The Impact of Mobile Phones on Teenagers Essay Sample

August 1, 2017 Health

1. Abstract

Presently. more than one tierce of kids aged 10s to thirteen own a nomadic phone. It is hence a necessity to inform today’s young person of the effects of having a cellular phone. By ground of petition from Mr. Howard. Prime Minster of Australia. to hear the concerns of Australia. a conclusive study was conducted and revealed that kids and adolescents are non cognizant of the major issues sing nomadic phones. Consequently. these issues need to be recognized by young person and society in order to forestall the harmful effects sing dependence. wellness and debt amongst adolescents. These findings will be discussed in great item in respect to wellness effects. dependence and debt along with recommendations to relieve and work out these issues.

2. Introduction

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2. 1. Background

Mr. J. Howard. Prime Minister of Australia wished to hear the concerns of Australia young person at a forum and as a consequence. research has been undertaken on the impact of nomadic phone engineering on adolescents.

2. 2. Problem

Comprehensive research and information has determined that nomadic phones have harmful effects on adolescents refering wellness. psychological dependence. and debt. These factors could bring forth more adversities for immature grownups ; mis-educating and confounding young person from an early age. The studies conducted for this study have concluded that 89 per centum of adolescents are incognizant of these effects. A study by Ingenuity Research found that more than tierce of kids aged 10s to thirteen own a nomadic phone. A New South Wales Office of Fair Trading study revealed that nomadic phones were considered ‘essential lifestyle necessities for immature people’ . Almost 50 per centum of immature people aged under 18 in that study put nomadic phone measures at the top of their list of debt.

2. 3. Purpose of Report

This issue. impacting on Australian society. will analyze the effects of nomadic phones on adolescents. Recommendations will be made for relieving and work outing the jobs antecedently stated. The study will follow the format requested.

3. Body

3. 1. History

Aussies are recognized as rapid adoptive parents of engineering. and their take-up of nomadic phone engineering has been no exclusion. Australians favor the convenience of a individual phone figure where they can be contacted irrespective of their location. Young Australians. in peculiar. are encompassing nomadic engineering. They are utilizing services such as text and multimedia messaging in increasing Numberss to heighten their life styles and maintain in contact with their webs of equals and work co-workers.

3. 2 The Effects on A Persons Health

As antecedently stated. 89 per centum of adolescents in Australia are incognizant of the harmful wellness effects of nomadic phones. Statistically. cellular phones increase the hazard of encephalon malignant neoplastic disease. Cellula phones can make physiological harm through warming effects. They can do symptoms such as concerns. otalgias. blurring of vision. short-run memory loss. blunting. prickling and combustion esthesiss. bad slumber. weariness and anxiousness ( Associate Professor Carey Denholm 2004 ) . Not merely this. it is thought kids and adolescents could potentially confront more possible wellness hazards from nomadic phone emanations because their skulls are thinner and their encephalons are still developing. ( Sir William Stewart. 2000 )

Dr. Andrew Davidson. from the World Health Organization. has reported in the “Medical Journal of Australia” ( 1998 ) that incidents of encephalon tumors at a infirmary in Western Australia increased 50 per centum for work forces and 62 per centum for adult females due to the usage of cellular phones ( see appendix B ) . The statement was based on the rise of the disease in the decennary from 1982. Mobile phones have merely existed for about 20 old ages. The per centums of encephalon tumors are likely to lift and impact adolescents as they are exposed to them in the present twenty-four hours. This is because tierce of kids already own a nomadic phone and will possibly go on having one for about 70 old ages ; a farther 50 old ages so the diseased work forces and adult females who were exposed to mobile phones.

3. 3 Psychological Addiction

Harmonizing to article. “Cell Phone. the Newest Teen Addiction” ( 2004 ) coffin nails are easy being replaced by an every bit habit-forming compulsion. the nomadic phone. ( See appendix ) . It was noted in the same article that like coffin nails. nomadic phones give adolescents a sense of individualism and sociableness. a desire to arise. and the demand to bond with friends. On the surface it may look nomadic phones are healthier and less habit-forming so cigarettes. However. the hazards and effects of nomadic phones have merely every bit many harmful results. The extract below from “The Sunday Morning Herald” . “Mobile phones going a major addiction” ( 2003 ) . provinces merely one result of nomadic phone dependence.

“Psychiatrists say nomadic phone dependence is an obsessive-compulsive upset which looks set to go one of the biggest non-drug dependences in the 21st century…Mobile phone dependence can wholly insulate its victims. destroy them economically and even turn them into felons. ”

3. 4 Case Study

An article from “Sunshine Coast Daily” ( 2003 ) ( appendix C ) reports that a nine twelvemonth old Sunshine Coast pupil wrote an assignment in “SMS” manner. She spelt words such as ‘because’ as ‘cos’ and when asked to spell ‘because’ she could non retrieve. This new procedure of communicating learnt by immature kids such may establish their literacy instruction. if non destroy. Although adolescents would hold hapless English accomplishments when it comes to high school instruction. many facets of their life would be affected ; such as occupation applications. calling waies and even make fulling out signifiers. From grade one the old ages of primary school are spent learning the basic foundations of English. It is in these old ages that the kid memorises spelling and constructions. If kids learn English falsely the inevitable harm is difficult to change by reversal. Imagine what may go on if these kids were brought up utilizing “digital language” . For illustration. the sentence “What are you traveling to make this afternoon. Can you run into me at the stores? ” would typically be “Wat R u goin 2 do thisarvo. Meet me @ district attorney stores? ”

3. 5 Debt

“One in four immature mobile phone users are holding trouble run intoing their monthly phone measures. ” ( M. Fern 2001 )

At a clip when immature people are supposed to be concentrating on their school assignment without the force per unit areas of maturity. research by the Communications Law Centre found that a important figure of immature people have to cover with depression originating from nomadic phone debt. ( Matthew Lendrum 2002 ) Furthermore. 18 per centum of those with nomadic phones wither don’t read or don’t understand the contracts they have signed. ( M. Fern 2001 ) High-pressure selling combined with societal force per unit areas has encouraged some you people to plunge caput foremost into nomadic phone usage without the experience to get by with the legal and fiscal deductions.

4. Decision

Consequently. nomadic phones are an impacting issue on the young person of Australia. With the rapid embracing by the young person of Australia for nomadic engineering. adolescents are greater at hazard of encephalon malignant neoplastic disease and physiological harm. It can besides be seen that nomadic phones may do teenage dependence and therefore consequence in isolation and economic ruin. Furthermore. mobile phone debt. as adolescents do non hold the experience to get by with the legal and fiscal deductions. It is these grounds that the young person and society of Australia must acknowledge the harmful effects on adolescents having a nomadic phone.

5. Recommendations

Based on this probe. the undermentioned recommendations can be made: –

· Adolescents should utilize them less often

· Adolescents should utilize phones merely for indispensable calls

· Stations that transmit and receive signals should be tighter

· Cusps should be delivered to every house explicating engineering and possible hazards

· Should give information about the duties of having a nomadic phones such as the branchings of non- payment measures

· Children under the age of 16 should hold prepaid cellular phones.


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