The in Medical Research 11. Right to

The following are some of the important rights of the patients:
1. Right to Appropriate Medical Care and Humane Treatment
2. The right to Informed Consent
3. Right to privacy and confidentiality
4. Right to information
5. The Right to Choose Health Care Provider and Facility
6. Right to Self-Determination
7. right to Religious Belief
8.Right to Medical Records
9. Right to Leave
10.Right to Refuse Participation in Medical Research
11. Right to Correspondence and to receive Visitors
12. Right to Express Grievances
13. Right to be informed of His Rights and Obligations as a Patient

In addition, patients also have obligations, some of which are as follows:
1. Know Rights
2. Provides Accurate and Complete Information
3. Report Unexpected Health Changes
4. Understand the Purpose and Cost of Treatment
5. Accept Consequences of own informed Consent
6. Settle financial Obligations
7. Relation to Others
8. Exhaust Grievance Mechanisms

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Healthcare providers, especially doctors have the following duties
• The duty to help, cure
• The duty to promote and protect the patient’s health
• The duty to inform
• The duty to confidentiality
• The duty to protect the patient’s life
• The duty to respect the patient’s autonomy
• The duty to protect privacy
• The duty to respect the patient’s dignity



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