January 4, 2017 General Studies

The Importance Of Being Earnest written by Oscar Wilde is the type of book, which is very comical. This book takes place in London, a country house I Hertfordshire, and England; the 1890’s. The book is mainly about two men dealing with their alter ego’s. Jack Worthing a gentleman of the Manor House, he has an alter ego named Ernest. Algernon Moncrieff, Jack’s friend, has an alter ego called Bunbury. Algernon tells everyone in town that Bunbury (his imaginary brother) that he is dreadfully ill, he says this to get away from the town. Jack used Ernest as his imaginary brother also. Ernest lives in Albany, and gets into the most dreadful scrapes. Thus, Jack has often been “called away” to the city to “rescue” irrepressible Ernest. This book is also the need of individuality, for Jack, Algernon, Gwendolen (Lady Bracknell’s daughter), and Lady Augusta Bracknell (Algernon’s aunt).

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This book caught my attention, like all books to me. My brother before he left for college left a lot of his stuff still at home. But, he told me to read this book. Of course, I looked at it, then but it back in the closet. While I was in the library, I asked my friend if she could name some books that she read that are really good. She named a few then said “The Importance of Being Ernest”, that rang a bell in my head. I didn’t know the author’s name, but I knew that I knew the book. As soon as I got home I ran to the closest, took out the book, and sat on the floor reading it.

When I finished the book soon later, I saw the commercial for this book. Overall, I enjoyed this book. Though, there are many parts where the author puts in jokes, which confused me more. I like the book even more, when I realized what Oscar Wilder was trying to describe. Wilde satirizes, the upper class society, shallowness, idleness, social climbing, and contempt for the lower classes. In the book, Jack has an extremely large crush on Gwendolen, but Gwendolen’s mom does not approve, because of the way Jack flirts with Gwendolen is perfectly disgraceful.


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