The Impact Of Marketing Activities Marketing Essay

The growing of the German economic system back in 2007 induced an upturn on the German stock market. Although there were some concerns due to the negative reverberations from the Far East in February, the German DAX index regained force around June and reached its 2007 high of 8,106 point on 16 July. Later in the summer, a crisis in the United State sing supply mortgage, brought the positive consequence tendency to an terminal. Investors around the universe were less willing to buy, and this had a major impact on the planetary stock markets. The true effects of the crisis did non go evident until towards the terminal of the twelvemonth, nevertheless, a ephemeral recovery had occurred by that clip. Despite these influences, the DAX closed the twelvemonth at 8,067 points. This represents an addition of 22.3 % over the twelvemonth.

At the beginning of the twelvemonth, the portion monetary value ab initio made positive advancement before reflecting the negative public presentation of the DAX. It besides continued to track the prima German portion monetary value index as it rose in the 2nd one-fourth. The monetary value was at its highest value on 27th April, standing at a‚¬25.65. On October the 3rd, the portion monetary values followed the negative market form making their lowest monetary value of the twelvemonth of a‚¬19.95. It closed the twelvemonth at a‚¬23.51, demoing a addition of 2.9 % . The mean figure of portions traded on market yearss was 30.6 % more than in 2006.

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2008 was a difficult twelvemonth for the international stock markets. Negative influences such as the US subprime crisis, a wavering US economic system and lifting oil monetary values, sent monetary values into steep diminution right from the first half of the twelvemonth. There were frights that the economic downswing in the United States would impact Asia and most of Europe. The state of affairs worsened in September with the insolvency of the US investing bank Lehman Brothers. More major Bankss began to fight from so on. As other parts of the economic system where affected negatively, Governments were forced to present deliverance bundles.

Deutsche Post ‘s portion monetary value in 2008 escaped the downtrend in the first half of the twelvemonth twice. Even though the programme to realine Deutsche Post ‘s US express activities was announced on 28th May, the portion monetary value fell continuously. This resulted in the portions executing worse over the remainder of the fiscal twelvemonth, when compared to portion monetary values of other rivals. The portions closed the twelvemonth at a‚¬ 11.91, at a dramatic diminution of 49.3 % in value.


2009 was a twelvemonth of extremes on the stock markets. At the beginning of the twelvemonth, investors were acquiring rid of their portions and opted to put in traditionally conservative investing merchandises. Get downing in spring, the capital markets bit by bit began to better. The banking sector in the concern community gave the markets a ground to trust. Policymakers came to help the fiscal universe like they have ne’er done earlier.

In the beginning of the twelvemonth, portions lost more land than the DAX. A dividend decrease of a‚¬0.60 per portion defeated investors and positive major US investing financess to abandon the stock. On 9th March of 2009, Deutsche Post ‘s portion monetary value hit an all-time depression of a‚¬6.65. The portions began an impressive ascent and in merely a few hebdomads the monetary value shot up over the a‚¬10 grade. The second-quarter consequences clearly indicated that the Group ‘s to cut down the impact of the economic crisis were get downing to take consequence. The portion monetary value moved back up, and the third-quarter figures confirmed that the attempts made had taken clasp. The positive attitude lifted portions of Deutsche Post to an one-year high of a‚¬13.79 on 29th December. The portions closed the twelvemonth at a‚¬13.49, deriving 13.3 % in value.


Despite a noteworthy economic recovery, stock markets displayed small motion at the start of 2010. In the first one-fourth, the Grecian debt crisis emerged. The DAX fell to its one-year depression of 5,434. Until authorities leaders of the euro zone assured Greece of their support, the markets did non return to optimism. The stock markets responded with uncertainness as frights of a new recession set in at the center of the twelvemonth. In the beginning of September, portion monetary values began to lift once more, and Germany benefited from the planetary economic growing, due peculiarly to the German export industry.

On 8th January 2010, portions had already reached their one-year high of a‚¬14.46. Then they moved downwards with the general tendency. The DAX made overall additions but there was uncertainness in the market whether Deutsche Post would be able to win in bring forthing extra profitable growing. On 7th May 2010 the monetary value of portions hence dropped to their one-year depression of a‚¬11.18. Shares reached the a‚¬14 grade by the beginning of August. Due to a good coverage season, portions made strong additions when compared to the DAX. Deutsche Post portions reached their year-end shutting monetary value of a‚¬12.70 on 23rd November 2010, as the DAX continued to lift.


Deutsche Post portions started the twelvemonth 2011 positively, making its highest of a‚¬13.83 on February 18. However, the portion monetary value could non avoid the negative tendency in the market despite the positive consequences for 2010. Subsequently, it fluctuated widely in an unsure and discerning market, making its one-year depression of a‚¬9.13 on September 23. Following this period, Deutsche Post portions performed much better than the DAX and the EURO STOXX 50. This consequence was partially based on the positive tendency in the concern in the 3rd one-fourth of the fiscal twelvemonth. Then it climbed back to shut the twelvemonth at a‚¬11.88 on 30 December 2011, holding increased by 11.0 % since November 9. By comparing, the DAX lost 1.1 % and the EURO STOXX 50 merely gained 0.6 % in this period. As a whole, over the twelvemonth the monetary value portion decreased by 6.5 % in value, much less than the DAX and the EURO STOXX 50.

36 analysts were following Deutsche Post portions by the terminal of 2011. Out of 36 analysts, 30 analysts issued a “ bargain ” recommendation on Deutsche Post portions, four more than the old twelvemonth. Another three analysts issued a impersonal recommendation sing Deutsche Post portions and merely three analysts recommended “ sell ” . The mean monetary value mark fell at twelvemonth terminal to a‚¬14.66 when compared with the old twelvemonth ( a‚¬16.35 ) . Analysts anticipated a worsening macroeconomic state of affairs and therefore, valued the portions at lower monetary value.

7. Impact OF Selling ACTIVITIES

Deutsche Post World Net operates under three trade names, being Deutsche Post, DHL and Postbank. Research surveies have confirmed that each trade name is good established in its ain industry when compared to similar rivals. Deutsche Post ‘s consciousness in Germany amongst both private and concern clients, has been measured at 95 % for back-to-back old ages. Similarly, Postbank attained around 95 % consciousness amongst Germany ‘s well-established fiscal establishments. DHL ‘s consciousness is besides increasing amongst its mark clients in the logistics section, standing at 93 % .


During this twelvemonth, Deutsche Post has undertaken assorted direct selling activities which draw on direct communications to make selected mark clients by using an person and personal attack. These direct selling instruments support Deutsche Post in making their clients. An add-on to the above mentioned instruments, Deutsche Post besides developed cross-media client duologue solutions. The company supports its direct selling activities with market research to entree the impact of their runs. By making this, they combine conventional advertisement with duologue selling.

Deutsche Post has evolved its image from being entirely a mail-carrying and bringing company. The company has evolved into a supplier of end-to-end services. The gross revenues and selling activities are being targeted consequently to the demands of single client sections. Assorted merchandise offerings are being bit by bit devised to run into persons clients ‘ demands. The intent of direct selling is to keep clients ‘ trueness, pull new 1s, every bit good as generate more gross.

The company expects to spread out bing market portion in the international mail markets. Value-added services in the mail concern will stay the chief focal point of the company whilst go oning to place themselves in all of import international markets.

Postbank ‘s purpose is to increase profitableness in the private client sector, whilst deriving new 1s and besides to beef up bing relationships. Gross saless and selling activities will be sustained through assorted strategic steps which include an sweetening in quality and measure of services and the debut of new mercantile establishments within the Changing Branches undertaking.


In 2007, the company invested around a‚¬120 million in straight developing and set uping the three trade names. Direct selling runs, advertisement and sponsorships, market research, internal communications, gross revenues support and imperativeness dealingss were amongst the activities which the company has invested in.

The end of the company is to fulfill the clients. As a consequence the company has set-up assorted Quality Control Centres which enable employees to supervise the conveyance processes on a day-to-day footing. Changeless high quality service is critical for the administration as the key to accomplish client satisfaction. Consequently Deutsche Post strives to better the services it provides. Customer studies are used to find whether they are wining in this regard.

Postbank measures the quality of its services by the easiness of entree for its over 14.5 million clients. Customer trueness is besides at the bosom of Postbank. It is measured by the sum of clients and the scope of merchandises purchased by every individual one.


In the twelvemonth 2008 Deutsche Post was faced with a diminution in market portion. The company ‘s aim was non altered from the predecessors, intending that the aim was still that of accomplishing high net incomes. Thus direction decided to spread out the scope of services, reinforce and advance the trade name name and its image outside Germany, and besides cut down bringing monetary values and conveyance costs where possible.

By developing advanced merchandises, Deutsche Post managed to retain its competitory border. The company started concentrating on supplying services which are more user-friendly and easy accessible.

Following the market research which is conducted yearly, Deutsche Post invested around a‚¬80 million to to boot construct their trade names. One-half of this sum was spent on the DHL trade name due to the fact that DHL provides services around the Earth. An international run was launched whereby the company promoted through telecasting commercials and advertizements in business-related media. Further channels of communicating include trade just presentations, patronizing, imperativeness dealingss, direct selling and gross revenues support.


Customers, employees, stockholders and providers are attracted to Deutsche Post thanks to their high trade name acknowledgment and besides to their good repute. In the first six months of 2009 the Group changed its official name to Deutsche Post DHL. This formed portion of the STRATEGY 2015 which saw the sale of Postbank. Simplified services and sustainable solutions were the two pillars which the company relied upon to pass on with its clients.

In order to foster better trade name consciousness, the company implemented a set a steps. These include:

Employees were provided with new quality vesture since they are the people who interact with the clients.

Employees have been trained and motivated to proudly stand for the trade name at all times.

The Vehicles, edifices every bit good as the promotional and informational supplies were given a consistent and memorable design.

DHL employees have been provided with a multilingual cyberspace platform since 2008. The company besides plans to supply this experience to clients in 2010 under the name DHL Brand World. Furthermore, Deutsche Post besides launched the Deutsche Post Fan nine to reenforce trade name consciousness amongst the employees worldwide. Assorted featuring events and group activities are hosted to set across what the trade name is seeking to pass on.


Innovative engineering helped Deutsche Post retain its competitory advantage in the mail concern. The company invests money in efficient and environmentally friendly conveyance and bringing vehicles and express mail Centres. The quality of service is one of the primary constituents of the company ‘s FOCUS 2010 enterprise. In order to maintain in line with this scheme, Deutsche Post proctors the ever-changing demands of their clients whilst besides mensurating the quality of services, for illustration by using enigma shoppers. In 2010, the company was able to decide 90 % of client ailments.

The company went through with its old program of 2009 and launched a planetary cyberspace platform for its clients with the name DHL Brand World. This provides unvarying entree to the services offered by the company. Customers and employees are provided with trade name intelligence, client success narratives and other DHL activities, which include advertizements and corporate societal duty attempts. Brand World has been awarded the Annual Multimedia Award 2011.

In 2010, DHL kicked off a new motto which was “ Excellence, Simply Delivered ” . This slogan summarises the fact that the company wants to be easy accessible to its clients when supplying them with their services.

During the twelvemonth, E-Postbrief was launched. This provides clients with a secure, dependable and confidential signifier of electronic communicating. A countrywide media run was launched to advance E-Postbrief through telecasting, hoardings and cyberspace streamers and other mediums.


During 2011 Deutsche Post used one of its spouses, DFB ( the German football federation ) , to successfully advance E-Postbrief. Deutsche Post sponsored the DFB Cup and besides became the national patron for the FIFA Women ‘s Cup. An external survey suggested that Deutsche Post has one of the highest degrees of consciousness from all the German universe cup patrons. One of the new spouses, Deutsche Post Marathon Bonn 2011, was used as a platform to publicize the E-Postbrief. Some 100s of employees took portion in this endurance contest.

As from May 2011, DHL has conducted a planetary “ international specializers ” run in 43 states. The run was chiefly focused on DHL ‘s international express bringings competency. This run besides received the Stevie Awards at the 8th Annual International Business Awards in Abu Dhabi.

8. Selling Political campaign

8.1 Sponsorships

11th Volvo Ocean Race

DHL was one of the chief patrons of the 11th Volvo Ocean Race which is the universe ‘s premier round-the universe yacht race. The race started in Alicante, Spain on October 29th. As portion of its support, DHL helped in the transit of high-end cogwheel for the crews together with supplies and proviso of trim parts in instance of an exigency. 152 containers were used to transport the stuffs.

Formula 1

DHL takes attention of complex logistics for each Formula 1 race. DHL covers the conveyance of autos, fuel and equipment for all F1 paths. DHL has 20 old ages of motor athletics experience due to its work in Formula 1 racing. Bing a planetary spouse and an official logistics supplier for Formula 1, DHL uses this chance to advance the thought that they rely on velocity, preciseness and teamwork for their success.

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

For five old ages running, DHL has been an official logistics spouse for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week held in Berlin. Apart from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, DHL besides hosts manner events in Paris, Milan, New York City, London, Tokyo, Zurich, Mumbai, Mexico City, Moscow, Toronto, Istanbul, Sydney and Miami.

Rugby World Cup 2011

Deutsche Post DHL was the Official Logistics Partner for the Rugby World Cup 2011. DHL was responsible for the distribution of tickets every bit good as express cargos and cargo motions, both domestically and internationally. DHL Express Chief Executive Officer Ken Allen said: “ We are proud to be the planetary logistics spouse of the Rugby World Cup. DHL has a heritage of back uping Rugby, among others the British and Irish Lions Series. This game is about passion, teamwork and a can-do-spirit and those are features that can be attributed to DHL Express every bit good. ”

Manchester United

Recently DHL has become the new official preparation kit patron for Manchester United. The DHL logo will be included on the nines ‘ developing New Jerseies following a four twelvemonth understanding between DHL and Manchester United.

8.2 Brand Awareness

Ad Concept

Keeping in head the company ‘s end of “ going the logistics company for the universe ” , DHL started a new run which is designed to chiefly turn to the determination shapers in today ‘s concern universe. DHL ‘s selling runs include advertizements in media in both Germany and internationally, together with merchandise runs in digital and printed format. Other mediums such as mailshots, circulars and streamer will supplement the run.

Global “ International Specialist ” Ad Political campaign

In 2011, DHL launched the planetary “ International Specialist ” advertisement run in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The run ran in concern media, telecasting, wireless and print in Asia together with other planetary markets. The advertizements emphasise the demand for express transportation in all industries and focuses chiefly on DHL ‘s expertness in presenting on-time. Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express, said: “ In upgrading our planetary substructure we are presenting on our promise to be the universe ‘s prima international cross-border express trade name. We are thereby assisting our clients get their goods significantly faster to their markets and doing it easier for companies to entree cardinal industrial production Centres. ”

8.3 Corporate Social Responsibility

Global Volunteer Day

Global Volunteer Day in 2012, under the slogan “ Handle With Care ” shows how deeply volunteerism is throughout Deutsche Post DHL ‘s planetary work force, with over 60,000 employees take parting in over 120 states. Employees participated in assorted activities, including building and picture, yard work at kindergartens, field trips and summer celebrations with seniors and people with physical or mental damage. These and other similar activities all took topographic point on Global Volunteer Day. Employees besides helped out in schools and other charitable administrations, and participated in protection undertaking at Deutsche Posts ‘ Corporate central offices in Bonn, Germany.

In 2011, Deutsche Post participated in around 120 events in 40 different states worldwide. This formed portion of the Deutsche Post DHL spouse programme, “ conveying logistics solutions to life ” .

9. Decision

Deutsche Post purposes to construct strong client relationships and warrant a pleasant working atmosphere. A strong relationship is besides necessary for roll uping information about the client ‘s concern. This enables the company to accommodate their services to the demands of their clients and besides provide easier processs. Deutsche Post ‘s attitude is the chief ground for doing things go on when their clients inquire for their aid.

The company ‘s personal attack is highlighted by moving sympathetic and more reliable spouses. This is really of import for Deutsche Post in order to distinguish them from their rivals. DHL ‘s dedicated strong squad of employees plants for the success of their clients. Together with their clients, Deutsche Post forms a strong squad who closely cooperate to supply optimum service.

It can be said that a feeling of trust and assurance is generated within their clients. The clients know that they can trust on Deutsche Post since they feel good when working together in this extremely accessible and easy-to-use environment which finally makes life simpler for both parties.



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