The Importance Of Coconuts In Sri Lanka Environmental Sciences Essay

July 20, 2017 Environmental Sciences

Approximately 20 questionnaires were distributed among different forces who straight involve in the coconut cultivation. Questionnaires were distributed merely coconut trigon with the limited clip period and more inside informations should hold been collected all around the state instead non limited to the coconut trigon.

Interviews were carried out with different persons on a assortment of topics relevant to the country of treatment. Certain persons were loath to show their positions on countries which may be considered that controversial to discourse. Answers provided by certain persons were evidently non wholly echt. Because they are hesitated to set off the exact ground this may consequence on their benefit.

1. The last computation behavior by twelvemonth 2002. The aggregative coconut land extent has been declined by 7 % within the period of 1982 to 2002 ( 416,253 hour angle to 394,836 hour angle ) . The highest loss was in Gampaha territory which was 24 % of the entire decrease. The possible causes for the atomization are residential intents, change overing into industrial chases, urbanisation, inaccessibility of labour, high pay rates and high cost of production. Fragmentation affects the nut production both by losing coconut lands and impacting returns to scale[ 2 ]. Coconut plantation of the state is shown in following map.

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1. The coconut industry is one of the chief contributory factors to beef up the economic system of the state when sing the domestic and the foreign market. Coconut is besides a merchandise in which desperately required for the consumers twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life as one of the chief ingredient for their nutrient. There forward our antediluvian people use to cultivate few coconut attempts in their ain gardens for their domestic demands.

2. Harmonizing to the rapid development in the society most of the people were thickly inhabited in developed citations end towns sing the easy entree to their work topographic points. As a consequence of that such people wholly depend to carry through their nutrient demands straight by the market. The market monetary value has ever fluctuated harmonizing to the production and the ingestion rates.

3. To provide the such demand a considerable sum of coconut plantations were established base on the three chief countries known as coconut trigon and thereby the coconut industry has fulfilled the domestic demand and besides had been able to keep a excess stock and thereby the coconut industry had reached to it ‘s optimal degree by exporting the coconut merchandises.

4. However, after completion of period of clip the coconut cultivation has bit by bit decreased due to assorted grounds. After completion of the elaborate survey to size up such state of affairs, it has reveled that the chief contributory factor is the deficiency of determination shapers engagements and the same has proven by the statement made by the professionals during at the interviews and inside informations collected from the husbandmans and the province proprietors.


1. Necessitate to take necessary action to intensify the coconut production to confront the hereafter rivals. The actions should concentrate to short term, intermediate and long term.

2. Short term actions to over come the present crisis.

a. Introduction of coconut milk extraction units in vantage points at major metropoliss to cut down the wastage of coconuts in traditional methods. ( Net income analyses of the installation machine are attached as extension “ C ” )

B. Introduce system for collect nuts straight from the husbandmans and administer the state through Co-operatives, Lak Sathosa subdivisions or by utilizing lorry in efficient mode.

c. Awareness plans through Media, schools on efficient use of coconut for family ingestion to cut down wastage of fresh coconut. ( ex: readying of coconut pick and how to utilize for coking intents )

3. Intermediate actions to over come the crises.

a. To get down and re-activate the bing Coconut Co-operative Societies where necessary helping them by supplying machinery, equipment and finance to do them feasible.

B. All the aid, grants, and subsidies such as fertiliser subsidy given by the Ministry of Coconut Development through CCB, CAD & A ; CRI to be channeled through the Societies Union, co-operatives for their members. That is aid to husbandmans to obtain without adhering Ad hoc system.

c. Encourage and actuate little graduated table agriculturists to provide their coconuts direct to, Government authorization, DC or Oil Millers, Co-operative DC and Oil Mills remain in production will bring forth added competition in the fresh nut market and guarantee a go oning perkiness in the fresh Nut monetary value so as to straight profit the agriculturist little holder, with just farm-gate monetary value to the little holders free from the clasps of the coconut trader “ Mudalalis ” who traditionally have a chokehold on the little holder with broad hard currency progress and pay unreasonably low monetary values for their coconut which constantly will cover the involvement constituent on moneys progress. so that the concluding merchandise will be competitory in local and foreign markets. That system will consequence to husbandmans every bit good as clients excessively.

d. Initiate preparation programme Mechanized plucking, de-husking, tomahawk and sliver of coconuts, At present, there is an acute deficit of these skilled workers.

3. Long term actions to over come the crises.

a. To set up national policy for coconut Industry.

B. It is necessity to follow system for proctor the activities which are introduced/implemented by relevant authorization. “ Govi Nyamaka ” at small town is most suited individual for this occupation. This individuals need to develop for the demand.

c. Large graduated table coconut cultivation plan demand to present in United Nations used authorities land and little graduated table cultivation for bing used land, Which are belongs to School, Government section etc.

d. Small husbandman group societies to be formed. Initially these societies to be affiliated to the bing Coconut Co-operative Societies if established within the legal power of the already bing Coconut Co-operative Societies.

e. Awareness plan directed to little holder agriculturists to maximise income through intercropping and other Good Agribusiness Practices ( GAP ) to acquire more income from bing coconut land, place gardens etc. ( this sector contributes more than 70 % to the entire nut production ) .

f. To widen the present loan installation against drip irrigation now given to big estates little holders every bit good. ( Since good distributed supply of H2O will give a changeless and increased nut production throughout the twelvemonth ) .

g. Awareness plan directed to little holder agriculturists to maximise income through intercropping and other Good Agribusiness Practices ( GAP ) to acquire more income from bing coconut land, place, gardens etc. ( this sector contributes more than 70 % to the entire nut production )


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