The History Of Bonia Corporation Berhad Marketing Essay

July 31, 2017 Marketing

The first subdivision of this fiscal audit study is to briefly explains the company background of the companies of Bonia Corporation Berhad and Parkson Holdings Berhad, which have included corporate end, fiscal public presentation and coverage and future prediction. Through the corporate end, the writer can measure the chief aims of the companies.

Following by the first subdivision, the 2nd subdivision is to analyze the market portion monetary value motion of the companies particularly the expressions of correlativity coefficient of the portion monetary values and arrested development line of the best tantrum, to mensurate that hazard and relation when invests in market portion monetary values. Therefore, through the market portion monetary values motions, this study besides has explained the efficient market hypothesis and random walk theory. Writer can compare the 2 companies of market portion monetary value which are hazardous and which are suited to put. There has appropriate theory constructs and models which has involves in fiscal direction has apply in this study.

Last, this study besides identifies the definition of security rating and capital budgeting and the different between the 2 companies. There have some security rating methods which are needed to advert when the writer wants to value the portion monetary values of the companies. Besides that, this study besides presents of import of capital budgeting and how to utilize capital budgeting in determination opinion when appraises investing in undertakings.

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Bonia Corporation Berhad

Company Background

Bonia Corporation Berhad is chiefly focal points in manner retailing, selling and fabrication in branded leather goods. There have 883 gross revenues mercantile establishments and 103 dress shops around the universe, which are in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Mynmar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Oman. There have 77 dress shops in Malaysia. Bonia Group has provided high quality and manner of leatherwear, footwear, accoutrements for work forces and adult females.

The Bonia ‘s history was started in 1977 twelvemonth, which Mr. Chiang Sang Sem, the Bonia ‘s laminitis, and now was Executive Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer in Bonia Group, had found the thought of Bonia to use in the trade name name. It was because Mr. Chiang was inspired from the graphics of Giambologna, Italy. Then he had started the concern with Bonia name in Singapore, which was involved in planing, wholesaling, and fabrication of leather goods. In 1980, the Bonia Group had win became market leader in Malaysia and Singapore. After that Bonia Group had expanded the subdivisions and dress shop to another state. Finally, it was listed on the Bursa Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ( KLSE ) . Then Bonia Group had win expanded and had its subordinates company, which was CB Marketing Sdn. Bhd. , CB Holdings ( Malaysia ) Sdn. Bhd. , SBL Marketing Sdn. Bhd. , Luxury Parade Sdn. Bhd. , Eclat World Sdn. Bhd. , CB Franchising Sdn. Bhd. , BCB Properties Sdn. Bhd. , CRL Marketing Sdn. Bhd. and De Marts Marketing Sdn. Bhd. And Mr. Chiang Sang Sem straight becomes Executive Chairman cum Chief Executive Officer in Bonia Group. His duties in company are to make and explicate Bonia Group ‘s scheme and policies.

Now the Bonia Group has win added more international trade names, which are Pierre Cardin, Braun Bruno, Magli, Buffel, and Renoma to its aggregation of trade names with the gaining of 70 % equity in Jeco ( Pte ) Limited. Besides, Bonia Group has besides upgraded from its trade name image.

Corporate Goal

The chief corporate end of Bonia Corporation Behad is to be the recognized international trade name so that can do the company lists in the public listed companies in the part. For Bonia Group ‘s vision in 2015 twelvemonth, Bonia Group will set up in more 30 states and will concentrate in 5 states. Besides, Bonia Group forecasts to hold 1billion net incomes and at least have 12 % before the revenue enhancement in annually.

Fiscal Reporting and Performance

In Bonia Group, the board needs to fix and show an of import and balanced appraisal of the company which is fiscal public presentation of the company. When assumes in fixing fiscal study, the Bonia Group needs to follow accounting policies which is sensible in presuming.

As a consequence, in the fiscal twelvemonth 2011, Bonia Group ‘s net incomes have increased 28 % to RM461.4million, which have increased net income of RM54.8 million from part of Jeco ( Pte ) Limited and RM24.0 million in consignment gross revenues Malaysia. Then Bonia Group has earned RM56.5 million before revenue enhancement, which has increased 24 % and RM14.8 million before revenue enhancement in Jeco ( Pte ) Limited ‘s part. However, there still have losingss of RM5.4 million from joint venture concern in Vietnam.

Future Prognosis

Apart on Malaysia ‘s economic system had increased 4.4 % on early twelvemonth of 2011, Bonia Group has opportunities to calculate and spread out its concern. Renoma Caf & A ; eacute ; Gallery has chosen as the maestro Franchisee from Licensor, Renoma S.T.A.R. for the Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. Then the 1st construct will get down in the early twelvemonth of 2012. Besides, Bonia Group has argued with spouse in Vietnam therefore has rebuild the retail. Bonia Group forecasts this will be the impermanent because of back uping by Vietnam ‘s departmental shops. The program of Bonia Group is launch first dress shop at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town in Jakarta.

1.2 Parkson Holdings Berhad

Company Background

Parkson Holdings Berhad is a Malaysia investing keeping company which was under Companies Act in 1965 twelvemonth and under the name of Amalgamated Cement Mills Sdn Bhd in 1982 twelvemonth. Then Parkson Group had named as Amalgamated Containers Sdn Bhd in 1988 twelvemonth. Finally in 1992 twelvemonth, it had changed to a public company and had used Pakson name and had listed to Bursa Malaysia in 1993 twelvemonth. Parkson Group had joint venture in Parkson Retail Group Limited and Parkson Retail Asia. Parkson Group has 89 section shops in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, which 7 shops in Indonesia are under the trade name name of a Kem Chicks Supermarket and Centro Lifestyle Department Store, and 8 shops in Vietnam, 37 shops in Malaysia are under trade name name of Parkson.

Corporate Goal

Parkson Group has the corporate end which offers more international trade names to fall in the Parkson Group in cargo, in the section shops. To accomplish the successful, Parkson Group is utilizing the scheme of consistent market placement and localisation. Besides, Parkson Group has concentrating Fashion, Cosmetics, Household and Electrical. The consumers particularly immature and modern-day market section are the mark market of the Parkson Group to accomplish their aims.

Fiscal Reporting and Performance

In 2011, Parkson Group has earned gross gross revenues of RM9.49 billion, which had increased 10 % and earned operating net income of RM971 million which had increased 11 % . Besides, Parkson Group besides had earned the net net income RM348 million, which had increased 22 % . Besides, Balance sheet of Parkson Group maintains healthy in 2011 with financess of more than RM2 billion to stockholders.

Future Prognosis

Parkson Group has planning to concentrate in expanded new retail markets to more states. Therefore, Parkson Group in Malaysia has to keep partnership with the Indonesia which has following the listing of portions of SGX-ST for future prognosis. Parkson Loyalty Card programme, which is emphasized by Parkson Group, besides is the future prognosis of the company to derive more consumers. Supplying the strong balance sheet, strong concern theoretical account and trade name equity besides are the future prognosis for the company.


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