The Hunger Games and Reality TV Essay

October 4, 2017 General Studies

In the novel The Hunger Games. many facets relate to reality Television. Through the Gamemakers and. in telecasting manufacturers the truth is altered. The line dividing fact and fiction is genuinely bleary. The manufacturers do their occupation so good that it leaves the audience oppugning every move on the show. They wonder “where is the existent in world Television? ” The reply is that due to their assorted genre and manufacturer redacting there is non any. Reality Television is non merely one genre. but a mix of two. The manufacturers “ [ usage ] the documentary-fiction genre mix to assist market its merchandise.

” [ ] This “new” genre allows some leeway in the world and fictional facets of the show. “Reality series use documental techniques to bring forth emotional truth ; that is. the sense that these people are demoing you their true emotions or are acting in psychologically convincing ways. even if the events they are responding to are evidently staged. ” [ 1 ] The fictional facet of this genre is what manufacturers rely on for more evaluations. Treating the show as a fictional situation comedy lets the manufacturers stage events to make more play.

They can make this easy but still hold to be wary of the documental side of the genre. If the audience can state that there are excessively many fake scenes on the show they will non watch it. Viewing audiences can travel from “this show is so good. ” to as Samantha Bee put it. “a wholly. unabashedly bogus. hypocrite. manipulated. a fake. ” [ ] Some shows can non merely rely on the genre mix but besides must trust on their editors. Editors of world Television shows are the true stars because they choose what sort of narrative to state.

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In The Hunger Games. the Gamemakers chose to state the narrative of the star-crossed lovers of District 12. In world Television the editors do the same. IF anything would harm the shows view evaluations the editors take attention of it. Take for case on the CBS show Big Brother ; racialists remarks were made during the on-line unrecorded provender. but cognizing that would ache the spectator evaluations the editors chose to take it out of the episode air on telecasting a few yearss subsequently. [ ] This caused tumult since because it showed how manipulated world Television shows are.

Editors can besides do shows more interesting by uniting cartridge holders to make play. They do their occupation so good that it leaves the audience oppugning every move on the show. The editors besides take hebdomads and hebdomads of cinematography and squash it into a 45 minute show. In world Television. the fictional portion of the genre outshines the documental portion. Through the producers’ and editors actions the truth is altered and the audience is feed prevarications. The line dividing fact and fiction is non blurred. but broken. The audience may believe it is existent but it is all sham.


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