The Importance Of Biodiversity And Effects Environmental Sciences Essay

July 16, 2017 Environmental Sciences

The importance of biodiversity has lack know by peoples. Human is really trusting on the biodiversity to last because biodiversity provide utile and necessary resources such as nutrient and natural stuff of medical specialty. Besides, the biodiversity is of import function that working on ecosystem. It is sort of transit of ecosystem service. The ecosystem provides services such as protection of dirt therefore the biodiversity loss is related to the decrease of ecosystem services. One of the chief causes of biodiversity is deforestation. Deforestation rate addition twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours, the species lose their home ground and deficiency of nutrient to last. Human hew the woods to acquire the resources and besides develop the human activities such as agribusiness and touristry. More than 50 per centum of Asiatic land country usage to develop the agribusiness. Human being should happen out the solution to better the biodiversity loss and decrease of ecosystem services. Reforestation improves the rate of deforestation but do non hold effects on biodiversity loss. Therefore, human being should understand the importance of biodiversity and the effects of biodiversity loss to increase the consciousness and consideration of human to biodiversity issues.

The importance of biodiversity and effects of deforestation on biodiversity loss

Biodiversity means the species of life on our female parent Earth and the ecological procedures that support the diverseness of ecosystems. The end of this research paper is to understand the importance of biodiversity and the effects of deforestation on biodiversity.

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The biodiversity and ecosystem issues compare to other environmental issues, peoples have less consideration to biodiversity issues. As the point above mentioned, the biodiversity is related to the status of planetary ecosystem. The species of beings on Earth are confronting the menace of habitat loss and extinction. If human do non take any action to better this state of affairs, we would lose many cherished species. There are different countries of species of life in the universe such as mammals, reptilians, birds, amphibious vehicles, fish and workss. Each of the different species of life has few or more species already extinct. For illustrations, ruddy colobus monkey, fogy, and phantom black eye. There have no scientists or survey can state us how many species of life are in the universe because our female parent Earth is a complex universe and the relevant organisations discover new species to science endlessly until now. Therefore, we do non cognize there is how many species we are losing precisely. There are some experts forecast that the velocity of biodiversity loss nowadays is between 1000 and ten 1000 higher than the natural extinction rate.

Human may non understand good the influence of biodiversity to the full human race and planetary ecosystems. Human obtain many resources from biodiversity, such as nutrient, lumber, natural stuffs of medical specialty and keepsake. In add-on of those basic commissariats, the biodiversity play the of import functions of keeping the ecosystem of the universe. It provides the of import services, such as cleansing H2O resources, protection of dirt, decrease of planetary diseases and dedication of maintain the stableness of clime. Biodiversity besides contributes societal benefits to us like touristry and amusement development. However, human wage attending to what and how many benefits they can acquire from the biodiversity and ecosystem, the value of biodiversity and ecosystem would neglected by homo.

Presents, scientific discipline has better perceptive to the biodiversity effects and ecosystem services. There are several survey of biodiversity effects show that the biodiversity loss is relevant with the decrease of ecosystem services ( e.g. , Balvanera et al.2006, Cardinale et al.2007, Thompson et al.2009 as cited in Thompson, Okabe, Tylianakis, Kumar, Brockerhoff, Schellhorn, Parrotta & A ; Nasi, 2011 ) . Thompson and co-workers ( 2009 ) found that 70 six per centum of 20 one surveies states that there is direct relationship between the profusion of species and the production of ecosystem services. Based on all these surveies, the biodiversity play the function of transit of ecosystem services. Therefore, the harm of biodiversity may act upon the cycling of species, and the transit of ecosystem services. When the ecosystem services cut down, the environmental issues such as clime alteration will be more serious. From the above points of position, we can understand how of import the biodiversity are and homos could non last without biodiversity and ecosystem service.

One of the chief grounds that cause biodiversity loss is deforestation. The animate beings lose their home ground and the biodiversity of woods are harm when deforestation happens. The country which has the highest rate of deforestation is Southeast Asia. Harmonizing to a survey of land usage alteration in Asia, 50 per centum of the Asiatic land is under the development of agribusiness or the development of human activities ( Zhao, Peng, Jiang, Tian, Lei & A ; Zhou, 2006 ) In South Asia, seventy three per centum of the land country is used as the development of agribusiness. Therefore, the animate beings have no home grounds and adequate nutrient to last. For illustration, Singapore has ninety five per centum of deforestation rate over the past one 100 and 80 three therefore at that place has more than twenty eight per centum of species has eliminated. Another state that have high rate of biodiversity loss caused by deforestation is Thailand ( Zhao et al. , 2006 ) .

Brooks, Mittermeier, Fonseca, Rylands, Konstant, Flick, Pilgrim, Oldfield, Magin & A ; Taylor ( 2001 ) stated that “ About half the universe ‘s vascular works species and tierce of tellurian craniates are endemic to twenty five of “ hot spots ” of biodiversity, each of which has at least one 1000 and five hundred endemic works species. None of these hot spots have more than tierce of their pristine home ground staying. Historically, they covered 12 per centum of the land ‘s surface, but today their integral home ground covers merely one point four of the land. ” Based on this article, we can cognize that the endemic of hot spots are confronting the job of extinction because of the habitat loss. When the home ground countries lessening, the species have highest possibility of extinction jobs.


As we know that, the biodiversity loss is more and more serious presents. Human should happen out the solution to cut down the biodiversity loss. To cut down the extinction of biodiversity, we should diminish the rate of deforestation of the universe. One of the solutions of deforestation is re-afforestation. Although re-afforestation does better the rate of deforestation, it does non to the full restitute the species profusion and ecosystem of a wood. There is a survey about the value of plantation woods ; it finds that the species profusion of re-afforestation is non every bit abundant as the Aboriginal wood ( Gardner, Hernandez, Barlow & A ; Peres, 2008 ) . In my sentiment, the best manner to diminish the rate of deforestation is better the consideration and consciousness of human being.

Government and the relevant organisation should promote peoples to concern about this subject and allow kids hold the constructs of biodiversity and deforestation. Peopless should cognize good about the earnestness and effects of biodiversity loss and the decrease of ecosystem therefore they will appreciate and conserve the nature. Besides, Government should be stricter in land direction to forestall peoples or some companies over extract the woods to get self-benefits.

In add-on, we can utilize scientific discipline to better the biodiversity loss and decrease of ecosystem services. For illustration, Sustainable wood direction ( SFM ) is ecosystem direction that work on the preservation of environment, such as biodiversity issues. They try to utilize scientific method to happen out the most effectual manner and interpreting it into policy to conserve and restitute the biodiversity loss and decrease of ecosystem services ( Thompson et al. , 2011 ) .

Finally, there are besides simple solutions such as do non purchase the keepsake that made of animate beings, less usage of air-conditioner and purchase lumber from the legal company. Although those simple ways look non every bit effectual as scientific method, peoples should do part to environmental issues.


The biodiversity loss has confronting the highest rate over the past old ages. The authorities and organisation of environment should non be the lone who responsible to the preservation of environment. Human should hold more cognition about the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem service therefore the consciousness of human to biodiversity will increase.

Human being should be more intelligent to keep and protect our female parent Earth. If the rate of biodiversity loss and decrease of ecosystem continue addition, none of us can digest the effects. Therefore, human being must be more consideration to this issue. Not merely the authorities, should parents play a good function of theoretical account to their kids to do the better environment for our following coevals.


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