The Importance Of Grammar In Communication English Language Essay

August 5, 2017 English Language

Communication is an built-in portion of human activities. It is the interaction between two or more people. Harmonizing to Oxford lexicon, communicating is defined as “ the activity or procedure of showing thoughts and feelings or of giving people information ” . That is to state, it involves the sharing thoughts and information between one individual and other people.

Communication has assorted signifiers. While many people think of its signifiers chiefly as speech production and hearing, communicating is a more complicated procedure. Tooley and Dingle ( 2007 ) give a clearer categorization. Harmonizing to them, there are four chief types that people used today, chiefly: written, graphical, verbal and non-verbal. Each type can besides be subdivided into smaller parts. For illustration, written may incorporate books, notes, letters… ; graphical includes drawings, studies, flow charts… ; verbal can take the signifiers of duologues, talks… ; non-verbal is about organic structure linguistic communication and mark language..etc ( p.88-89 ) .

Furthermore, communicating is a erudite accomplishment. To show themselves good and successfully, people must larn how to pass on. This is stated by Dimbledy and Burton ( 1998 ) in their book: “ abilities such as speaking and composing are non natural. They are taght by parents, friends and schools ” ( p.6 ) . As a kid, a individual may larn to pass on by detecting others ‘ behaviours and so copying them. When he or she grows, it is necessary to travel to school where they are taught straight how to pass on because they can develop better communicating accomplishment which is utile for them.

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Good communicating is really of import in human life. Wiley and Sons ( 2002 ) see it as “ oil in the matrimony engine ” ( p.60 ) . That is, if good communicating is missed, other parts can non work swimmingly and usually. This instance is similar to human life. Peoples in a society are like parts in the matrimony engine. They have common closely knit relationships. They need everybody ‘s cooperation and it is communicating that connects them with each other. It is a critical constituent which brings tonss of benefits.

The importance of grammar in communicating

“ Grammatical competency was a portion of communicative competency ” ( Lock, 1996, p.266 ) . Therefore, to obtain an effectual communicating accomplishment, people should pay attending to grammar due to these undermentioned grounds.

First, grammar is really importance because it may assist inhance truth. Marcel ( 1853 ) high spots this point in his book. He clarifies how grammar develops truth in communicating as “ it forms the head to wonts of order and clarity ; at the same time with logic and rhetoric, it accustoms scholars to truth of linguistic communication, and therefore, to truth of thought ” ( p.424 ) . This means grammar regulations can assist scholars develop a wont of believing logically and clearly. Therefore, after analyzing grammar, they will go more accurate when utilizing linguistic communication.

In add-on to truth, Ellis besides says that grammar acquisition can do the internalisation of syntactic system become easier. Hence, it improves the development of eloquence ( Hinkel and Fotos, 2002, p.10 ) . When a individual has learned grammar, it will be easier for him to get other grammar regulations afterwards compared to those who have ne’er learned earlier. That individual will cognize how to form and show the thoughts in his head without trouble. As a consequence, he will be able to talk, read or compose a linguistic communication in a smooth and adept manner.

Second, a proper usage of grammar is a mark of regard, both for talkers and hearers ( Clack, 2010 ) . For talkers, talking clearly means they take clip to smooth themselves with a good feeling from the hearers. A individual with a hapless grammar accomplishment can organize negative feeling on the first clip meeting and this may last for a long clip. For hearers, a proper usage of grammar shows that their idea is concerned. Speakers do non desire them to blow clip seeking to calculate out what they are stating.

The jobs confronting grammar usage today

In amount, we can non deny the importance of grammar in communicating. Nevertheless, today there are still some jobs confronting grammar usage. Clark ( 2010 ) points out one of them which is: “ as the universe becomes more technologically inclined, good grammar seems to travel to the sideway. Peoples, used to taking cutoffs with the aid of new engineering, besides take cutoffs with grammar ” . Nowadays, some people seem to acquire used to the fast and modern life.Everything should be brief and short. With the development of societal web and engineering, people become grammatically lazier. When texting, utilizing Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, they tend to utilize sentences that are every bit simple as possible. Furthermore, they besides use fragments of sentences. For them, grammar is unneccessary every bit long as what they say is apprehensible. However, this frequently causes misconstruing among readers Therefore, to get the better of this job, learning grammar should be paid more attending in schoolrooms.


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