“The House on Mango Street” and “A Dream Deferred” Essay

August 3, 2017 General Studies

In the short narrative “The House on Mango Street” Sandra Cisneros unfolds her childhood memories where she and her household struggled with hapless populating conditions on the manner to their ain house. and she seems to endure from it more than anyone of the household. When one twenty-four hours they eventually get the house of their ain and her household seems to be ready to settle with it. she continues enduring because it’s non the house she imagined and built up in her dreams. At that point Cisneros obtains her dream to be fulfilled: she decides that whatever happens. she must hold her dream house.

Whereas Cisneros negotiations about a dream’s birth. Langston Hughes in his verse form “A Dream Deferred” investigates the fate of a dream. Predicting what could go on to a dream that is non yet realized. he tries to mensurate the impact of a dream in our life. At first sight. these two plants might look wholly different ; nevertheless. upon a closer expression it’s obvious that they are closely connected: Cisneros tells us what led her to obtain a dream. whereas Hughes contemplates on continuance of a dream’s being.

In “The House on Mango Street” the writer tells us how she found her dream. Her big household had to travel all the clip in hunt of a nice topographic point to populate. Experiencing what non holding her ain topographic point is like. traveling all the clip and being ashamed of her shelters. Sandra Cisneros defines the characteristics of the house of her dream. It has to be non merely her ain topographic point to populate. but besides a topographic point that she could be proud of. She describes her dream house: “inside it would hold existent stepss. non a hallway steps. but stairs inside like the houses on TV” ; it “would be white with trees around it. a great large pace and grass turning without a fence” ( 501 ) . Furthermore. she says it has to be the house “…one I could indicate to” ( Cisneros 502 ) . Even though these characteristics are non necessities for life. the author’s ain dream becomes her necessity to be fulfilled.

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In “A Dream Deferred” the writer proposes a batch of theories of a dream’s fate: it may quiet down. but still exist. In his words. it dries “like a raisin in the sun” . or “crust and sugar over – like a syrupy sweet” ( Hughes ) ; or it may redouble with the clip: “fester like a sore- and so run” ( Hughes ) . and finally. it may merely “explode” . But one thing he shows he is certain about – that “dream deferred” ne’er dies ; he doesn’t even see such an option in his verse form.

Sandra Cisneros describes what caused her to construct up her dream. whereas Langston Hughes tries to think the consequences of any dream’s being. Cisneros doesn’t unveil to us what happened to her dream ; in contrast. Hughes gives a batch of options. However. upon a closer analysis we might detect that their thoughts are rather similar: Cisneros leaves her hereafter on a reader’s imaginativeness. and Hughes gives the reader a right to take from options he gave. And what wholly unites them is their belief that dream is immortal. Cisneros proves that by her certainty that she has to hold her dream house: “I knew so I had to hold a house. A existent house. ” ( Cisneros 502 ) . and Hughes refutes the traceless disappearing of a dream.

From 1000000s of childhood experiences there are some that organize our dreams. These experiences can be positive. therefore. they will play as a function theoretical account throughout our life. or. they can be negative – so our dream will be imagined ideal for our hereafter.

Whatever it is. one time dream is born. it will ne’er vanish ; it can go about indistinct. but still. its influence on us is enormous. Even though both writers leave the inquiry unfastened. they imply similar thoughts of dream’s importance in one’s life and danger of a dream to be deprived of fulfilment. When we read both plants. the concluding determination is non a inquiry for us: we agree with Hughes that dream doesn’t extinct and is made to be fulfilled and we know for Cisneros that she’ll prosecute her end. because the energy of a dream is absolute.

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