The Implementation Process of Bar-Coding for Medication Essay

July 22, 2017 Nursing

Serious medicine mistakes are common in infirmaries and frequently occur during order written text or disposal of medicine. To assist forestall such mistakes. saloon coding engineering has been put into topographic point. The package was designed to better medicine disposal truth and to bring forth on-line patient medicine records. Barcode Medication Administration package enables users to document electronic disposal of medicines at bedside. Millions of Americans are injured each twelvemonth due to medication mistakes. Within the infirmary systems. medicine mistakes cost over three billion dollars per twelvemonth. Nurses are at the frontline of medicine disposal.

At a three hundred-bed community. hospital saloon coding disposal was implemented. This application was created and implemented by an IT representative. staff nurses. nursing and pharmaceutics decision makers. These persons initiated the procedure. by altering medicine policies and processs. downtime processs. workflow designs. be aftering for nursing preparation. and alterations to medication disposal. With positive consequences bar-cod engineering reduced medicine mistakes by 80 per centum. Implementing barcoding engineering decreases medicine disposal mistakes in with in different attention scenes. Cardinal words: Bar cryptography ; Medication mistakes ; Safety.

Medicines mistakes continue to go on on the day-to-day footing regardless of where you work. The effects on giving the incorrect medicine can ensue from mild to severe injures including decease. “Approximately 1. 5 million Americans are injured each twelvemonth because of medicine errors” ( Coleman & A ; Foote. 2008 ) . Mistakes can happen throughout the procedure of telling medical specialty. distributing. retrieving and administrating. Bar cryptography is the new technique which can offer safe and allow nurses to verify the five rights of medicine disposal. A hand-held barcode device is used to scan barcoded information on the nurse’s badge. patient’s armband ID and medicine to place the proper persons. before medicines are dispensed. The chief intent of barcoded medicine disposal is to diminish medicine mistakes at bedside by assisting to guarantee proper medicine disposal. Working in the health care field it is important to pay attending to inside informations.

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“Medication disposal is a critical accomplishment of the professional nurse. who must understand and follow assorted stairss in the drug disposal procedure to guarantee patient safety” ( Coleman & A ; Foote. 2008 ) . I chose this subject because I have been working as a Accredited practical nurse in long term attention. which there we used paper Medication Administration Reports. As many nurses I have made a medicine mistake which involved a patient who chose non to give me his proper name. I believe this would non hold happen if patients could be identify by name sets or exposures. In long term attention installations name sets are seldom used to place these patients due to that the installations are at that place place. During my clinical rotary motions I observed the different techniques used between Memorial and Penrose Hospital for disposal of medicines. Memorial Hospital continues to utilize the old manner technique. while Penrose Hospital uses barcoding for distributing of medicines.

Barcoding was easy for me to pull off and it ensured me that I was supplying patient safety. Even though non holding the barcoding aid it made me dual and ternary cheque to do certain my patients was having the proper medicines. While at Memorial Hospital one of my schoolmates made a medicine mistake. The patient’s result in this state of affairs appeared good. Personally. I feel that with the barcoding this state of affairs may hold ne’er occurred. With that being said. I believe that Penrose Hospital have less medicine mistakes than Memorial. The more cognition I gain of saloon cryptography and medicine disposal my patients will hold safe positive results. This article describes the saloon codification point of attention. and cost of medicines mistakes. The saloon codification system is designed to guarantee that the right drug is being administered via the right path to the right patient in the right sum at the right clip and certification. the “five rights” of drug disposal.

Mistakes occur for many grounds. including illegible handwritten prescriptions and denary point mistakes. The jobs with medicine mistakes are that it frequently has tragic effects for patients. Medication mistakes carry important costs to patients. their households. and their employers. and to infirmaries. wellness attention suppliers. and insurance companies. Actual cost estimations differs widely. The saloon codification system is believed to be an effectual manner in forestalling medicine disposal mistakes but is presently merely implemented in about 3 % of United States infirmaries. Barcoding patients and medicines can assist forestall unsafe medical mistakes by doing accurate and dependable patient information instantly available for medicine disposal. surgical processs specimen aggregation. and any other patient attention activity throughout the infirmary stay.

“Bar-coding engineering has reduced medicines mistakes by 80 % ” ( Coleman & A ; Foote. 2008 ) . Still. even with this system mistakes can and make occur. The information provided in this article is really utile in nursing pattern. Nursing pattern will act upon criterions on patients attention and results. Nurses can utilize saloon codification scanning systems to see medicine orders at the bedside. verify the five rights of medicine disposal. and document medicine disposal electronically. Nurses can larn more information about saloon cryptography and the execution procedure. If nurses are non cognizant of the state of affairs mistakes will go on to happen such as a patient was ordered for a now dosage of Thorazine ( Thorazine ) 25 milligram. The pharmaceutics filled the order and dispensed Librium ( Librium ) 25 milligram.

The nurse used the electronic scanner. and the device indicated a “wrong drug” mistake. The nurse looked at the drug. thought the name was right. and overrode the device and administered the wrong medicine. If nurses decide non to look into orders names and doses mistakes will go on to make patient and cause injury. Nurses need to get down to recommend the importance of being free of medicine mistakes. Scaning medicines do assist forestall disposal mistakes but errors can still be made.

I know of infirmaries in my province of Colorado that have purchased the Barcode Scanning system. after tragic events happened in these infirmaries. We have two good sized infirmary systems in our country. out of these lone 1 has the barcode scanning system. If I of all time need to be hospitalized. that is the 1 I have instructed my household to take me to. I do believe this system has saved lives. and reduced medicine mistakes. Nurses use their cognition to authorise others and drive system alteration. Nursing cognition is grounds based. active. and womb-to-tomb acquisition is required for safe positive results. The future holds many new technological progresss that will impact nursing work force.

Coleman. J. Foote. S. ( 2008 ) . Medication Administration: The Implementation Process of Bar- Coding for Medication Administration to Enhance Medication Safety. Nursing Economics. 26 ( 3 ) . 207-10.


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