The Hotel Industry And The Mauritian Economy Marketing Essay

After five old ages of unprecedented growing fuelled by an floaty local market and edifice on a regional enlargement scheme in Maldives and Reunion Island, Mauritian owned Coastline Hotels Group ( CHG ) , a major operator of resort hotels has seen its net incomes and profitableness nose dive as a consequence of lifting operational costs, lower outputs and tenancy rates, client dissatisfaction and a falling market portion. The planetary recession, a autumn in overall Tourist reachings from its major mark markets, altering client demands and tendencies and losing 60 % of its portion value over the last six months have merely added to CHG ‘s jobs, thereby an pressing demand to strategic re-assessment, redirection and re-positioning.

Since independency in 1968, Mauritius has developed from a low-income, agriculturally based economic system to a middle-income diversified economic system with major industrial, BPO, fiscal, and tourer sectors. Much of the Mauritian success narrative can be attributed to its Tourism industry. Mauritius is preponderantly a vacation finish for beach-resort tourers. It possesses a broad scope of natural and semisynthetic attractive forces, enjoys a sub-tropical clime with clear warm sea Waterss, attractive beaches, tropical zoology and vegetations complemented by a multiethnic and cultural population that is friendly and welcoming. These touristry assets are its chief strength, particularly when backed up by well-designed, good run hotels, and dependable operational services and substructure.

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1.3 Coastline Hotel Group ( CHG ) – An Introduction

CHG, founded in 1987 is a major participant in the Mauritanian hotel industry. It engages in the operation and direction of seven resorts consisting 1200 suites in Mauritius. CHG has grown from new entrant to a major participant within 6 old ages through sustained acquisitions for its enlargement. CHG therefore besides owns and manages hotels in other islands of the Indian Ocean such as Reunion and in Maldives.

While the whole Tourism industry as a whole continued to endure amid the planetary economic lag, CHG has seen gross and profitableness fall dramatically posting a 365.07 million rupee ( $ 12 million ) pre-tax loss for 2009 against a net income of 277.04 million in 2008, while gross fell to 2.39 billion from 2.47 billion. The mentality for 2010 seems as unsure, and despite an addition in room capacity, the group ‘s gross for the nine months stagnated at rupees 1.7 billion and will optimally stop with 2.27 billion, still manner down 2.47 billion it reached two old ages ago.

CHG ‘s mentality in the current environment remains disputing. This undertaking looks at measuring the strengths, failings, chances and menaces of CHG to find CHG ‘s strategic place and find how CHG can better its strategic placement, operational efficiency and profitableness.

Part 2- SWOT Analysis

2.0 Introduction

This chapter will take at measuring CHG ‘s internal strengths and failings, its chances and menaces through an analysis of its external general environment besides called macro environment, its specific external, besides called micro environment and carry oning an organizational audit. It will reason with a SWOT analysis on an hypertrophied TOWS theoretical account.

Strengths and failings are internal to a company. They determine strategic capablenesss of an administration which remainder on its resources and competencies. It is of import to understand what these are, how to analyze and measure them and, finally, how to utilize this analysis in developing schemes and programs. The terminal aim of internal analysis is to place threshold capablenesss and capablenesss for competitory advantage. These include touchable and intangible threshold resources, alone resources, threshold and nucleus competencies which would let CHG to vie efficaciously and remain in front of the game.

Administrations do non be in a vacuity but in an environment, and it interacts with the environment in which it operates. This interaction is non a one-way but a bipartisan procedure, with the administration being influenced by outside factors over which it has no control.

Opportunities and menaces are portion of an administration ‘s industry and macro environment. Identifying and analyzing chances and menaces in an administration ‘s environment allows the company to find how best to construct on chances and avoid menaces. It besides helps make up one’s minding in which countries resources need to be committed or diverted.

Measuring CHG ‘s strengths and failings, chances and menaces will imply analyzing CHG ‘s general external environment or macro environment, its specific external environment or micro environment and carry oning an organizational audit.

2.2 Analysis of CHG ‘s general external environment

Key drivers for alteration are environmental factors that have a high impact on the success or failure of scheme. A common theoretical account used for analyzing the general external environment or macro environment of administrations such as CHG is the usage of the PESTEL theoretical account. Analysis of the general environment utilizing the PESTEL theoretical account allows scenarios to be developed about the hereafter. The macro environmental factors that affect CHG are as follows:


Government sensitiveness and support to the Tourism sector through its publicity arm

corporate revenue enhancement has been reduced from 30 % to 15 %


Economic growing rate has stagnated around 3 % , good below the sustainable 6.5 % projected

Inflation has been below the jutting 6 %


Bettering criterions of life are making a ample local market of vacation shapers

Changing local life styles, wellness consciousness and public assistance are making new sections for hotel watering place services


Extensive usage of on-line information beginnings is farther custom-making vacations and adding to bringing complexness

Online engagement is advancing disintermediation

Increasing usage of engineering is bettering direction information systems and client relationship direction ( CRM )


Greater environmental consciousness is turning the construct of green touristry into a alone proposition

Environmental force per unit area groups are supervising pollution and waste disposal by big establishments

2.3 Analysis of CHG ‘s specific external environment

Common theoretical accounts used for analyzing the specific external environment of administrations, besides known as the micro environment of administrations such as CHG is the usage of the Porter ‘s 5 Forces theoretical account ( appendix 7 ) and analysis of the competitory market construction. Porter has suggested that it is the “ corporate strength of these forces that determine the attraction of the industry. Administrations should be given to happen a place in the industry where it can either support itself against these forces or act upon them in its favor.

Analysis of the specific environment along Porter ‘s 5 Forces theoretical account reveals the micro environmental factors that affect CHG as follows:

Barriers of Entry/Exit

The hotel industry is characterised by high initial investing costs which act as barriers to both entry and issue

Failing companies are frequently capable to acquisitions frequently non reflecting their existent worth

Handiness of replacements

The hotel industry is a extremely competitory one where nucleus merchandises and offerings can be really similar, thereby the demand for distinction

Communication of distinguishing factors is important for clients to recognize differences

Dickering power of Suppliers

Over dependance on mediators such as jobbers can impact borders

Dickering power of Customers

More clients are shopping on line for best trades

Customisation is doing client satisfaction more complex and dearly-won

Competitive Intensity

The industry remains competitory

Operations direction and selling is cardinal to profitableness

2.3.1 Analysis of Competitive Market Structure and Positioning

Rival analysis signifiers portion of specific general environment analysis. It allows companies such as CHG to better understand their ain place by analyzing it against its rivals. Rivals are companies following similar cleavage, aiming and placement every bit good as similar merchandise offerings. This is the footing for what Porter calls “ rival analysis ” . Competitor analysis involves looking at the competition ‘s schemes whether it is profit growing, gross growing or market portion growing. It besides considers how they are viing, whether in footings of monetary value, quality, client service or some other factor.

The function of strategic groups in a peculiar industry can supply information about the competitory construction of the industry and the chances and restraints with regard to development.

CHG by its size, resources and exposure signifiers portion of the taking 3 groups of hotels in Mauritius and as such can be considered a rival as opposed to the two established leaders, viz. the New Mauritius Hotels group and the Sun Group. These hotels have really typical market placement and pricing and have adopted a clear differentiated leader ‘s scheme. The Sun group markets its hotels under the “ One and Merely ” resort trade name and two of its four chief hotels, viz. Le Touessrok and Le Saint Geran are among the best 20 hotels in the universe. This is the consequence of a extremely differentiated scheme that they have adopted and which they have marketed over old ages. The same applies for the NMH group. Their long established specific hotel selling supported by the Beachcomber umbrella trade name is good recognised and they excessively have adopted a extremely differentiated scheme.

Compared to these two chief rivals, CHG as a comparatively new comer does non hold a clear placement scheme and its corporate trade name name under which it market its hotels does non transport the same weight.

2.4 Internal audit and assessment of GHG

Internal Audits and Appraisals are portion of internal analysis which allows Organisations to place and analyze its resources, competencies costs and public presentation. This exercising helps to equilibrate its resources and screen

-the mix of activities which jointly make up the administration ‘s overall portfolio, and how good these complement one another

-the balance of accomplishments and personalities of employees and they are linked together for competitory advantage-the flexibleness of the administration ‘s resources and how good they are able to accommodate to a changing environment

Porter ‘s value concatenation is an first-class technique to carry on an internal assessment. Porter developed the Value Chain concept to mention to working squads working as service units and classified these activities as being either primary ( nucleus ) or secondary ( support ) . The end of the value concatenation is to make value which is greater than the cost of its creative activity, the difference between the two being border. Analysis of CHG ‘s value concatenation presents the followers:

Infrastructure/ General Administration

Has limited strategic capablenesss and strategic planning systems

Coordination of value concatenation activities among organizational fractional monetary units is questionable

High cost of funding for capital outgos and working capital

Good public image, corporate citizenship and relationship with policy shapers.

Human Resource Management

Inappropriate wagess systems, for motivation and disputing employees.

Low degree of employee motive and occupation satisfaction

Technology development

Inadequate direction information system in general

Inadequate research and development


Has non leveraged corporate procurance

Negative impact on seasonableness and costs


Productivity, efficiency and stock list control lower every bit compared to cardinal rivals

Selling and Gross saless

Overreliance on jobbers in travel industry

Low section incursion

Image and repute lower than chief rivals such as the Sun group and NMH.

Low client trueness


Fair degree of service, promptitude and attending

2.5 SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis summarises cardinal issues from the concern environment and the strategic capableness of an administration that are most likely to impact on scheme development. The purpose is to place the extent to which the strengths and failings of an administration are capable of covering with alterations taking topographic point in the environment. A SWOT is truly merely utile in relation to rivals. ( Johnson, Scholes, Whittington, 2008, Pg 119 )

SWOT provides a usher to direction action and provides an first-class model for determination devising. The cardinal intent of a SWOT analysis is to place the schemes that will outdo fit CHG ‘s resources and capablenesss to chances and menaces of CHG ‘s environment, play down failings, avoid menaces or utilize creativeness and invention to turn them into chances. It further helps place and aline a set of schemes at functional/operational degree, at concern degree and at corporate degree. ( Hill, Jones, 2008, Pg 9 )

A full SWOT analysis for CHG is provided in appendix 1

2.6 Conclusion- Finding the best tantrum

To reason, a fit demands to be drawn between strengths and chances all the piece pull offing menaces and failings. CHG can construct on advantages it has with the safe and unafraid location of its resort hotels as Tourists seek trusted resorts in the aftermath of international terrorist act. Capacity edifice holding reached impregnation point, no new entrants in its chief market of Mauritius may intend a more attractive market in the hereafter. Bettering criterions of life and altering local life styles are making new ample local sections of vacation shapers which CHG can aim to crush seasonality and exchange losingss. This added to take down involvement rates may besides ease the force per unit area of overgearing and better profitableness. CHG may farther necessitate to reexamine its IT substructure to construct on disintermediation and better client relationship direction ( CRM ) for higher client trueness.

CHG can derive back competitory advantage and re-establish itself as a major participant in the hotel industry. It can ab initio get down reexamining its operations to re-establish operational efficiency and effectivity, reexamining the strategic placement of the company, its selling, communicating and branding attack to be more focussed, identifiable and seeable. It can reexamine the quality of its Customer service and better its general client attack which will travel a long manner to re-establish its growing and better its profitableness.

CHG needs to follow the undermentioned steps:

( a ) Redefining aims

Aims for CHG demand to be specific, mensurable, accomplishable, realistic and timely such as:

Development of market portion from 10 to 15 % within a twelvemonth by aiming developing tourer markets such as China/India and new local sections

Adopt a balanced scorecard attack on 4 critical success factors:

The fiscal position to be measured by profitableness, hard currency flow betterment, growing in grosss and improved profitableness, effectual cost control and higher returns on invested capital

The client service position to be measured by bringing and care response times

The internal position on IT to be measured by its efficiency

The invention and larning position with service leading to be measured by velocity to market and velocity of imitation ( adapted from Johnson, Scholes, Whittington, 2008, Pg 451 )

Bettering operations for profitableness

CHG needs to look at bettering on its operations to better upon client satisfaction, create trueness for its differentiated offer. Measuring the part of an operation can be done through a figure of public presentation aims, viz. :

Quality of goods and services provided by the operations

Speed with which it delivers its goods and services

Dependability with which it keeps its bringing promises

Flexibility of the operation to alter

Cost of bring forthing its goods and services

All these public presentation aims have both internal and external effects. The internal effects of high quality, velocity, dependableness and flexibleness are by and large to cut down costs within the operation. ( Pycraft, Singh, Phihlela, 1997, Page 65 ) . Externally they create improved client satisfaction which in bend leads to client trueness.

Bettering general services degree

CHG has to better on the quality, velocity, dependableness, flexibleness and cost of its services. Bettering on these five degrees would at the same time impact on client satisfaction which in bend lower CHG ‘s costs and better profitableness. ( Appendix 6 ) These five factors are major determiners of a company ‘s fight ( Pycraft, Singh, Phihlela-1997, Page 52 ) , particularly in the context of the Hotel Industry which has to supply optimum service in a 24/7 environment.

Bettering on the quality, velocity, dependableness, flexibleness and cost of its services would let CHG to achieve five specific dimensions of service quality identified by Parasuraman, Zeithaml, and Berry ( Zeithaml, Bitner 2003, Page 93 ) , viz. :

Dependability to presenting on promises

Responsiveness to assist clients and supply prompt service

Assurance with employees knowledge and courtesy and their ability to animate trust and assurance

Empathy demoing lovingness, individualized attending give to clients

Better on tangibles such as physical installations, equipment, forces, and written stuffs

Aim for Customer Quality and Satisfaction in Every Service Encounter ( Appendix 9 )

( Zeithaml, Bitner 2003, Page 112 )

Establishing Customer Relationship Marketing for client Loyalty

By bettering on operation and service CHG would guarantee client satisfaction and construct client trueness. This would intend pulling, satisfying, retaining clients to go long-run relationship clients. Customer sweetening is cardinal as higher client keeping degrees cut down selling costs and better repute. To present outstanding service, it is indispensable to construct a client relationship focussed civilization by developing, motivation, and pull offing their employees to present exceeding personal service, construct in uninterrupted betterment and ensuring directors are the cardinal change-agents. ( adapted from, by Susan and Derek Nash, 2010 )

Reviewing its competitory place and stigmatization

The issues of stigmatization and trade name perceptual experience are cardinal to CHG ‘s resurgence. The full procedure of branding involves making a alone name and image for a service in the consumers ‘ head, through advertisement runs with a consistent subject. Branding purposes to set up a important and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal clients. In today ‘s increasing planetary market where the consumers have adequate pick to acquire baffled trade name trueness is the lone thing that can assist a company to last. In fact, it is the ultimate end of any company. When a client develops trade name trueness he non merely thinks of his ain benefit but besides the benefit of the trade name he is committed to. Brand trueness differs by merchandise, industry and sector. It is clear that the current corporate umbrella stigmatization as Coastline Hotel Group has non truly caught up client attending despite heavy investing in Marketing.

It is hence proposed that CHG dumps the corporate umbrella branding attack and switches to single hotel stigmatization and selling which seem to be working really good for rivals. For illustration, the Sun group is branding single hotels like “ Le Touessrok ” and back uping each single hotel with the “ one and merely ticket ” . The NMH group excessively is marketing hotels under their specific names such as “ Le Royal Palm ” and back uping it with the Beachcomber web. This allows the two leaders to sell the typical characteristics and alone selling proposition of the single hotel all the piece holding the alone “ one and merely ” ticket. This completes and consolidates the differentiated attack they have adopted as concern scheme. This distinguishing factor, as per appendix 5 does non keep for CHG. Customer perceptual experience of CHG ‘s placement is obscure and the deficiency of a strong trade name name does non assist it, hence the necessity of making a strong trade name for its hereafter selling.

3.5.1 Branding- the timing factor for CHG

Re-branding being a composite and hazardous exercising, it would be more wise non to put on the line CHG any farther in the short term, and plan the rebranding exercising over two old ages. Therefore the aim for the first twelvemonth is to recover and re-establish market portion and construct on any new portion within a twelvemonth and to seek to be a serious rival to the staying two groups with a complete rebranding exercising within 3 old ages.

The Marketing aims should be to better market portion from 10 % to 15 % . This can be attained by appealing to and pulling a wider client base, increasing client trueness and whipping seasonality. Due to the seasonal nature of demand, grosss and room tenancy can change significantly during extremum and non-peak periods. CHG can do a particular attempt by appealing to two local sections which are developing, viz. flush and ample nouveaux wealths and the wellness consciousness and public assistance searchers.

CHG should be positioned as low-cost luxury, similar to Bowman ‘s Hybrid scheme ( appendix 3 ) emphasizing the differentiated elements of each single hotel, speckless service and affordability, non in the sense of lower pricing but in the sense of value for money. This will run into and transcend client outlooks which in bend will be a strong footing on which to construct client trueness.

CHG should besides complement its Marketing attempt by re-hauling its online engagement system and bettering client response. This will assist CHG farther cut down its dependance on mediators and be less vulnerable. Part of the borders saved from non paying mediators should be diverted towards bettering the client offering and the value for money perceptual experience. CHG should in the longer term usage its alone natural environment to hold systematic selective Praseodymium with the specialized international imperativeness on survey and merchandise cognition Tourss, famous person selling and hosting of world shows and prestige stunts. This will assist raise the profile and visibleness of the single hotels and assist set up their new individualities.

3.6 Decision

Rewrite your decision and you are about at that place! ! !



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