The Influence of Point of View on a Story Essay

August 13, 2017 General Studies

The beliefs and feelings of a reader about certain characters or events in a narrative mostly depend on who is stating the narrative and how it is been told. Each narrative harmonizing to its subject. scene. characters. and secret plan development. requires a specific sort of narrative point of position. Assertion of each sort of point of position is traveling to hold some advantages and disadvantages. However. the author has to take the most suited one in which its advantages and benefits overcome the disadvantages. The point of position is a important portion in a narrative. and it plays an of import function in the development of the narrative and the presentation of its characters.

In John Updikes’ “A & A ; P” the storyteller of the narrative. Sammy. is its chief character. Sammy is stating his ain narrative himself. The benefits of the first individual point of position in “A & A ; P” are that we understand the character and personality of Sammy more clearly. The clear accounts and elaborate portraiture of misss. expeditiously demonstrate the physical attractive force of Sammy towards the misss. The behavior that Sammy relates to the topographic point and people traveling about in A & A ; P indicates Sammy’s ennui and defeat from working in such a topographic point. “I bet you could put off dynamite in an “A & A ; P” and the people would by and big maintain stretch and look intoing oatmeal off their lists and mumbling “let me see. there was a 3rd thing. began with A. Asparagus officinales. no. ah. yes. apple sauce! ” or whatever they do mutter” ( 16 ) .

Sammy opens his head to us. giving his positions about the ambiance and the people traveling around him. He seems to be a small harsh on people and things around him. For illustration. he says about one of the clients that “She gives me a small snicker in passing. if she’d been born at the right clip they would hold burned her over in Salem” ( 14 ) . In a distinguished manner. by the usage of specific words and associating them to different people. he shows his attack towards them. For illustration. he calls one of the misss. who he likes the most. Quinee and he calls the people at the shop. sheep. The titillating behaviour of McMahon toward the misss makes an impact on Sammy as he says. “poor childs. I began to experience sorry for them. they couldn’t aid it” ( 16 ) . This incident shows a alteration in his attitude and develops a sense of adulthood in him. He ab initio considers the misss simply as foreigners but bit by bit his position alterations about them. and he starts to sympathise with them.

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The narrative of “A & A ; P” will be different if it were to be told in another character’s voice. It may supply some different characteristics and certainly. it will do loss of some current facets of the narrative. For illustration. presuming Stokesie in the function of storyteller. the narrative is traveling to hold different features. Stokesie is unable to depict and show the interior feelings of Sammy. He is non able to transport out the deepness of attractive force of Sammy towards the misss that is clear to us through Sammy’s descriptive information and portraiture of the misss.

Stokesie is non able to supply adept description about Sammy’s attitude towards the topographic point and people in the supermarket. On the other manus. Sammy’s place as the chief character of the narrative raises the potency for a colored or undependable presentation of characters and events in the narrative. Sammy being a immature male child expresses his sentiments freely and besides with some hyperbole. Stokesie is married and he is older and more mature than Sammy. Sing this instance. Stokesie can depict people and events in the shop much nearer to world.

Sammy is likely the most suited pick for the function of storyteller in “A & A ; P” . As he is the chief character of the narrative. and narrative physiques up around him and revolves around his ideas and the position from which he perceives the misss. Sammy’s transform and the alteration in his attitude is the cardinal point of the narrative that leads to his unexpected behaviour. discontinuing his occupation at “A & A ; P” . Stokesie would detect and explicate the things go oning outside and on the surface. but he would be unable to make to the imaginativenesss and ideas of Sammy and show them efficaciously.

“A Rose for Emily” is another singular narrative for its specific point of position. William Faulkner provides the information utilizing first individual nonsubjective description of things and the individuals that move in the narrative. The storyteller is detecting the actions of everybody involved in the narrative. but he is non picturing any thing about their feelings and emotions. He leaves it to its readers to happen the significance and decision of the facts. mentioned in the narrative.

If the narrative were told in a first individual manner with its chief character speech production. which is Miss Emily. all the surprise and secretiveness of the narrative would hold ruined. It would hold spoiled the enigma of the slaying of Homer Barron and taken the ardor and suspense from the narrative. Emily would non advert everything in the narrative due to some of her distinguished features. For illustration. she was an blue blood and she might non state about her relationship with Homer Barron. She besides would be unable to depict the events after her decease and the find of Homer’s dead organic structure.

On the other manus. if Emily were stating the narrative. possibly we can break understand Emily’s character. her feelings and the ideas wave in her head. It would hold cleared some obstructions in the narrative. such as about the conversation between Emily and the Baptist curate. “…but at last the ladies forced the Baptist curate to name upon her. He would ne’er unwrap what happened during that interview. he refused to travel back again” ( 33 ) . The nature of the meeting is ill-defined to us. Emily could hold provided us with some information explicating this event. Sing all conditions. we might happen “A Rose for Emily” more good by its non-participant point of position instead than chief character’s point of position.

The distinguished positions in each narrative provide us with a certain penetration to its characters and events taking topographic point in the narrative. The participant and chief character storyteller in “A & A ; P” and the non-participant point of position in “A Rose for Emily” are appropriate and suited for each of the narratives they carry. The illustrations of “A & A ; P” and “A Rose for Emily” from the point of position of other characters participated in the narrative suggest the effectual function of the point of position in these narratives that can non be ignored. The narrative from any position would be able to cover some facets and lose the others. Consequently. it is of import to take the place that best tantrums in the story’s state of affairs. and goes in conformity with its subject.


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