3.6 Beginnings OF DATA

This survey is based on both primary informations and secondary informations. Primary informations are informations that are gathered for research from the existent site of happening of events by detecting events, people and objects or by administrating questionnaires to persons ; or information obtained firsthand by the research worker on the variables of involvement for the specific intent of the survey. Furthermore, secondary information is used to back up the survey and to give background information of the survey. The secondary informations can be refer to information gathered from beginnings that are already exist, which includes in the signifier of study of literature, newspaper articles, public records and diaries that reflect public sentiment.


In roll uping secondary informations, two methods had been utilizing in this survey.

World Wide Web: The World Wide Web is an of import beginning of secondary informations. Some hunt engines such as Yahoo and Google, which require merely some cardinal words to acquire 100s of sites related to one topic. Information on the Web is expected to be of high quality because it comes from original beginnings and it is current. The relevant information was mostly collected from the Web.

Internet: Internet has emerged as the most extended and cost-efficient beginning of secondary informations. The quality of the Internet is farther enhanced due to the easy handiness and the retrieval of information and easy cross-validation of the information available from other related beginnings of information.


Due to the extremely dependableness on the beginnings of informations from World Wide Web and Internet, although its easy handiness and easiness for usage, there have been deficiency of consistence and standardisation of informations formats. As such, there might be inaccurate of statistic informations or information applied and used in this research.


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