The Impact of the Digital Life on Social and Political Life in Society Today

October 22, 2017 Music


What is Digital age?

Digital age besides known as information age can be defined as a period in human history characterized by the displacement from traditional industry that the industry revolution brought through industrialisation to an economic system based on information. Digital age is said to hold started in the late 1950s-late seventiess. Our universe today is an illustration of digital age which brings about the societal media, the usage of nomadic phone, cyberspace, ATMs, machines etc.

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Digital age has influenced the universe today negatively and positively in so many ways ; socially, politically, economically etc.

Impact of digital age on societal life of society today.

Before the coming of digital age people did things otherwise for illustration ; they wrote letters to pass on to one another there were no nomadic phones until the coming of digital age.

Digital age has come to a point in which it is the most of import portion of human being ; we are populating in the tech coevals get downing from waking up in the forenoon to digital dismay clock, to doing calls on our cell phones to look intoing of blood force per unit area from cameras to telecasting to smartphones to video games etc. Digital age has brought about a new account to engineering which is now used as a manner of acquisition, look, amusement, communicating etc.

Digital devices enables us execute multiple undertaking, reading a text message, listening to music, chew the fating on whatsapp, look intoing instagram etc. can be done all at one time, because of the coming of digital age there is a great division between the people who have and the people who don’t have entree to the cyberspace ( rich and hapless ) . Digital age can be said to be of advantage to the coevals of today because it has helped in so many ways ; it has helped in our acquisition, communicating etc. and besides a fast agency of acquiring in front, unlike the encephalon it saves memories of events which can be referred to in ulterior clip like our cameras and phones which save images and pictures as the instance possibly. It makes note taking easier because in schools today pupils are given press releases alternatively of composing when the lector is learning, notes and assignments are saved to a computing machine which gives a small chance of it acquiring losing, saves clip for pupils making their prep because they can easy cut and glue of import citations into essays which besides boasts their Markss and it besides helps the instructors get information online and besides makes it easier to direct their assignment through electronic mail, through some societal web meeting people and get downing up relationships is made easy, communicating has been made really easy now u can speak or chew the fat to people in different states, information is besides easy to go through around, acquiring the effect of the latest tendency of manner and what’s new intelligence is made easier through societal media, information is easier to come by through the usage of Google. It has besides seen to be of great disadvantage to the young persons of today because the societal webs are more of import than their books they are so addicted to the cyberspace, pupils don’t read any longer because of the books which are now acted as films and any information needed can be found on cyberspace, in the age of today people are less likely to compose letters by manus or maintain up with calligraphy in other ways like longhand handwriting some adolescents of today may ne’er larn how to subscribe their names in “script” , nowadays young persons are used to abridging words because of texting and tend to utilize words like “lool” “brb” “ttyl” and may sometimes utilize them in school carelessly even while composing, there is no privateness for persons and most particularly public figures like histrions vocalists etc. every event that goes on in their single life is known by the public their private is being critized twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours whatever they wear is either praised or critized by the populace, it is seen that the more we use digital devices as a replacement tool for salvaging memory the more we empty our heads its ability of hive awaying information. Digital age is seen to play a cardinal function in our day-to-day life.

Impact of digital age on the political life of society today.

Politicss of today has been influenced by digital age in so many ways unlike the olden yearss of standing in lines to vote or it been hard for a proposing campaigner to do his proposition or thoughts known to the general populace, but due to coming of digital age political relations has been made easy for illustration candidates/politicians are able to pass on and show theirselves portion pictures and images through some societal webs like Facebook, chirrup, instagram etc. to the populace. Voting is besides made easy through E-voting which is better because it doesn’t give room for use of consequences. Nowadays the sentiment of the populace on political relations or the affair of the state is easy expressed through any societal web there is. The impact of digital age on political relations 2day has its advantages and besides its disadvantages. Its advantages are ; it enables communicating with the public easy, through the aid of media information about political relations or what goes on in the society is known by all and the sentiments of the citizens are easy expressed etc. Then its disadvantage ; The privateness of these public figures are non respected like the governors and presidents of different states for since they are seen as the caput male parents and supposed function theoretical accounts people tend to knock them even when it’s their private life whether the narrative is true or false, because of some newsmans who tend to acquire their narratives wrong false information is pasted out to the public giving that political figure a bad name devising persons write and remark on the profiles of these single giving that individual a bad name and so many more.

Impact of digital age on the economic life of society today.

The economic system of today has been influenced greatly through the coming of digital age ; the economic system is now running on devices that have made regular twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities easier and more convenient than before this has given rise to digital economic system. Its impacts have its advantage and disadvantage. Its advantage is so many like ; the storage of demands of books, movies, newspaper, music etc. , it has besides brought about the usage of ATMs ( Automated Teller Machines ) which makes backdown or balance enquires and can even be used to reassign airtime as the instance possibly, there is besides the usage of recognition cards and debit cards, there besides the usage of on-line medical consults and mailing of diagnostic consequences make it easier for patients to acquire 2nd sentiments and consults. As engineering continues to develop quickly so does new appliances come approximately such as mp3 participants, tablets and nomadic phones which makes digital economic system efficient, convenient and besides has its disadvantage which is ; it requires a significant initial capital investing when set uping the necessary model for any system, it requires money to acquire these appliances as they come, it can besides take to stealing of individuality because these yearss people steal peoples individuality and do them ruin, despairing demand of acquiring in the advanced universe today can take people to robbery, 419 and all kinds of illegal concern etc.


Digital age has come to remain because most of us if non all of us live our life’s depending on digital appliances get downing from the dismay redstem storksbills in the forenoon to the usage of ATMS during the twenty-four hours and the usage of the cyberspace and societal webs at dark. Digital age has had its impacts, it has its advantages and disadvantages get downing from the political life to the societal life to the economic and even educational lives of people twenty-four hours after twenty-four hours, the coming of digital age have besides brought about a great difference between the hapless and the rich.


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