The internal and external challenges of Molex

By May 16, 2018 Management

“Human Resource Management (HRM) is the function within an organization that focuses on recruitment of, management of, and providing direction for the people who work in the organization. HRM can also be performed by line managers” (Heathfield, 2014). HRM includes planning personnel needs, hiring the right people for the job, offer trainings to employees, managing wages and salaries, communicate with all different level of the employees. It also relates to the survival and growth of a business. For the internal and external challenges, the strengths and weaknesses are internal, and the opportunities and threats are external.

Here is the SWOT Analysis of Molex: For the strengths, the head of training and development, Malou Roth “established a standardized employee manual with policies ad practices for new employee orientation, salary administration with a consistent grading system, written job descriptions, written promotion and grievance procedures, and performance appraisals” (Laabs, 1999). Molex has a system to train their employees, it lets the employees have more developed opportunities, and the local managers were free to be creative and free to add their own new ideas into the program and their proposal.

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It helps them to build a strong foundation in their global HR practices in training and communications, it also can makes things standards and consistent practices, in order to avoid any big mistake. They also strengthening employee’s skills and improve to provide good services to their customers both locally and globally. For the weaknesses, there are only 80 HR staff members in 17 countries where Molex operates, which means that in each country that Molex operates only has 4 HR staff members.

Molex put lots of resources on training, but there are only 4 HR staff members in each country, it is not enough and hard to manage. For the opportunities, Molex offer lots of space for employees to develop their ability and career in Molex, they can “moving around the company’s operations worldwide to learn from each other” (Laabs, 1999). Also, Molex hire people who are know the local language, have credibility, know the law, and know how to recruit talented person. For the threats, “having so much worldwide employee movement is unusual – and costly” (Laabs, 1999).

It is hard to manage the quality of the management because there is a management style difference of cultural differences from country to country. For example, “in the United States the most readily available role model for the head of a company is the corporate CEO. In China, it is the head of the family. In France it remains the military general. In Japan, it is the consensus builder. In Germany, it is the coalition builder” (Relocation Expert, 2011). Japan is a conservative country and U. S. is an open mind country, something that you can do in U. S. , but you may not do in Japan.


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