The History Of The Greek Goddess Athena English Literature Essay

The history of Greece was filled with Gods and goddesses. The greatest God was Zeus, and his girl Athena showed to be nil less of him. Athena carried with her the traits of a replacement of the great Zeus. She was born right out of his caput. Zeus at the clip was married to Metis, and she was fated to give birth one of two children- a miss or a male child. If a male child, he would one twenty-four hours turn out more powerful than Zeus ( Gall and Gall 1 ) . Zeus non desiring that menace, swallowed the pregnant Metis before she could give birth ( Gall and Gall 2 ) . Soon Zeus began kicking about concerns and ordered Hephaestus to open up his caput. By making this, Athena sprang from his caput, to the full grown and dressed in full armour ( Gall and Gall 2 ) . Her powers and accomplishments gave her the rubric of being goddess of war, wisdom, and the practical humanistic disciplines.

Even though Ares was the official God of war, she was considered the goddess of war. Unlike Ares, who was known for his lunacy and furry of war, Athena showed the people a new manner of conflict, a manner being more strategic and intelligent ( Gall and Gall 2 ) . Athena ‘s known expression depicts her have oning a helmet and transporting the auspices, a unit of ammunition shield or aegis with Medusa ‘s caput in the centre ( Gall and Gall 1 ) Besides her tactics, Athena besides taught the people of Cyrene the art of chastening Equus caballuss, showed Erichthonius how to tackle the first war chariots, and was present while Jason ‘s comrades were constructing the first ship Argo ( Athena, Greek Goddess of [ aˆ¦ ] ) . Athena uses her abilities of conflict to widen her protection non merely to persons but besides to full metropoliss, and those metropoliss in return, typify her utilizing the Palladia or statues of herself which had, it was claimed, fallen from Eden ( Athena, Greek Goddess of [ aˆ¦ ] ) . Athena besides participated in many of the Grecian wars, taking portion in the war against the giants, killing Pallas and hurtling her chariot against Enceladus whom she crushed under the island of Sicily ( Athena, Greek Goddess of [ aˆ¦ ] ) . In another conflict, she overthrows Ares. Besides, in a conflict against the colossuss, the colossuss threw a firedrake at her, but with her mighty shield, flung the firedrake into the skies, going the configuration Draco ( Athena, Greek Goddess of [ aˆ¦ ] ) . After she got armed, “ Athena mounted on to the chariot of Diomedes, seized the whip and reins herself, and flung the Equus caballuss against Ares, whom she stretched on the land with a blow of her lance ” ( Athena, Greek Goddess of [ aˆ¦ ] ) . The aggression of this goddess proved her to be manfully. “ She was the virgin goddess in a universe that knew no original wickedness, no wickedness sex, no Vestal Virgins ” ( Cavendish 165 )

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Another name Athena possessed was Goddess of Wisdom. In one of her well known narratives, Athena ‘s wisdom outmatches Poseidon ‘s. Both of them wanted to be honored in the metropolis of Athens, so they decided to vie for the people ‘s ballots on who could give the metropolis the best gift ( Moulton 80 ) . Poseidon caused a salt H2O spring to split Forth, while Athena planted an olive tree ( Moulton 80 ) . The people decided that Athena ‘s olive tree, supplying both oil and fruits, was of more usage to them than Poseidon ‘s H2O fountain ( George ) . Athena is non merely honored in one metropolis, but in many others, such as at Elis ( Cavendish 166 ) . Even though Athena is honored in more than one metropolis, Athens still remains the 1 that honors her the most. Inside the temple Parthenon, a 37- pes tusk and gold statue of the goddess Athena was built in her award ( Gall and Gall 5 ) . And Pisistratus, swayer of Athens, put Athena ‘s caput on the metropolis ‘s coins, built her a new temple, and made the Great Panathenea more splendid ( Cavendish 162 ) . Almost every God or mortal well-thought-of Athena for her abilities, and wisdom was one of the most well-thought-of. A symbol stand foring her was the bird of Minerva, and it symbolizes wisdom throughout the land ( Gall and Gall 1 ) . Besides the bird of Minerva, the serpent and olive subdivision were her symbols ( George ) .

The last name Athena went by was the goddess of the practical humanistic disciplines. She was goddess of many of the humanistic disciplines such as agribusiness, pilotage, and the production of wool. This included whirling weaving, and needle work. Her excellence of humanistic disciplines inspired the building of the universe ‘s first ship and the Trojan Equus caballus. ( Gall and Gall 1 ) Athena was besides credited for the creative activity of the flute, but she denies it, naming the instrument neither powerful nor beautiful plenty. ( Athena, Greek Goddess [ aˆ¦ ] ) Although she was known for many of these humanistic disciplines, the one she excelled in the most was chiefly weaving. The most celebrated narrative in which Athena shows her weaving and charming accomplishments is Arachnid ‘s Challenge. A mortal human lady challenged Athena to a weaving competition, stating that her accomplishments were better than Athena ‘s. At the terminal, Athena admitted the human lady ‘s accomplishments equaled her ain. After hearing this, the lady was so aroused, boasting that she had beaten Athena in a weaving competition. Athena, ferocious, used her charming and transformed her into Arachnid, cursed to walk the Earth weaving her beautiful togss ( Athena, Greek Goddess [ aˆ¦ ] ) .

Athena ‘s illustriousness in the Grecian narratives stood out among the other Gods. She ruled over victory, wisdom, humanistic disciplines, and normally known as the war goddess. Athinais for peculiar worshipped her. Though being honored in many other metropoliss, Athens was considered her metropolis, no 1 else ‘s. The Athenians built a temple, Parthenon, on the Acropolis to honour the goddess, which became one of the greatest shrines in Grecian history ( Moulton 80 ) . Athena, lives on forever in their Black Marias, and what she contributed stopping points us all an infinity. Modern Greek metropoliss and little towns ‘ names derived from Athena. One of the biggest modern mentions is the great metropolis of Athens.

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