The Hotel Websites Of Thornbury Castle Marketing Essay

This study covers the decisions of the web site on the extent to which it meets the rating model established in the group study and the recommendations to better on the drawbacks identified. The website chosen for analysis is of Hotel Royal Orchid based in India. Its cleavage bases, client relation direction and pricing scheme have been analyzed in the above group study. From our survey, the undermentioned decisions have been drawn on the hotel ‘s e-business scheme.


The web site opens with a really attractive image of the hotel ‘s fa & A ; ccedil ; ade making a good first feeling for its clients. The place page of the web site shows a clear use of its on-line value proposition therefore adding value to its hotel name, merchandise and services. The web site is active 24 X 7 X 365, therefore on-line engagement and other minutess can be made anytime.

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They have identified their mark sections based on the demographic cleavage bases. The web site shows installations suited for all age groups. For illustration, they provide babysitting agreements, watering place for childs and fittingness centres aiming immature twosomes. They besides provide services for physically challenged and senior citizens. World category concern suites are available aiming corporate to carry on concern meets and events.

The hotel is able to function a scope of clients particularly because of its alone location. It is surrounded by Golf class and the airdrome therefore pulling clients who are frequent circulars. Though they have targeted all sections of the market, it is non clearly distinguished in the web site. The web site shows that they focus on the upper in-between category of the society. Since India is a underdeveloped state and bulk of the population belong to an mean in-between category, it is hard for the hotel to pull all the societal categories. Therefore their placement is merely satisfactory compared to its rivals. They besides have room types suited for atomic households every bit good as for big concern meetings.

The web sites ‘ best OVP is a subdivision demoing their GDS Codes. This was non seen in the other sites which come to a great advantage for the Hotel. They have maintained a separate subdivision bespeaking all their GDS or Global Distribution System Codes which aid clients to book suites and rent autos along with their air hose tickets. This will be an added value for households looking out for a sensible topographic point of stay for their vacations or for companies keeping concern conferences in that country.

Customer relationship direction is another of import standard to develop long term concern. Royal Orchid has created a user friendly web site taking into consideration the easiness for its clients to entree it. As a portion of client keeping, the hotel has introduced Reward Cards for its members. This helps them to acquire price reductions on nutrient, drinks every bit good as on suites. Though they provide these cards, it is applicable merely for members. They do non supply any particular offers for their first clip visitants which is a drawback to pull new clients. They have a subdivision for Blogs and do networking through facebook and chirrup which aid in keeping client reappraisals and feedbacks. This is necessary scheme to pull clients.

Competition with monetary value is another major e-business scheme among rivals. Cheaper the monetary value, greater is the opportunity for the person to choose that hotel. Unfortunately, the web site of Hotel Royal Orchid is non really clear with their pricing scheme. The rates of the suites are non mentioned which makes the clients to reach the hotel ‘s client services. This is a negative impact on the repute of the hotel as internet users like to see things simple and without much complication.

The hotel is in coaction with few colleges of India supplying developing programmes to educate and to advance the company. This coaction is specified in the web site which improves the good will of the hotel.

The usage of the web site has enabled in the enlargement of its clients as the reappraisals were good from its bing members.


The followers would be the recommendations made to better the Hotel ‘s web site in order to better its e-business scheme.

The first and first thing that a user positions at a web site would be the place page exposure of the Hotel. Though they have uploaded attractive exposures, their exposure gallery is really weak when compared to the other two web sites under survey.

The web site does non hold any societal webs other than web logs. Networking through forums, confab suites and other networking services help to keep societal dealingss among hotel users.

Introduction of particular offers and bundles to new clients would assist in publicity every bit good as do them loyal clients.

The web site does non supply any in deepness or detailed information on their online services.

They besides do non stipulate the room rates doing it a complicated process for the users to acquire the needed information.

Installing a Search box at the chief page to do it easy for the users to voyage easy across the web site.

Introducing the FAQ installation which is normally seen in other web sites but really effectual to decide jobs faced by users.

Bettering their Search Engine Optimization techniques. This increases the visibleness of the website therefore assisting more users to entree it.

They chiefly provide services which are expensive when compared to the Indian market. This shows that they focus on the upper in-between category therefore contracting down the figure of clients within the location. Hence, puting up sensible monetary values for all societal categories would profit the hotel mostly.

Though the hotel has non wholly adhered to some of the vitamin E concern schemes, it is executing good in an Indian market doing it a success taking to its enlargement in India.



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