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August 5, 2017 Film Studies

Franz Joseph Haydn was one of the outstanding and most fecund composers of the classical epoch. He can be known for being called “ The Father of the Symphony ” , from clip to clip but it was interpretable. Haydn had to work hard and accomplish honing his musical trade and finally became being a classical composer. Throughout all the victory in life, from where he came from, to how he got to the point in his life was a journey. Bing an influence to other classical composers was a landmark he made, and he earned acknowledgment. The classical period or epoch was a short one, but it was what made Western Music. Haydn ‘s work radius for itself, and for that, his music bequest will populate on.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was and still the most known composer for his outstanding musical pieces. He has made manner be known and he has been greatly acknowledged for his part to the classical epoch. Even though he died at a immature age of 35, he still made history before his ill-timed decease. Besides merely like Haydn his bequest will populate on.

Early Life

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Franz Joseph Haydn was born on March 31, 1732, and lived in the small town of Austria near the boundary line of Hungary. When Haydn was in his childhood, he expressed his involvement in music. His parents noticed that their boy had a gift in music. To be trained more with his musical endowment, he was taken under the wing of their comparative Johann Frankh. Even though he was a few stat mis off, Haydn was six old ages old when he left his parents ‘ house to populate with his relation in Hainburg. Populating with Johann, he was larning music and so able to play the fiddle and the cembalo. He besides participated in the church choir in Hainburg. While executing in one of his public presentations, Haydn was discovered by Georg Von Reutter. In 1740, Haydn moved to Vienna, for the following nine old ages to work as a chorister with his younger brother Michael Haydn. Haydn lived following to the cathedral along with four other choirboys and the household of Reutter, which was the manager in St. Stephens ‘s Cathedral in Vienna. Reutter merely gave Haydn two lessons the full clip.

Even though that did non discourage him, Haydn was motivated to sing really good. In 1749, Haydn was physically matured to the point that he was non able to sing high choral parts. After a buffoonery Haydn played, Reutter found out about it and dismissed Haydn into the streets to be stateless. Fortunately he was taken in by a friend Johann M. Spangler. Within a few months Haydn would go a free-lance instrumentalist. With his repute increasing in 1756, Haydn wrote his first twine fours. In 1757 Haydn became a music manager which led to him composing his first symphonic musics. In 1760 Haydn married and in the following 30 old ages Haydn had produced many composings and his musical manner Begin to develop.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in January 27, 1756 in Austria. Mozart was one of seven kids. He learned music at an early age of six. He played the piano, cembalo, organ and the fiddle. ( Ferris, 2010 ) From the age of 10 to seventeen, Mozart ‘s repute as a composer grew to a grade of adulthood equal to that of older established instrumentalists. (, 2012 ) In December 1769, Mozart was age 13, his male parent left him and his sister at place with his female parent while he left for Italy. Mozart wrote operas when he was the age of 15. In 1773, Mozart ‘s male parent returned place. ( )

The Later Old ages

In 1784, Haydn was still in Vienna he met Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. They played threading fours together. Haydn traveled to London in 1790, while there he met Ludwig Van Beethoven. Haydn subsequently returned to Vienna in 1975. Hayden composed instrumental music and composed the popular cornet concerto in E Flat Major in 1796. In 1798, Haydn created an cantata name “ The Creation ” & amp ; “ The Seasons ” subsequently on in 1801. ( ) By age 70 in 1802, Haydn ‘s ‘ wellness was get downing to worsen. Even though he was acquiring older and he was n’t in his best province of wellness, Haydn still went out for visual aspects and attended public presentations.

Until in 1776 Mozart turned his attempts toward piano concertos, piano concerto figure 9 in E Flat major in 1777, which Mozart was 21. ( ) Mozart experienced a broad scope of influences. Around the twelvemonth of 1787, Mozart ‘s male parent died. He was really saddened and begins to affect himself more into his music. Mozart was going badly while he was in the procedure of composing an opera. On September 29, 1791 Mozart completed the opera named “ The Magical Flute ” . It appeared in Vienna the following twenty-four hours but Mozart was unable to see his success of the opera. He began to turn more and more ill. During his concluding yearss he was asked to compose a Requiem Mass. The composer would non finish that undertaking because before finishing “ The Requiem ” Mozart died on December 5, 1791. He died and was buried in an unmarked grave. ( )

Classical Era

Of many vocal subdivisions, the formal organisation was based on instrumental signifiers of the Baroque and classical periods. ( Ferris, 2010 ) Classical music is applied to a manner of music which covers over 70 old ages. “ Ensembles of the classical period consisted of several instruments belonging to the same household such as the twine four, the most popular of all chamber ensembles. ” ( Ferris, 2010, pg. 191 ) Classical music evolved and the tunes of the classical epoch were diatonic. In ways of transforming, harmoniousness became less structured and during this period diatonic harmoniousness is more common than chromatic The classical epoch consist of other great composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, Fredric Chopin, & A ; Ludwig Van Beethoven. “ As the Baroque was manner witting, the Classical period was form witting. ” ( Ferris, 2010, pg. 194 )

Classical Plants

Over the class of Joseph Haydn ‘s ‘ life he has composed at least 108 symphonic musics. Haydn was the chief designer of the classical manners of music. A cardinal characteristic of Haydn ‘s music is the development of the big constructions he composed out of short and simple musical motives. Haydn ‘s musical pattern formed the footing of much of what was to follow in the development of key and musical signifier. Haydn ‘s compositional pattern was rooted in a survey of the average counterpoint and the tonic homophonic manners. Haydn ‘s work became cardinal to what was the strongest overall influence on musical manner in this epoch. He has created sacred vocal music, cantatas, dramatic, symphonic musics, threading fours, other orchestral and chamber music. His most celebrated symphonic musics include “ The Farewell ( no.45 ) ” , along with Hen ( no. 93 ) , and Surprise ( no.94 ) . Haydn ‘s cantata “ The Creation ” remains a favourite of audiences today. ( Ferris, 2010, pg. 195 )

In malice of immense progresss made in the cognition and public presentation of his music in recent old ages, the measure of his end product still awaits broad acknowledgment and some of his plants are still unpublished. ( Asiado, 2007, )

Mozart was talented and a quotation mark from NY Times expressed that. “ He is regarded by many as the universe ‘s greatest natural music mastermind ” . (, 2012 ) Mozart had at least 600 different symphonic musics. Mozart had at least 10 of the most celebrated pieces, and they included: Flute concerto No. 2 in D-major k-b14, Piano concerto No. 24k-491 in C child, Piano concerto No.9 in E level major k-271, Piano concerto No. 17 in G-minor k-453, Horn concerto No.3 in E level major k-447, Piano concerto No. 20 in D major k-466, Concerto for flute and Harp in C major k-299, Clarinet concerto in A major k-622, Violin concerto No. 4 in D major k-218, and Piano concerto NO. 27 in B level major k- 595. ( Green,, 2012 )


It was no surprise that Mozart and Haydn are good friends since the clip that they met in Vienna in 1794. The influence and the likes of Mozart himself were inspired by Haydn. Ludwig Van Beethoven was influenced by Mozart ‘s work. Mozart experienced a broad scope of influences. Johann Sebastian Bach was influenced by Mozart ‘s work.


Haydn ‘s manner was structured by key and the subdivisions of his work of the classical epoch were marked by tonic meters. Mozart ‘s manner was of classical manner. His inclinations of this manner are clearly rooted in the nature ability of his manner.


These singular composers lived a life that left fantastic music behind. They can be known as two of the best composers which have achieved a great trade with difficult work and finding. Even though Mozart did non populate a long life he still made a exultant grade in history. Haydn lived to go an older adult male and he left musical pieces that are still played until this twenty-four hours. The classical music epoch is intriguing and these composers are excessively, in their ain manner.


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