The Human Journey In The Kite Runner English Literature Essay

September 7, 2017 English Literature

A journey is an expedition from one topographic point to another. We all begin at the get downing line puting off into the skyline in hunt of the finish line. What nevertheless, awaits us at the finish line? To some the human journey is the life span of a individual, measured by clip. To others, it ‘s about making an aim. In popular sentiment people believe the human journey is the chase of felicity, in whatever signifier that may come, hence why everyone ‘s way is different. The most of import things in life are difficult and conquest is ne’er smooth seafaring ; you will leap, acquire knocked down, but with bravery and doggedness you will acquire back up and leap once more. “ The roughest route frequently leads to the top. ” ( Christina Aguilera ) This route requires courage continuity and enterprise to make the pinnacle of our life journey. Without these facets life ‘s intent is lost, gone astray, and finally ne’er traveling to make that satisfaction, the point of why we set out on our journey. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini explores a immature Afghani male child turning up in Kabul. It is a narrative of a male parent and two brothers, and how they endure the political and societal transmutations of Afghanistan from the 1970 ‘s to 2001.

The novel follows Amir ‘s ‘ mission to decide struggle that appears in his fmily, the political agitation in his state and most significantly himself. The Kite smuggler in itself is a novel of symbolic pursuit as Amir makes drastic forfeits to prosecute his quest to expiate for case in point wickednesss by salvaging his half nephew from a war-ravaged place. Sacrifice is an of import subject of the novel, symbolized by the kite smugglers shed blooding fingers. Their fingers being cut by their kites threading embedded with glass, demonstrates the lengths of hurting and agony they will digest to acquire their resistances kite out of the sky. Towards the terminal of the fresh Amir cuts his fingers winging a kite to salvage his nephew from a deep depression. Sohrab watches the kite battle and for the first clip smilings, proposing salvation for Amir, who has ne’er forgiven himself for what happened to Hassan on the dark of that first kite-fighting competition in Kabul old ages earlier. The symbolism used in the fresh depicts the journey Amir undertakes in order to seek forgiveness from those whom he has wronged, and most significantly, to forgive himself.

Amir and Baba move to the United States ; a topographic point that represents new beginnings and a manner to strike past devils. Amir adjusts more easy to the new state, Baba on the other manus, the move is more hard, and his new life serves as a painful reminder that contrasts with his earlier place of power and stature in Kabul. “ For me, America was a topographic point to bury my memories. For Baba, it was a topographic point to mourn his. ” Amir ‘s expresses the hurting of the passage to Baba. Immigrants to the United States of America, like Amir and Baba, are seeking a better life every bit good as at the same time fighting to set to be accepted in a civilization that may or may non understand and welcome their traditions.

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Khaled Hosseini recurrently uses devices such as flashback and prefiguration. Foreshadowing is a device used to fix the reader for the bow approaching drastic alteration of events. the storyteller describes to the reader that it was the last clip he would see Hassan ‘s smiling except in a exposure, an interlude in the narration is a premonition that something important is about to take topographic point. The usage of these techniques indicate minutes when the lives of those who are altered everlastingly by the crisis of force, decease, or the effects of universe events. In Amir ‘s ‘ instance it is the effects of his actions, or deficiency of actions, that is the foundation on which the hereafter is based upon, which changes the class of his hereafter. Foreshadowing is seen in Chapter when Amir witnesses Hassan being attacked by Asseff on the dark of his triumph in the kite-fighting competition: ” I had one last opportunity to do a determination. One concluding chance to make up one’s mind who I was traveling to be. I could step into that back street, stand up for Hassan-the manner he ‘d stood up for me all those times in the past-and accept whatever would go on to me. Or I could run. ”

This interior siliquae intimations that in the hereafter Amir will digest a crisis in individuality. Subsequently on in the novel, the acknowledgment of his treachery of Hassan becomes a load he carries around for a bulk of his life, and forces Amir to take utmost steps to hammer an individuality for himself through baronial actions. This is of import to Amir as he has ever admired his male parent ‘s aristocracy, and in order to acquire his attending he sacrificed everything so his male parent to be proud of him, to be worthy of his love. Amir ‘s aim is to be forgiven and to be the adult male his male parent had wanted him to be, to non fall short of his outlooks.

In the summer of 2001, Amir is summoned back to Pakistan by Rahim Khan, his male parent ‘s old friend whom is in sick wellness. Amir senses there is some other ground. A opportunity phrase at the terminal of the phone call makes Amir believe about the yesteryear: “ There is a manner to be good once more. ” Amir decides to travel to Kabul to put right affairs by conveying Sohrab to America and hence “ atone non merely for his wickednesss but for Baba ‘s excessively. ” Rahim knows Amir ‘s secret and has seen Amirs true character.

Rahim knows all that he has done and thatA he has lived hiding the secrets of his Acts of the Apostless of cowardliness. Rahim knows his true character. With this return, Amir ‘s route to salvation is a womb-to-tomb procedure. As philosopher William James says, “ When you have to do a pick, and do non do it, that in itself is a pick. ” The picks that Amir made, get downing in his childhood, shows what he genuinely is. As Amir begins on his route to salvation we find that entire salvation is non possible: A the dead can non be saved, Hassan can non be brought back. However, through his hunt for Sohrab and conveying him place, Amir manages to do peace with himself. Amir ‘s hunt for Hassan ‘s boy is an effort “ to be good once more, ” to recover the honor that Hassan had in his selflessness. He can non mend the lesions that he caused Hassan, but he can endeavor to derive salvation by giving himself to deliver Sohrab. By taking him under his wing, he enters into a friendly relationship with Sohrab, to whom he pledges, as did Hassan to him, “ for you, a thousand times over. ” Through Amir ‘s chase of salvation he has managed to make his womb-to-tomb end, to do thing right once more, with his household and significantly, himself.

During Amir ‘s journey to convey back Sohrab and deliver his yesteryear wickednesss, we see several indexs uncovering a alteration in Amir. While remaining with Wahid, Amir reveals to us that he put money under his mattress for the kids to happen and purchase nutrient with. It is so when it come to his attending that it had been 26 old ages since he had put money under person ‘s bed ; the last clip, was with malicious purpose. Wahid is impressed and praises Amir stating, “ you are an honorable adult male, Amir, a true Afghan. ” This shows the audience how much Amir has developed and changed as a adult male, through prevailing on his enterprise of his womb-to-tomb aspiration.

There are minutes in which characters show us a glance of the bravery that they possess deep within, Soraya is one of them. When Amir asks for Soraya ‘s manus in matrimony she reveals her past injudiciousness: when she was 18 she eloped with a adult male and they lived together before her male parent found her. Amir is true shocked by her confession but loves her regardless. Amir recognises that she is a more brave individual than himself because he is unable to portion his secret guilt of his treachery of Hassan: “ I suspected there were many ways in which Soraya Taheri was a better individual than me. Courage was merely one of them. ” Soraya remains changeless in the face of the relentless judgement in the community and is dedicated to her new household, while pursing her end of going a instructor: Particularly in accepting and confronting the effects of her errors. Soraya bravely strives for felicity in her mundane life, larning that if she is to win in achieving this end, she must allow travel of all that she can non command

Christina Aguilera ‘s quotation mark “ The roughest route frequently leads to the top ” rings true of The Kite Runner novel, as the tests that are the hardest in life to get the better of, are the 1s that truly count. Amir sets out on his personal route to salvation to do damagess for his and Baba ‘s errors. As Amir tries to hammer an individuality through baronial actions he encounters many obstructions along the manner, peculiarly the struggle between the political transmutations of Afghanistan, between Assef and finally himself. Amir accordingly overcomes his character weaknesses to demo bravery, resiliency, and continuity to prosecute salvation. Finally, he achieves his life aspiration, chiefly happen peace and forgiveness within himself, As Oprah Winfrey one time said “ Where there is no battle, there is no strength. ”


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