The Hovey and Beard Company Case Essay

August 21, 2017 Management

Discuss how the rules of occupation design and support theory apply to the public presentation jobs at the Hovey and Beard Company. Harmonizing to Ivancevich “Job Design is the procedure by which directors decide single occupation undertakings and authority” ( p. 150 ) . furthermore directors decide about the content. duty and responsibilities of the occupation. Directors have the power to find the method of making the occupation ; to boot they are able to anticipate a certain degree of relationships between all colleagues. subsidiaries etc. The advantage of planing a occupation is that involvement people get the information about the makings which are required every bit good as the wages for making the occupation. The most of import portion of planing a occupation is to plan it decently and in item in order to happen the right individual. therefore an addition of productiveness or profitableness can be one of the benefits.

Beyond the occupation design theory Ivancevich describes in his book “Organizational behaviour and management” the support theory ( p. 286 ) . Sing Thomson Gale “Reinforcement theory is the procedure of determining behaviour by commanding the effects of the behavior” ( Encyclopedia of Management ) . At this the coveted or unwanted behaviour will be influenced by either reinforcment or penalty. Reading instance 6. 1 “The Hovey and Beard Company” seemingly the workers get a learning fillip to maintain the acquisition procedure effectual. but within six months the fillip will diminish and eventually non be any longer. This method motivates the employees to larn the new system faster in short term. and in long-run severally after six months it is predictable that the employees need a new fillip method to maintain their velocity. therefore a group fillip is organized when the production criterion is exceeded. That method to act upon the behaviour of the employees through the usage of support or penalty that are effects of the behaviour is called support theory. but it is to see that the support or penalty method has to be sufficient in order to act upon the employees.

Unfortunately within the six months many jobs occurred in the Hoves and Beard Company. since the on the job conditions and the wages system was non reasonably calculated. Unfortunately the employees didn’t run into the coveted end of the organisation. accordingly the support method failed at the beginning. After accommodating alterations for the employees to work under better conditions a higher production is observed. These alterations are besides a portion of reenforcing the coveted behaviour. The positive reinforces are the alterations made by the supervisor and adviser and therefore the behavioural response of the employees is strengthened. These alterations had a high value by the painters but non by the directors. but the new adviser did her occupation and conveyed the issues. A typical behaviour of the directors which is shown in this illustration is that they tell their subsidiaries what is incorrect or right and how they should better public presentation. alternatively of being the direct contact individual for the employees which have large issues because of the on the job conditions. In portion 5 of the instance ( p. 178 ) a new issue is accrued.

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The net incomes were discussed by supervisors. applied scientists etc. As a consequence the acquisition fillip was revoked and accordingly the coveted behaviour changed in a negative manner. It is clear that the wages for the employees was non sufficient to be motivated for a great occupation public presentation. The directors hired a individual with the occupation design to increase productiveness. to set up better working conditions every bit good as to back up to cover with internal issues. Unfortunately the directors didn’t make it clear which duty. responsibilities and content the occupation of the supervisor and adviser had. Furthermore after turn outing higher and better productiveness and profitableness by the supervisor and adviser. there were no wagess for the adviser and supervisor. As a effect the supervisor left his occupation.


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