The Hundred Mile An Hour Dog English Literature Essay

Jeremy Strong is a celebrated childrens writer. He was born in London in 1949. His work is devoted to kids 7 + , but the readers in age 5-7 love him excessively ( particularly boys ) . Jeremy Strong worked as a Head Teacher, Caretaker, Strawberry Picker and Jam Doughnut Stuffer before he became a author. His first book SmithA?s Tail was written in 1978. When he was 18, he tried to compose narratives for grownups, but he was non really successful. Then he started composing narratives for kids. His books are humourous, full of amusing jokes and state of affairss which make kids laugh. He says: “ My sense of temper got stuck at age 10. ” He thinks that the most of import minute in his life, which besides affected his authorship, was his falling on the caput when he was three old ages old. He besides says that he was influenced by Spike Milligan, who besides fell on his caput at the age of three. The book The Hundred – Mile- An- Hour Dog received The ChildrenA?s Book Award 1997. Jeremy Strong started the Campaign for Fun Schools competition. The purpose of the competition was to happen out the funniest school in the UK.

The chief supporters are Trevor, eleven old ages old male child, and his Canis familiaris Streaker. Streaker is a assorted – up sort of Canis familiaris and no 1 of the household wants to walk her because of her velocity. She is a projectile on four legs ; she is the Ferrari of Canis familiariss. TrevorA?s silent promises to pay him 30 lbs for walking the Canis familiaris everyday during the school vacations. Streaker is really disobedient and Trevor must happen the manner how to maintain her under control. Trevor experiences many escapades and besides problems.

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YouA?ve ne’er seen Straker being walked, have you? ItA?s non a walk at all. ItA?s more like a series of mammoth dorks. We crashed into three lamp – station, visited four gardens that we werenA?t supposed to, about tunnelled beneath a parked auto in hunt of a really tasty week-old bit package and eventually used an amazed lady with a shopping bag on whels as a sort of mini-roundabout. ”

TrevorA?s best friend Tina has a Canis familiaris excessively, but her Canis familiaris Mouse is in comparing to Streaker really good trained and super-intelligent. Trevor and Tina decided to develop Streaker. They made a stake with Charlie Smugg who was 13 old ages old. Charlie was a immense cat with a face full of acne, he was unpleasant, ill-mannered and awful, and all the kids were afraid of him. The stake was to hold a bath in an old Sn bath full of sludge at the underside and xanthous trash drifting at that place. Tina thought that dog-training was dead easy and same for any animate being. The method she wanted to use was called Behaviour Modification and involved utilizing a package of biscuits to seek and corrupt Streaker. She used this method to develop her ain Canis familiaris. Although she ab initio seemed it easy to develop Streaker, it was really hard, if non impossible. Straker ate all biscuits without set down one time, or come to list, or stayed anyplace. TrevorA?s female parent was angry about vanished biscuits and asked Trevor to pay five lbs for biscuits. Trevor wanted to cognize the ground why Streaker would non come when she was called. The ground seemed to be really simple: “ She may non hear when person is naming her because she is excessively far off. ” He had an thought to set a nomadic phone on StreakerA?s neckband to be available any clip. Trevor and Tina managed to fix TrevorA?s pa Mobile phone on the neckband, but afterwards the Canis familiaris ran off and started trailing three Canis familiariss and a cat. Tina and Trevor followed him and ended in the constabulary station after they had by chance broken into the house of a lady when they had been seeking to catch the Canis familiaris. DadA?s Mobile was broken, and dad wanted Trevor to pay for it, but so he realized that the phone had been insured and Trevor had to pay merely the five lbs for the phone call. The following thought how to develop Streaker was to use her velocity. TinaA?s thought was to utilize their motorcycles, which at least had interruptions, and her skateboard.

“ IA?m non traveling to bind Streaker to the board. IA?m traveling to bind her bowl to the board and make full it up with the nutrient. We tow the skateboard and Streaker gallops along buttocks. ”

The program seemed to be perfect, but all of a sudden they met the constabulary auto. They wanted to halt the motorcycle, but Tina swerved to one side and the skateboard lurched violently in the same way. The Canis familiaris bowl flew off and hit the top of Sergeant SmuggA?s caput, and unluckily Straker went after the bowl and wanted to eat the dog pes from the sergeantA?s caput and face while he was still seeking to drive his auto.

“ Your Canis familiaris is wholly brainsick – and so is your household. Roller skates? Mobile phones? Skateboards and Canis familiaris bowls? You are all loopy. One more episode like this – merely one more- and IA?ll have your Canis familiaris destroyed before you can state Goodbye, Streaker. ”

Streaker was under sentence of decease and anyone from the household go really affectionate and protective of her. Two yearss before the terminal of the vacation Tina and Trevor tried to construct a Canis familiaris – exercise machine at place. They used Trevor mumA?s exercising – motorcycle, and behind the motorcycle they fixed the rollers at either and of the two wooden boards, and so put the rug unit of ammunition. Trevor put the Canis familiaris on the roller path while Tina was bicycling, but… “ There was a startled yip as Streaker was caught by the rug and hurled backwards at high velocity. She shot off the rear of the path, whizzed out through the door, rocketed across the kitchen and ended up with her rear rammed in the unfastened forepart of the lavation machine – which fortunately wasnA?t switched on. ”

Streaker was stuck in the lavation machine and could non travel. Tina and Trevor called the fire brigade who came and pulled the Canis familiaris. After this incident, Streaker wholly changed her behavior. She ever waited for Trevor to nip the lead to her neckband, and so walked softly by his side. Trevor and Tina did non lose the stake, and did non hold to bath in the old Sn dirty bath. TrevorA?s household was really surprised that Trevor had managed to develop Streaker. Trevor received the promised wages and did non hold to pay for the biscuits, nor for the nomadic phone measure.

This narrative is full of humourous scenes, and the TrevorA?s ideas how to develop Streaker are originative, eccentric and normally a complete catastrophe. I think that you can read it in the schoolroom, and kids will pay attending because the book is really clear, witty and exciting from the beginning to the terminal, and it is supplemented with amusive illustrations.

We can work with this book in the schoolroom in many ways. There are some activities we can make with our students at school.

What the front page tells us: We can demo the front page of the book to the kids, and inquire them what they think the book could be approximately. After that we can inquire them to happen out the undermentioned characteristics of a front page on the front screen of the book ( Illustration, Publisher, Title, and Author ) . This activity we can pull off before reading.

What does Charlie Smug look like?

We can give pupils the description of Charlie Smugg from the book, and inquire them to pull the image of Charlie.

“ Charlie was ever knocking into me, intentionally. HeA?s 13 and tremendous. HeA?s got great gangly weaponries like King Kong, a face full of hickeies and small hoggish eyes. You know those images you see in books about Prehistoric Man? Well he looks like that. Charlie likes forcing people about, every bit long as they are smaller than he is. Tina and I both come into the little class every bit far as Charlie is concerned. ”

Tenses pattern:

Read the portion of the narrative and rewrite it in the present tense:

“ It was hushing a alleviation when we reached the field and I was able to allow her off lead. Whoossshh! Was it a bird? Was it a plane? No, it was Streaker the Superdog, going at light – velocity. All that was left was a cloud of dust when she vanished into the long grass. Every now and so her caput bobbed above it and so she was away once more. Tina and I wandered easy round the border of the field. There was no point in seeking to follow: she was far excessively speedy. I tried to catch her a twosome of times, but it was like keeping out your custodies and seeking to catch a passing cannon – ball. ”



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