The influences of having an idol on characters and attitudes

December 25, 2017 Sports

However, there is not nearsightedly students. We wanton dhotis study straightforwardness’s Obtuseness. Antidisestablishmentarianism, manyfriendsofminehavetheir indoors, doingthisresearchwillhelp countermanded about friends. Purpose First of all, we want to bring a new point of view from BID students on their idols and the related issues that an idol can make to student. Second, admiring someone is more or less show the others your characters and attitudes, understand the trend of admiring idols as a feature of the BID students may help us know more about our friends.

Finally, with the development of our society nowadays, having an idol brings many good influences but also many bad influences and we will show that. Scope People are learning at BID program. Research questions I-What are the definitions of idol? 2-What is the dehydrogenation selecting idol? 3- What do good influences and bad influences that idols bring to BID students? 4- What are typical behaviors that students in BID have on their idol? Research Method In order to carry out the research, we choose two ways to investigate: Primary data and Secondary data. First of all, we get primary data through

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Carrying out a survey:a questionnaire were created and shared out to 1 50 students and we received 137 back. We collected answers, tabulated data and charts for analysis. Interviewing people about their idols. Secondary data collected by using the information in some website on the internet, online newspapers and forum. II. MAJOR FINDING 1. What are the definitions of idol? According to Vietnamese dictionary, “Idol” is defined that : 1. 1 The pictures of dead people 1. 2 The image of deity’s considerateness, reverend admire. For example, dissoluble idol of Jewish. 1. Someone or something is aluedorpassionatedevotion. For example, theFascistdictatorthought teethe is the idol the people. To be concluded, “Idol” is someone or something who/which is very important and has been known by a lot of people. They usually have rare quality and people around have to look up. They came from a lot of field such as entertainment , health , science , politics , sports. 2. The trends of BID students in selecting idol. When we asked BID students:” Do you admire someone? “, there were 98 people said yes, the number of people don’t have their own idols are 39.

From that point, having n idol is the trend of young people in general and students in BID in specific. Many people (75 students) shared that, having an idol is very important to us because debilitating theidolhadpassedtheirmotivationfor them. For example, a student said that when she got a good mark, her parents usually give her some money in order to buy CD/DVD of her idol, so she always tries her best to get good mark. Another example is a boy who is freshman at BID program, he shared that his parents promises to give him the ticket for the concert of Justine Timberline if he could pass all level.

Through tessellates above, we clearly seethes along with the boom of information technology at present, the trend of having idol has changed too. As can be mentioned, young people nowadays tend to admire person who works for entertainment major such as: singer, actor, actress. Butterfingers, BID students seem to be affected by theoretical which they are attending. 40% students have idols as CEO or manager of a famous company. This situation can be explained that they admired them first then they wanted to be successful like them, so they decided to learn economics. 0% students answered hat they admire someone who is working in the entertainment industry with nice physical appearance, talent in arts as well as beauty of soul. Typically, a large number of young people select the star in the Korean entertainment industry because they are affected by ‘Korean Wave culture’ – ‘Halley Wave’. 25% students chose they admire a member family. A boy shared that his idol only simply is his father. He really admires his father because from the empty hand, his father has been building a big company.

Lastly, we collected 5% other interesting answers such as a student admire a famous scientist because of his dedication and contribution to entry. To be asked “Why do you admire them? “, the number of people love their idols attitudes and characters reached the highest number (55 students). For example, a student admire Bill Gates because he is the richest man of the world, but he still lives a simple life. He usually helps poor people by the way charity and he has saved the life of a lot of people. 39 students are impressed by idol’s talent and they could learn something about solving problem as their idol. Students have some exciting answers as they really into the appearance of their idols or the voice of their idols, Fans have strong influenced from their idols. We did a research about “What do fans care about their idols? ” And BID students seem to strongly care about idol’s career because we got 48%, 23. 5% care about achievement or award, 13. 3% care about private life. 9. 8% care about idol’s scandals such as Dam Vine Hung has lost his ring diamonds or someone is leaked hot picks. 5. 5% care about community events which their idols took part in; for example singing at charity programs or supporting money for poor people.

Some people said that they have learned many good things from their idols. For example, a student shared she really admires Steve Job and a famous sentence of him “work with the passion, you will be successful”. At the first time she heard that, her life has completely changed. Besides, there is a main problem about idols which attracts fan’s attention is fashion and life style. The way they behave, the way they wear, the way they do or anything are effective with people who admire them. They learn how to wear same with their “Star”, try to eat what they ate and maybe the good idol change the bad to the better.

For example: my idol is Iranian – a colorful singer. She has not only wonderful voice but also good fashion style. I usually use the internet to search about her, when she has new song, what she wears in the famous event, which colorful her hair is, etc. In conclusion, the trend of having an idol of BID students is CEO or manager and they can learn about something from idols such as their lifestyle, their talent and attitudes. 3. What are good influences and bad influences that idols bring to BID students in particular and young people in general? Good influences: In moored life, having an idol is getting more more popular with teenager.

There is a tote describe about the influences of idol to our life: ” No one could be an adult without be a child. We are older day by day and in every steps of growing up, we believe that there still have traces of passion and consideration from the one we admire. ” First of all, when people admire someone, they will see them as a mirror to learn. Their career their achievements will be the purpose and the things that people dream to get. Second, nowadays some people don’t know how to spend their leisure time on doing something or learning some experiences. This is one of many reasons to make young people get stuck in bad way.

Having an idol, teenager may Join their idol fan club where all the people have the same idol and hobbies in one group. They can share their dream or their purpose for their life together. This is a good chance to make a friendship with everybody. People can come and have a meeting to dance and communicate each other. This is an interesting solution to use their free time. It is not at all, in development society, people have to work harder than before. They may be more stressful, more exhausted, etc. So listening to their idol’s music, watching their idol’s films can help them to reduce bad emotions.

The last but not east, young people may see their idol’s life as a point of view about how hard she/he did to be successful. That is a big encouragement to them. Bad influences: Everything also has two sides. As can be known, having an idol people always want to look like their own idol. Sometimes, this thing may make young people lose their own personalities. This is a big deal because they can not be their real in regular life. Students often find their idols from TV, from magazine or from friends. We know 74. 5% people use fewer than 1 hour a day. 21. 5% use more than 1 hour a day, the other use when they have free times.

It is quite easy for them to update all the news of idol. It’s Just a click on the Internet they can know daily news about their idol that what are they doing or where they are going. However, sometimes that news is not right or that is a scandal news of idol, it can influence more or less on teenager. Young people, especially is teenager, they don’t have full of responsibilities for themselves or don’t have exactly main purpose for their life. They sometimes have big dream that is unreal. They try to make their impression on their parents, their friends but their dream is too high to come true.

Moreover, idols are perfect on social network so teenager want to be like this. There is an example for the view about admire an idol by the negative way. Teenager in Vietnam nowadays trend to admire Sop’s idol. This would not be bad if teenager was adored bombards or garland Kop. In 2012, Sop’s idols had a concert in Vietnam, when the news they came to our land on every website, ” their fans” tried to have a ticket of their concert even their parents didn’t accept for them. They said they would leave their house, they would kill themselves. Some teenager are crazy about their idol that they can do anything even how hard it is.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of my idol. I Just simply like her because I like her voice. But outside, there are many big fans even they are called ‘crazy fan’. My friend in university class is an example of crazy fan. She likes DB’S band – a band from Korea. She knows everything about them, buys every CDC, posters they sell. When someone talks badly about DB’S, she can be angry immediately and ready to fight. There are some case that teenager want to own the beauty the same as their idol. They have cosmetic surgery. Unfortunately, some people get trouble and vive for themselves a lot of consequences. . What are typical behaviors of BID students have on their idol? When we asked BID students about the influence of their idols, 72 people said that they have been attracted by their idol’s style. For example, a student answered that since he have changed his fashion styles to be same his Korean idol such as wearing colorful clothing, having yellow hair and people around sometimes praised that he is really different, fashionable. He feels happy and to be more confident in daily life. In addition, 40 people has been changed the point of view on career.

Almost the detent thinks that their decision of career has been affected by their idol. A student said that her main reason of learning at BID program is becoming an excellent manager like her idol – her father and she has been trying her best to do that. Only 5 students has been changed the view of moral point. When we asked the student about what they have changed for themselves since they had an idol, we got a lot of interesting feedback. The popularity of feedback is people have tried to change their appearance to be the same as their idols. The exciting feedbacks are a lot of students have tried to learn the idol’s language.

A girl who is addicted Korean song admitted that when she has relaxing time, she often try to learn Korean, it makes her understand clearly about this song and furthermore, it is a good way to learn another language. BID students have lots of way to show your love to their idol such as wear the same style, read books or magazines, buy CD/DVD of idols… 39 people support their idols by the way spend their money on buying the clothing, shoes and wear like the idol’s style. A student told to us that nowadays, collecting the shoes or private equipment of idols show that you are a connoisseur and you seem to be rich.

In addition, 31 people shared that they often search about the books or magazines which have a connection with their idols. 27 people usually bought the CD/DVD of their idols. They said that they can listen to music online on the internet and do not have to pay, but they still bought the CD/DVD because they want to support their idols. 23 students shared that they really want to Join idol’s fan club, but they do not have time and some private reason. So a question has been risen that where could they take the money in order to buy clothes or CD/DVD to support their idols?

To be asked, most of BID students (63 students) answered that they earned money by themselves. They did not like to ask their parents about this money because they already knew their parents would disallow them to spend money on it, so some people got money by having part time Jobs. Other said that they economized their money of breakfast, shopping… Only 2 people beg money from their parents. We collected 32 other differently interesting answers. A student answered that he found another person who has the same hobby with this idol and asked that person about sharing money to buy CD/DVD.

That solution is quite intelligent because he did not have to spend much money on owning a CD/DVD. Ill. Conclusion It is quite natural that people from different backgrounds have their own opinions on the issue. Having an own idol brings many good influences but also many bad influences. An idol can be a good person in your heart to learn their experiences, listen to their share how to be successful, etc. Children, especially teenager, should be given some advice from family, school to have the right awareness about their idol. This is a necessary method to protect them from bad news of idol, such as, scandals or bad behavior.

Because of the limit of time and area, the results of this research may not get the exactly information but it more or less reflected the reality of students in BID. As the results of this report, it can be seen that having an idols is the trend of students in BID. Most of them admire manager or CEO and this is the different feature from other young people group. Most of student uses Internet as a common tool to get information and news of idol. This is the fastest way to search the information but sometimes that news is unreal , it makes people are confused between bad things and good things.


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